Luke Coutinho and Sante Spa Cuisine team up to offer a wholesome dining experience

Luke Coutinho

Mumbai: Luke Coutinho, a globally renowned holistic lifestyle coach in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, has collaborated with Sante Spa Cuisine, a well-established restaurant that brings healthy organic food from nature to your plate.

‘Luke’s Holistic Kitchen at Sante’s – An exclusive vegan menu by Luke’ has been formulated with the aim of delivering all vital nutrients in a host of delicious dishes.

Luke’s vision to create an eco-system towards holistic living by influencing health, immunity, wellness, and lifestyle across the planet, is in sync with Sante Spa Cuisine’s philosophy and is well reflected in the menu that has been specially designed with quality ingredients, food synergy and a thoughtful combination of food and research. The menu also reflects Luke’s years of experience in the food and health industry.

With the belief in holistic and balanced eating and that there is a deep connection between nutrition and psychology, Luke’s menu scores high on taste and nutrition that will leave you feeling happy, healthy, and wanting for more.

The menu encourages everyone to eat with gratitude, not guilt. Offering a wide range of cuisines, it includes options right from starters to main course and desserts that are sweetened with a healthier alternative to sugar. 

Believing in the concept of deep cellular nutrition, the ingredients used to prepare these highly enriched dishes are chemical-free and naturally sourced.

Among them, one will also get a variety of vegan and gluten-free options to choose from. For a wholesome mouth-watering food experience, this special menu can be accessed at Sante Spa Cuisine joints in Mumbai and Pune, at present, before it will be available at other joints across the country.  

Exuding confidence, Luke Coutinho says, “In collaborating with Sante spa cuisine, the idea is to send a message across the globe on how to eat healthier and order healthier.

This specially devised menu strives to infuse lifestyle with healthy eating. We look forward to a great new beginning from here on.” 

Sonal Barmecha, Owner, Sante Spa Cuisine says “The goal of this tie-up is to offer guilt-free, vegan, nutritious, and delicious food which will make one want to repeat the experience again and again.

This exclusive menu by Luke will give people the opportunity to experience the knowledge of Luke, the creativity of Sante Spa Cusine and the people who follow Luke will now get an opportunity to experience the menu crafted by him at Sante Spa Cuisine.

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The objective is to help consumers relax and indulge their senses in guilt-free dining. This will be a separate offering in Sante Spa cuisine restaurants.”