Mad Street Den CEO Ashwini Asokan who generates artificial intelligence

Ashwini Asokan: Mad Street Den Founder
Ashwini Asokan: Image source: Mad Street Den

Ashwini Asokan: Woman Entrepreneur and Mad Street Den Founder

A Carnegie Mellon alumni, Aswini Asokan is the CEO and Founder of Mad Street Den. She collaborates with his husband, Anand Chandrasekaran. Mad Street Den is a computer-based Artificial Intelligence Startup.

AI is an Intelligence computer-based program in which a computer is programmed to complete a task with a robotic performance by given instruction. The task will be done by a computer with the AI program

Ashwini Asokan was born in a family of professors and Computer Scientists. Ashwini wants to do something different, and she chooses to become a dancer.

After completing her 12th she has taken admission in Visual Communication. As she wants to do something different and creative, so she pursues this course.

Ashwini Asokan went to the U.S with her husband Anand Chandrasekaran. There Ashwini decided to study further and complete her Master’s degree in Interaction design.


Ashwini Asokan worked with Intel for eight years as her Product designing, development, and AI become her deep strength. Later she thought to do her work and start up with the AI sector. She make-up her mind and back to India. In India, she launched Mad Street Den in 2013.

The reason behind this venture is the scope. Today all sectors and companies we are surrounded by all want AI technology. So that work would be easier and uncomplicated.

Ashwini Asokan had founded the company in 2016. At Mad Street Den, Ashwini had a powerful team who gives the power of sight and learning to machines.

The program helped the machine to work as a human, how they think and appropriately do work. The company launched its first vertical intelligent based automation solution, which will further be going to help online, across social channel and in-store. 

Ashwini is a product leader working at the intersection of social-culture and technology system. AI program shows how the computer can do intelligent work like humans with a given program.

Ashwini Asokan works as an entrepreneur and her work is different from all entrepreneurs. AI technology gave a new change to all type of industry as well as consumer lifestyle by building this AI Technology. 

Mad Street Den

The company headquarter is in the Bay Area, California with offices in Seattle and Chennai (India). works with marque retailers, brands and marketplaces across the world.

The company gives Fashion Industry intelligence-based work through automation. Mad Street Den Has designed to make an AI platform on scale and design meaningful application.

An application will deal with all the alerts which came in process of the company. In 2016, Mad Street launched its first vertical, for enabling intelligent retail automation.

Mad Street Den’s backers Include KDDI-Global Brain Japan and Rocketship VC, Exfinity Ventures, and Sequoia Capital.

The company recently produced a 100*entrepreneur Podcast, the company indulges with venture capitalists and investors. Ashwini works hard to deliver the best and value applied to the customers.

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Recently, Ashwini she led the Mobile Innovation Portfolio as part of Intel Labs in California.