Learning Through Fun- Making education fun, engaging and entertaining

Learning Through Fun

An ideology to make early education fun, engaging and entertaining for children without screens, is what Learning Through Fun (LTF) is born out of.

A brainchild of two parents, Pooja and Siddharth Bhatia founded the brand in June 2020.

They strongly believe in creating activity workbooks that embody the 3 pillars of Educate, Engage and Entertainment for early development in children and to boost their confidence. 

The one stop shop curriculum based activity book brand established and steadily became one of the fastest and most preferred activity book brand by parents.

It witnessed a hike in the number of orders received from 100 in their first month to over 1000+ orders each month at a growth rate of 20%.

The innovative and carefully researched activity books cover various skill sets for children of age group between 2 – 8 years, preparing them for many subjects well before time.

The worksheets are carefully curated to form a book, which encourages personal growth in children and brings the fun back in learning by experience.

They provide a wide array of creative and stimulating activities – including ones based on real life experiences.

Learning Through Fun is an edutainment idea for kids to make their experience worthwhile by combining stimulating educational content with innovative gameplay, stunning visuals and cheerful designs.

The brand understands the importance of Imagination and individual expression, which is every bit important as academic growth and social development.

The go-to activity brand for children offline is ideal for home-schooling, WFH parents, travelling, gifting, workshops, weekends and post school activities.

Making it the choicest activity book, it comes with a variety to offer for every age group like the very famous Mandala, Festivals of India, Smart Toddlers set, Animal kingdom set, Whizz kid set, LTF champions set, book on Riddles, Continents & Oceans, Space, Superheroes and Grammar for the children.

Each book enhances effective reasoning, decoding, speed and articulation with mathematical and problem solving skills while also being a great assessment tool for kids and many such skills are taught through the activity books.

Commenting on the launch of the brand, Siddharth Bhatia, Co-Founder of Learning Through Fun (LTF) said “With the launch of LTF, we are looking forward to helping every parent add structured skill development in their child’s upbringing and reduce screen time.

Our innovative books, games and learning kits are not only an entertainment source for kids but also encourage personal growth based on real life experiences.”

Looking at the current scenario in the activity book industry, we have witnessed a complete shift since the last decade.

From a large publishing house to a freelancing mother, a lot has been introduced in the market but the quality of the content has not evolved much.

This is where Learning Through Fun steps in and provides quality content for which the parents would not mind spending for their kids.

The activity books are designed in a manner that the child gets subjected to it and finishes a subject at a time and the learning process becomes immense. Parents of the LTF community have preferred to choose quality over quantity. 

All LTF work is only released after being tried, batch-tested and approved by kids and parents!!!

The idea is to keep introducing fresh content and hand hold a child right from their toddler years – 8yrs while building a culture of gifting education and balancing between screen learning and book learning will prove to be the best for the child.

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