Learning a Few Things About Bike Accident Lawsuit


Are you a bicycle accident victim? Las Vegas has been recognized as a dangerous city for cyclists. Reports suggest most bike accidents occur between 6-9 p.m. in urban areas. Why do these accidents happen? The experts believe that motorists often overlook or ignore cyclists.

They also violate the road rules made for cyclists’ safety. That’s the reason why 30% of these accidents involve car collisions. You can blame it on distracted driving, low visibility, bad road conditions, not yielding, etc.

No matter what, contacting a personal injury lawyer is a must. Most victims first contact their insurance companies. Please avoid this mistake.

If you contact The Schnitzer Law Firm or other reputable legal advisors, they can help you settle your claim for a fair amount. You will also not regret any statements you make with their assistance. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty now.

Lawsuit filing

After the bike crash, you should visit a doctor for a quick checkup. Sometimes, injuries are delayed or not immediately realized due to high stress. Attorneys usually talk to the at-fault parties for settlement on behalf of the injured individuals.

Their aggressive negotiations generally settle everything quickly. Otherwise, the lawyer can advise for a courtroom trial. They will present surveillance camera footage, medical bills and doctor’s testimony, eyewitness statements, weather reports, police records, etc.

All these help the lawyer to prove that the defendants are guilty. Negotiations with these parties can still be on because defendants can agree to pay a reasonably hefty amount if the trial looks unfavorable.


Based on the circumstances, the list of defendants in the bicycle crash cases may vary. One party will be the other bike rider or car driver (who didn’t follow the road rules and used the bike lane), defective bike manufacturing company, city or county (poor roads with potholes and other obstructions), etc. Of them, the wealthy party can be the vehicle manufacturing company.

Accident claims

As a plaintiff, you can sue defendants for negligence, wrongful death, product liability, and negligence per se. Only a knowledgeable lawyer can guide you about the appropriate claim. Suppose you sue the other party on the grounds of negligence.

In that case, you will prove that they missed on the part of duty of care due to which you suffered injuries. If it’s a product liability case, one must show that the vehicle has manufacturing, design, or warning defects.

Typically, lawyers recommend this claim in case of solo-crash. If you file a case of wrongful death, which is possible if it involves a large automobile, you must prove that the victim died due to the other party’s fault (negligence or unlawful act). The plaintiff has to be an heir of the victim and can also prove financial loss caused by the death of the loved one.

Suppose you successfully file your claim and win the settlement or trial. In that case, you can recover compensation for medical bills, lost income, future earnings, rehabilitation, pain, suffering, funeral expenses, etc.

However, these cases require an expert personal injury lawyer who understands all the laws and can get timely justice. So, find one before it’s too late.

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