Ludo is the Ultimate Indoor Game. Here is Why


Ludo is the Ultimate Indoor Game. Here is Why

Out of all the casual board games that are played throughout the world, ludo is the most popular one. Even though it was originally created as a children’s game in the Late Victorian times, it is currently played by millions of people belonging to different age groups throughout the world.

The strategy-based board game wherein players need to march their respective tokens to their bases is very popular in different parts of the world, especially India. It has all the necessary qualities that make it the ultimate indoor game.

This article will list some of the most prominent reasons why ludo is deemed the ultimate indoor game. Let us dive right into it:

It is Easily Accessible

Ludo is one of the few board games that are easily accessible in both offline and online modes. For instance, all individuals need to indulge in a ludo match is a ludo board along with tokens.

Thanks to the popularity the strategy-based board game enjoys around the globe, physical ludo boards with tokens are readily available almost everywhere. Hence, ludo enthusiasts can play ludo games with others without hassle.

When it comes to the online mode, there are plenty of ludo game app readily available for users of all major platforms, including iOS and Android.

To play ludo matches virtually, all enthusiasts need to do is download a top-tier ludo app, register on the platform, and start playing. Individuals can play online ludo from the comfort of their homes at any time of the day, which is one of the most prominent reasons ludo is the best indoor game.

It Has Simple and Easy to Understand Rules

Even though there are many board games that individuals can play indoors, most of them have complicated rules which significantly lessen the fun quotient.

However, when it comes to ludo, the rules are very simple and easy to follow. All players need to do is march their tokens toward their respective bases first by moving them as per the number that appears on the die.

Hence, when it comes to choosing a game to play at gatherings, most people choose ludo. Thanks to its simple and easy rules, indulging in ludo offers players a fun and exciting experience and helps them relieve stress and anxiety.

It is Suitable for People of All Ages

There are tons of indoor board games or indoor games in general which are not appropriate for people of specific age groups.

For instance, dungeons and dragons is a fantasy-based indoor game that features numerous inappropriate elements, which is why people of specific age groups do not play it.

On the other hand, ludo is a simple strategy-based board game that features no inappropriate elements of any sort.

Hence, it is played by people of all groups, i.e., both children and adults can play ludo games with each other without feeling uneasy.

It Offers Numerous Health Benefits to Players

Many people believe that indulging in indoor games can have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of individuals, especially children.

However, this is not the case with ludo. In fact, indulging in ludo offers numerous health benefits to individuals.

For starters, playing ludo helps players relieve stress and get rid of anxiety. Besides this, it enhances their brain functions and triggers the release of endorphins, which in simple terms, are a human body’s feel-good chemical. Moreover, they facilitate players to think creatively, thereby bettering their imagination skills.

It is true that not all board games are good for individuals’ health. However, as stated above, ludo offers numerous health benefits to individuals of all age groups, which is why it is deemed the king of board games by many fans.

It Facilitates Players in Building Communication Skills

As opposed to other strategy-based board games like chess, where players generally play quietly, ludo games involve players interacting with others across the board.

In the case of online ludo, players get to interact via text or voice chat. When it comes to offline ludo matches, the interaction becomes more realistic since players are face-to-face with their opponents.

Hence, indulging in ludo matches is a great way for individuals to bond with each other. Moreover, competing against players from different parts of the country or the globe and indulging in friendly banter significantly adds to building communication skills.

It Offers Players the Opportunity to Win Exciting Rewards

When it comes to offline ludo, most games between enthusiasts feature wagers. Even if ludo games are played for fun, there is a prize at stake, which enhances the overall experience for players.

Without needing to go outside and perform any hefty physical activity, individuals get the chance to win exciting prizes and rewards by playing ludo.

Similarly, when it comes to online ludo, players get the chance to win exciting rewards by winning matches and tournaments against other players.

There are very few board games that offer players the opportunity to win exciting rewards, and ludo is one of them. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that ludo fares ahead of all other board games.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, ludo has numerous qualities which make it the ultimate board game. Right from being easily accessible to offering players the opportunity to win exciting rewards, ludo checks all the right boxes. Hence, it is deemed the world’s most popular board game and the ultimate indoor game as a whole.

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