L’ORÉAL PARIS Announces Second Annual Recipient Of Lights On Women Award, Recognizing A Promising Female Short Film Director

Lights On Women Award 2022 Winner

Selected by Academy Award winner and L’Oréal Paris spokesperson, Kate Winslet, Mai Vu of Vietnam has received the second annual Lights On Women Award for her short film Spring Roll Dream.

Cannes, France, June 1st, 2022–– L’Oréal Paris has announced the second annual winner of the Lights On Women Award, chosen from the Short Films Competition and La Cinef’s selection at Cannes.

Mai Vu of Vietnam took the top honour for her 9-minute film, Spring Roll Dream, from the 13 selected short films, depicting the simple yet profound importance of family tradition.

The final choice was announced in person by Academy Award-winner, L’Oréal Paris spokesperson and Juror of the 2022 edition, Kate Winslet, during a special prize ceremony at the Jeune Cinéma gala dinner held at the Cannes Film Festival on May 27, 2022.

This meaningful event for film industry professionals was also attended by fellow L’Oréal Paris spokespeople Helen Mirren, Andie MacDowell, Gemma Chan, Camille Razat and Aja Naomi King. In recognition of her accomplishment, Vu will receive financial support of 20,000 € from L’Oréal Paris.

Sometimes a simple tale about the purity of a family tradition can mean the most of all,” says Kate Winslet, of Vu’s winning film.

“It is a sweet reminder that if we just take a step away from the chaos of daily life and let go of the emotional structures and boundaries that we create for ourselves and our children, we can reconnect with the things that matter most.

We can remind ourselves that the smallest of pleasures can serve to anchor us in who we truly are. All these beautiful emotions are delicately displayed in Mai Vu’s exquisite film, Spring Roll Dream.”

As an Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival for 25 years, L’Oréal Paris has always been a feminist brand that champions women’s empowerment, specifically in the world of film through its privileged relationship with iconic actresses who embody the values of the brand.

Last year, L’Oréal Paris took this commitment to the next level, with the launch of a dedicated annual award program for promising female short filmmakers.

Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President, L’Oréal Paris, adds, “This second edition of the Lights On Women Award represents L’Oréal Paris’ long-standing commitment to achieving greater gender balance in cinema.

This year marks 25 years of L’Oréal Paris at Cannes, and we remain dedicated to creating a future where women may take their rightful place in the industry.”

The Jeune Cinéma gala is held annually for film industry professionals and is dedicated to young creators.

Vu’s achievement follows last year’s inaugural Lights On Women Award winner, Aleksandra Odić from Germany, whose 22-minute film, Frida, depicts an encounter between a young nurse and her patient.

In addition to Mai Vu, the complete list of selected short filmmakers also included:

  1. Story Chen (China) / “Hai Bian Sheng Qi Yi Zuo Xuan Ya” (The Water Murmurs)
  2. Sujin Moon (South Korea) / “Gakjil” (Persona)   
  3. Kim Torres (Costa Rica) / “Luz Nocturna” (Night Light)
  4. Alica Bednáriková (Slovakia) / “Chlieb Náš Každodenný” (Liquid Bread)
  5. Ruby Challenger (Australia) / “Mumlife”
  6. Laurène Fernandez (France) / “Les Humains Sont Cons Quand Ils S’empilent”

(Humans Are Dumber When Crammed Up Together)

  1. Pepi Ginsberg (USA) / “The Pass”
  2. Orin Kadoori (Israel) / “Sheherut” (Kinship)
  3. Olga Kłyszewicz (Poland) / “Jutro Nas Tam Nie Ma” (We Are Not There Tomorrow)
  4. Li Yingtong (USA) / “Feng Zheng” (The Silent Whistle)
  5. Masha Novikova (UK) / “Glorious Revolution”
  6. Bianka Szelestey (Hungary) / “Hajszálrepedés” (Craze)

This empowering evening was attended by iconic actresses and L’Oréal Paris spokespeople Helen Mirren, Gemma Chan, Andie MacDowell, Camille Razat and Aja Naomi King, who, along with Kate Winslet, came together to celebrate and support this next generation of talented female filmmakers.

A fitting tribute to L’Oréal Paris’ 25 years at Cannes, this event marked a true reflection of the feminist values at the heart of the brand.

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