10 Low Investment Business Ideas in India you can start right Now

Low Investment Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

Here is a list of top low investment business ideas in India for Indian entrepreneurs with high profit. Any entrepreneur, startup can start small business with a little money.

1. Clothes and Accessories

Clothing and accessories are a business that never goes to an end. Only it changes according to fashion and trend.

If you have a good knowledge of the trend and style. The business of clothing and accessories will never see the downfall. 

As we all know that people, especially women are always fond of new designer dresses. By this, the clothing market goes up at every festival and occasion.

So, the clothing business is always on a hike. but you should know the taste of customer and trend, so that customer will attract towards your outlet.

There is a big competition in the clothing and accessories business. Big companies and designers are all in the race.

So, be in trend, watch fashion shows, and fashion-related websites, which tell about the latest fashion, by this you can get a good knowledge of fashion that helps you to take place in the market.

Start your business with a good business plan, so that all things should be well planned and worked properly. Thinks that you have to be in mind are…

  1. Investment
  2. Market strategy
  3. Place for outlet
  4. Price of stuff
  5. Marketing
  6. License and registration

These are all things you have to be in mind before you start your clothing and accessories outlet.

2. Handicrafts Seller

In India, there are many creative people, who are good at handicrafts and make different and stylish things with raw materials.

They don’t know how they can earn a good living with this creativity. Many times, we can see people sitting on a roadside and selling their stuff. Because they don’t have good knowledge to increase their business they can’t sell much of their stuff.

 If you are creative or have a hobby to make different types of handmade things, then you are in a right place.

You can learn to make business here with easy tips. There are many handmade businesses like wooden craft, decoupage, crochet work, raisin, thread work, etc. Here you can see how you can take your creativity professionally. 

First making a perfect business plan is necessary. Check what hobby you like most and want to take it professionally.

Find out from where you can get the raw material at a low cost so that you can make a good margin. 

Survey the market that from where you can get the good customer, and where your type of handmade craft is more in demand, check for a good clientage.

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Give an attractive name to your product with a beautiful tagline. A customer always remembers the business name.

Marketing is very necessary, as it gives place to your product in the market. People will know your work and product, through marketing.

So, go for handmade business as it is a low investment business and there is good money in handmade products.

3. Children Play/Adventure Area

The most wanted business ever. Kids are always fond of playing areas, and their parents have to search places according to their kid’s age, where they can play and enjoy.

As playgrounds are fewer in big cities, kids and parents are diverted to play areas or adventure areas where their kids can enjoy and have fun.

There are different types of kid’s area some are for infants, some for juniors or kinder garden one, and some for teenagers.

Different ages of kids like different types of a playing style. So, if you want to do business, choose the age group you want to focus on.

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Starting this business is good and you can get much profit in it. But before starting make a good business plan, so that you can run the business smoothly. For a good business plan, you have to decide few things like

  1. Investment
  2. Business strategy
  3. Analyze market
  4. Place
  5. Design and decoration
  6. Name
  7. Marketing
  8. License and registration

These are things you have to be in mind when you are going to start a children’s adventure area.

4. Antique Business

Planning to open an antique store is a good business idea. People love to decorate their houses with antique things.

Many big hotels and restaurants have interiors with antique designs and show peace. Antique designs and show peace are always in demand they are high prices and mostly used by high-income groups. So, if you are planning for an antique shop, you can do it and gain a big profit.

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But before you start an antique shop, a good business plan is necessary. Because when we planned something, the things go properly. So, few things should be properly planned to run a good business like…

  1. Investment
  2. Product value
  3. Survey market
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Type of product
  6. Name of store
  7. License and registration 

These are the things that you have to check before you start the antique business store.

5. Dance/Music Classes

Dance and Music classes are very much popular and mostly, kids’ moms are more interested to join classes for kids. They are found in dance classes according to their kids’ choice. 

Most people love dancing because dance makes our minds out of stress. On many occasions and marriages, people hire dance trainers to learn dance for festive or marriage preparation.

So, if dance is your hobby or passion, you can easily become a dance instructor and open your dance classes. For a good profession, devotion is very much necessary.

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Before opening a dance class, few things are necessary to run your dance classes successfully. First decide, what type of dance you are going to teach. As there are different dance styles, choose yours. 

The second is, check how much investment is needed to run the class, and what things are needed.

The third is, check the market, what type of dances are mostly loved by the kids and, prefer to do.

Fourth the most important is, make out the different courses that you can provide, like for women, kids, marriage programs, and make a fee list of them.

Forth check, how other dance classes are providing facilities. Give a stylish name to your dance classes with a smart tagline.

Fifth is, marketing is also necessary to bring the business forward. Make a website or you can also use social media, that is the best way for marketing for less money.

