Local SEO Facts You Should Be Aware of in 2022


Local SEO Facts You Should Be Aware of in 2022

Many people think that local SEO might involve driving around the city with a map and looking for shops present in their area. It’s not that easy. Marketers often face many nuances while optimizing their sites for local searches.

To begin, you should first know about some inspiring statistics regarding local search optimization. 

Facts and Figures Regarding Local SEO

Local SEO depends on how your ideal customers behave. Businesses and SEO Services In Dubai should use SEO statistics to find out suitable optimization strategies. It will help them lower their costs.

Let’s take a  look at some facts and figures regarding local search engine optimization.

  • We all search on Google when we want to find a good pizza shop in our locality or a salon near our home.
  • You are not alone. BrightLocal reported in 2020 that 90% of customers have used search engines to discover a business in their locality.
  • In this digital era, people rely heavily on the internet to gain information about brands and shops near their houses.
  •  The same survey also found that eighty-two percent of customers go through internet reviews about brands and stores during a local search.
  • Consumers find online reviews more reliable than plain information or boasting by a business about themselves. They think of reviews as personal referrals.
  • Consumers read online reviews for thirteen minutes and forty-five seconds on average before finally making a decision. We all know that consumer feedback can influence people to buy products/services.
  • The same survey revealed that customers read online reviews to know more about a brand/business. However, customers don’t only consume what is readily fed to them. They rather seek it out. Here is why businesses need to make a strong reputation on the internet.

Facts and Figures Regarding Google My Business

Google Business Profile, previously known as GMB (Google My Business) is crucial for local SEO. Businesses need maximum visibility in their local area. A strong GMB profile is integral for doing this.

Digital marketing agency should know how to leverage GMB’s features to get the most benefit. If you want proof, then check out these statistics.

  • A survey by LSA insider in 2017 revealed that fifty-six percent (nearly 3 in 5) of local brands haven’t claimed their Google my business listings.

GMB makes it easier for businesses to let their customers know all the important information about them.

Still, it’s surprising that many local stores aren’t taking advantage of their GMB listings by leaving them unclaimed.

GMB listings are a goldmine as it includes your contact number, address, operating hours, and directions. This information increases the chances that customers will visit your store.

  • Google Maps has proven itself to be a boon for people including those looking for a business. Backlinko found out in a 2020 survey that as many as 86% of consumers use Google Maps when they are looking for a business’s location. Its popularity owes to its high accessibility.

But wait. Haven’t you claimed your GMB listing? Then, customers would see only an empty listing. What is more, Google sometimes caches incorrect data that can cause long-lasting damage and a bad impression of you.

  • So, you want to see proof that if you claim your business listing, your calls can actually increase. Small Business Trends reported that brands/stores got sixty-one percent more calls during six months (January to July 2020) through their GMB listings.

Note that the pandemic was at its peak during that time. Many businesses had to shut down their shutters.

People were storming the internet to look for their favorite shops/services to find out their new operating hours. The Covid-19 pandemic gave us proof that local SEO marketing is effective.

Local Mobile SEO Statistics

Smartphone usage is growing exponentially all around the world. A lot of consumers now find businesses using their mobile devices and their number is steadily increasing year by year.

Not convinced, read these facts and figures regarding mobile SEO to power your local marketing.

  •  StatCounter found out in a 2021 survey that 52.94 % of internet users all over the world use mobile phones for local searches.
  • The number amounts to over half of the netizens. Furthermore, over 30% of all mobile device searches are performed to find out locations. And 54% of these searches are people seeking to find out the operating hours of a local business.
  • Google revealed in 2016 that nearly 84 % of all ‘near me’ searchers search using a mobile device. There are more than 5.27 billion mobile device users in the world right now. Unsurprisingly, most of all local searches are carried out using mobile phones.
  • Usual search queries are “where to buy [products] near me” which soared by 200 %. And “ shop open near me” which rose by 250% between 2017 and 2019.

Bottom Line

Technological innovations pop up nearly every other day. Technology changes how consumers interact with businesses.

This holds true for country stores and big franchises alike. All brands and businesses need a powerful local SEO plan to connect with the local community.

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