Leveraging Google Page Experience to Augment Your eCommerce Store

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Who wants to top the Google search results? Of course, everyone. How many actually want to implement the right strategies?

Well, probably a handful! Being stuck at the fourth or fifth page in the search results is not fetching you any traffic, period.

Besides, the Google page experience is far better on the first page as it captures 71% of search traffic clicks

If your website is not making it to the first page, the website user experience could be the reason. To make your content accessible and foster a high-quality user experience, you must leverage Google Page Experience.

Read on to find out what google page experience is and how you can use it to augment your eCommerce store. 

What is Google Page Experience? 

Put simply, Google page experience means measuring the user’s experience about their overall interaction with a web page beyond the informational weightage. Meaning you cannot beat the relevance of user experience when recognizing a page’s quality. 

Why is it Important to Understand the Google Algorithm? 

Imagine being in the wedding planning business and missing out on the peak wedding season. Yes, that happens when you neglect the balance between need, time, and dependency. 

The perfect marketing strategy is appropriately analyzing the target audience and leveraging it to choose a good time and place. 

Businesses flourish on adapting to master strategies in need of the hour. If the users cannot trace your product when they need it the most, you have already failed as a business.

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Having a versatile inventory but not making the audience aware of the stock can tremendously limit the reach.

However, you always enhance the user experience by resorting to the below-mentioned solutions. 

Improving Google Page Experience

Considering that the Page Experience update is finally here, you must buckle up and optimize your website to enjoy boosted rankings. Majorly because chances are your competitors have already leveraged it to get ahead of you!

Well, rest assured because after reading this section, you’ll be able to fortify your business with an impeccable google page experience. 

Here’s how you can make your website an SEO masterpiece. Using these techniques, you can quickly maximize traction. 

Improve Google Page Speed

Meaning how quickly your website proffers the main content (LCP). To optimize LCP, you must focus on enhancing the speed because slow results are often entailed with slow servers.

You can achieve the results by running performance guidance to make the servers turn the static page upon request. And lastly, images, videos, cache, etc., also slow down your LCP. 

Make Your Site Interactive

First impressions matter! If the users know from the get-go that your site is super slow, they might leave the page to never re-visit your website.

The focus here should be on improving user interaction and not long tasks like carrying JavaScript! Use tools, and take professional help to eliminate the issue. 

Focus on Layout Shift

The Google page layout algorithm forces websites to upgrade user experiences. Here’s how. CLS measures the content layout shifts and how the webpage content moves.

The user clicking on something and being pushed to an entirely different thing hampers the user experience, and this is exactly what the Google page layout algorithm tests. 

Google Landing Page Experience 

How relevant is your google landing page experience to the user in context with the website’s content? A bad google landing page experience can restrict the users from leaving the website altogether. 

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Well, if the metrics show users not moving past the first page, consider re-evaluating your landing page.

For starters, no interruptive ads or sluggish responses. Doing this will ensure an improved user experience. 

Final Thoughts: If you have just landed in the eCommerce line and wondering how you can improve the overall user experience, refer to this blog. Some more tips would be incorporating backlinks, creating a secure admin space, and having a mobile-friendly interface. 

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