Luke Coutinho collaborates with Mpower to offer mental and emotional support to their integrative programs

Luke Coutinho
  • Luke and Mrs. Neerja Birla tie up for an initiative to focus on emotional wellness
  • A significant constituent of Luke’s integrated lifestyle model 

Updated: May 9, 2022: Luke Coutinho, practicing in the space of Holistic Nutrition- Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine is strengthening his existing integrative lifestyle model with a dedicated emotional support segment by collaborating with Mpower, an initiative of the Aditya Birla Education Trust led by Mrs. Neerja Birla that offers holistic mental counseling through established psychologists and psychiatrists in a secured manner. 

Luke Coutinho and Mrs. Neerja Birla who have known each other for over 7 years and have worked together share a common philosophy and vision towards approaching emotional and mental wellness.

The collaboration will help integrate the benefits of a healthy mind to the overall physical development and growth.  

Luke’s programs have been availed by patients with diseases ranging from all kinds of cancers, rare syndromes to diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s, lifestyle diseases, skin and hair problems, obesity issues etc.

A lot of people with such conditions require emotional and mental support at a professional level, which this collaboration helps address.

‘You Care Wellness’ association with Mpower signifies a new beginning, adding value to Luke’s patients,as integrative and lifestyle medicine is not just about the symptom, but also addressing the root cause of the problem which besides needing nutrition and exercise also means a deeper focus on emotional wellness.

Luke’s knowledge and work in the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine has created a mark through ‘You Care Wellness’ providing deep cellular nutrition, exercise, and emotional wellness, to his patients from across the world.

Most of those benefitting from Luke’s integrative and lifestyle medicine model are also often dealing with emotional and mental issues like depression, suicidal tendencies, grief, relationship, teenage, and family problems that are best handled by experts offering positive results. 

‘You Care Wellness’ takes pride in solving problems that come with one’s lifestyle with its integrative lifestyle model. Childhood issues, relationships, marriage, divorce, recurrent miscarriages or not being able to conceive, teenage problems or low self-worth, emotional health continues to be an area that needs professional support, in the health and healing process cases that come to You Care Wellness, 95% of which have their roots set deep in emotions. 

As per science 90% of lifestyle diseases are stress-oriented and chronic stress plays a massive role in plummeting lifestyle issues.

Balanced nutrition, quality sleep, adequate exercise and emotional detox are four pillars of leading a good and healthy life that Luke has always been propagating to the world. But, even if one of these four pillars is affected then health takes a toll.

When one doesn’t sleep well, it leads to unhealthy eating, to a lack of exercise and an eventual increase in the levels of stress. 

It is sometimes noticed that there are cases where people are dealing with emotional issues from their childhood or display suicidal tendencies, which are deep-rooted and need to be evaluated by experts like psychiatrists and counselors.

It is for these patients that the You Care Wellness and Mpower collaboration will prove to be beneficial.    

You Care Wellness has always been instrumental and successful in resolving issues for its patients. Luke’s collaboration with Mpower will give his patients a reason to cheer.

It will go a long way in empowering people to resolve their deep-rooted issues and get over traumatic experiences through professional counseling and medication now offered as an additional segment to the integrative lifestyle model of treatment. 

“In the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine, emotional and mental wellbeing is very important. As we know, today almost 70-80% (at times even more) of diseases are caused because of poor emotional health.

There is a deep connection between emotional and physical health. Through our several years of experience, we have seen that just giving diet plans to people does not work.

At the same time, medicines alone do not work too. Healing requires a 360-degree approach towards changing lifestyle, and emotional health is a big part of it.

While all of our doctors, nutritionists, registered dietitians, life coaches, and lifestyle experts are trained to help people with emotional health, it’s only to a particular level.

Sometimes, we get cases that are beyond the scope of our integrative team and the case requires the help and guidance of a professional, and for that, we are collaborating with Mpower.

Through this collaboration, all of our patients will have the ability to stay connected and be guided by experts from Mpower.

They are often confused about the kind of expert they must reach out to and Mpower will help them here.

We are excited to collaborate with them and look forward to doing some great and impactful work together,” says Luke Coutinho, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle- Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Founder- YouCare- All about YOU.

Mrs. Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson- Mpower, an initiative by Aditya Birla Education Trust said,” With the ongoing pandemic there is a renewed focus on holistic health management, mental and physical health go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining a healthy and happy life.

We are happy to collaborate with Luke as both believe in the power of overall management and aligning the body and mind together for holistic development.”

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