With these tricks, you can open your dance classes easily. In less investment.

6. Fast Food Parlour

The most demanding business, that will never go down. As out-side food is always in demand. Nowadays kids and youngsters are very much fond of fast food. This is the fast way to fill up your hunger. These foods are said to be unhealthy but people like them the most.

So, opening a fast-food parlor is going to be a profitable business. The best point is that the investment is also very low.

Plan out the things properly before you start the business. Check which type of fast-food business you want to do. Find out the wholesale market from where you can buy the material in low investment and can take good margin in your delivery.

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Finding the right place is also necessary. Find a place near a school or any office area. There you can get a good customer.

Give a name to your business, that will help you in recognition.

Marketing is also necessary to make your business up. You can use different social media portals like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. Post regularly, so that people will aware of what type of work and food you are preparing.

So, fast food parlor is going to be a profitable business.

7. Cosmetic Store

Cosmetic is all time favourite and loved by the ladies and youths. Females wants to look beautiful so they use different style of products for make-up.

Everyone wants to be beautiful and like that their skin looks attractive and glowing. So, cosmetic stores are always rushed with the females.

So, if you have good knowledge of different types of make-up products and good choices of colour according to the skin type, you can definitely open your cosmetic stores.

But before opening a cosmetic store a perfect business plan is necessary. Few things that are most important to start your cosmetic store are…

  1. Check how much investment is needed.
  2. See what type of cosmetic you want to be in your store, like franchise based, ayurvedic, or local companies based.
  3. Survey the market.
  4. Give a store an attractive name because people will remember your store with name.
  5. Marketing is the most important thing to spread the business. Social media is a good way to connect with people.
  6. License and registration are needed.

Open a cosmetic store with perfect business plan and you will get good comeback.

8. Herbal & Ayurveda Products Retail Business

India is famous for Ayurveda treatment. In ancient times Rishis and Munis use this method to cure a physical problem. Herbal and Ayurveda products are from natural resources and don’t have any side effects. This is a little long process of treatment, but cure it of its root. That is why people like this treatment.

Nowadays, people are much bent toward herbal and Ayurveda products. As they are from natural resources and have no side effects. Allopathic medicines have quick result but it has side effects.

Now, many companies are producing Ayurveda and herbal products. The companies want good sellers for it, and they are giving a good margin to the retailers. They are also providing training for their product.

If you have little knowledge and good marketing skills, you can start this business from home. As companies are also providing training. The companies give training about the benefits of the product and who can get the benefits of the products.

So, you can easily do the retail business of herbal and Ayurveda products.

Every business needs a proper business plan, to run it smoothly. Check the investment needed in the business from buying products to marketing. 

Survey the market, what other businesses man are doing and how to attract the client. 

Marketing is the most important thing. From marketing, you can give your product description and the people who are suffering from that problem can contact you.

Like, if your product is knee-related then you have to make a social media post related to the knee problem and its benefits.

These are the few things that you have to be prepared for before you start the business.

9. Seasonal Business

Many small business ideas are the seasonal base that you can do. With these ideas, you can earn extra money with your regular business.

Seasonal businesses are very profitable business because most people buy things according to the seasons and festivals and that is the right time to get the profit.

Before you start any seasonal business, you have to first check, how much investment you can do? A perfect business plan is needed. So that things will go properly.

There are many businesses that you can do occasionally. like, Food festival business, firecracker business, kite business, Rakhi business, Diwali gift business, Christmas decoration business, Holi colors business, etc.

Plan out the right place for this business, where customers can easily reach your shop or stalls.

Marketing is the most important part. As this is a world of social media marketing, you can do marketing with different portals like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

In festive time there are many shops, so you have to attract customer with different attractive offers. Customers attract to offers and that will get you to benefit.

So, a festive or seasonal business can give much extra profit that you can think about it.

10. Tattoo Shop

The tattoo business is the trendiest. Nowadays people like to make tattoos on their bodies, not only youths but elders also love to make tattoos, as it’s on trends. 

If you are creative and can design attractive designs you can be a tattoo designer. This is a small business idea, that you can start.

Plan out the strategy, before you can start a tattoo business.

There are few things that you have to plan out before you start a business.

  1. Investment
  2. Survey market

Later, you have to find the right place for your shop. The shop must be in the market area or the mall. Where the public gathers most.

Give a stylish name to your tattoo business with a smart tagline.

Marketing is also necessary as people will only know about your shop when you will do good marketing.

This is a social media world, where most of the time people stay in media and get more information from there. 

The most popular social media application are Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. These are the most working application.

Here you can make your page and can post different styles of tattoos. So that anyone wants to make a tattoo your company name first in his/her mind.

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