Secrets Behind Magnum Ice Cream’s Success

Magnum ice-cream

Magnum Ice Cream, very premium imported ice-cream

Ice cream is tempting for all. 98% of people love ice cream. Thinking of ice cream makes my mouth watery.

There are many companies of ice cream in India and few are well established in the market and few are local companies and are making fresh ice cream in their local brand.

Magnum is an ice-cream company in Belgium and was originally developed and produced by Frisco in Aarhus, Denmark, in the 1980s by Mogens Vigh-Larsen.

The original Magnum is a vanilla ice cream, that is covered with chocolate coating on it. This is the original Magnum, later the company comes up with more flavor. The original Magnum weights 86 grams with a value of 120 ml. 

This ice cream was first released in Germany in 1989, and it was marked as a luxury ice -cream. Now, magnum is owned by British/ Dutch company Unilever.

You can check its different flavors on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. The company has an account on social media and they show all new tastes and flavors there.

What makes Magnum

A rich coat of chocolate and ice cream with Madagascan vanilla. With these flavors, you can feel the real taste of chocolate and your mood will be fresh.

If you will taste once you will recognize the blissful feeling. In each bite, you will taste a thick smooth coating of chocolate and inside the chocolate coating, you will taste the velvety vanilla ice cream. The real ice cream lover will understand the freshness of one bite.

What is the history behind this ice cream?

This mouthwatering ice cream was developed in Aarhus Denmark, in late 1980 by Mogen Vigh-Larsen.

Later director of Frisco, who was an ice cream maker, put ice cream production in 1988. Later they change the name Magnum with Magnum classic.

Magnum Hazelnut

This was a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick, with a chocolate coating. You may know that there was no real chocolate that could stand the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The original Magnum had a weight of 86 grams and a volume of 120ml. The Aarhus factory was changed now and was converted into an apartment, shops, and a fitness center named” Friskohus” (The Frisko House).

After closing an ice cream company, Frisko is still a brand in Denmark. After establishing their feet in the market, Magnum started selling cone ice cream in 1994 and ice cream sandwich in 2002.

For pleasure seeker

This ice cream is a real pleasure for the customer. Why go anywhere when magnum is there. It’s made with the best chocolate, ice cream, and dessert experts around the world to give you mesmerizing taste and flavor.

The company delivers the perfect contrast between the signature cracking chocolate and rich, velvety ice cream. The ice cream was sealed with an M stamp on the stick to show that they are perfect in all.

Magnum Market strategy

this ice cream started to target customers from age 14-15 years because this age group is mostly ice cream lovers. That’s why the magnum company targeted this age group.

It has royal customers who prefer premium ice cream. The main target of Magnum ice cream is the upper niche class.

They can effort the prize of ice cream. These people are willing to spend on style, quality, and status.

The company is doing marketing by focusing on the smaller but elite segment of society. Magnum takes into consideration the needs and the benefit of the customer, by which they can identify market opportunities.

If we check the global sale of magnum, it was $2.54 billion in 2015 which was an increase of 8$ from last year.

Unilever always tries to give Magnum a high position with affordable luxury treats for adults. The company tries to target the audience according to their income, social status, and economic class.

Magnum Brand Positioning 

It is important to take a position for the Brand in Infront of their customer. This brand has to take a position in between another brand.

The company has to check, what other brands are giving to their customer compared to this ice cream and what quality they are providing. That makes the positioning in the market.

The Magnum brand competitors are Amul, Baskin-Robbin, and Mother Dairy.

Magnum – Inbound Strategies

When it was launched in India in February 2014, the company has organized an event to show its presence in the market.

Over 2000 people across Mumbai and Pune had tasted the sample of this ice cream from 22nd February to 24th February 2014.

The big cars and high-class people came to taste the tempting ice cream and by the camera, the company was capturing their reaction after the first bite of Magnum’s ice cream.

Another campaign was also there to get the pleasure of Magnum while doing shopping or other work.

The company has done the Magnum Pleasure test in which you have to choose the more pleasure between this ice cream or another ice cream. Magnum scores good other than others.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Magnum has decided to do a two-phase campaign strategy that will help to promote the product. 

In the first phase, the brand distributed the product in different cities and asked people to tweet for limited Magnum Infinity.

In the first phase, the city with most Tweets got to try the limited Magnum Infinity first. By doing this the person living in the city will get the first chance to try the product before anyone else.

Then in the Second Phase of the campaign is most attractive, in which the customer’s tweet earned him or her chance to go on a trip to London and the person who takes the most point will be won.

By this company use this to engage the customer and also spread the brand name. this is the media marketing strategy done by the brand to boost up its company name.

Magnum Product Allergen

Many people are allergic to different ingredients. It has put all the information that will help the customer to find the right information. 

Whenever you try any food, you have to check the ingredients, so that the food will not harm you.

While the company makes every effort to ensure that all the ingredients are of the best and all the ice cream is created in their kitchen with allergens below are also present.

Celebrity Endorsed Advertisement

The brand had hired Kareena Kapoor Khan as Brand ambassador, The brand always needs a famous personality to boost up their company.

Later the company has also done a long-month contest in which people have to send their selfies with Magnum Ice Cream stick in hand, and create a reason why Magnum gets them lost in pleasure.

The top 5 creatively made and attractive selfies shall win a chance to meet Kareena Kapoor Khan and can take a selfie with her.

Not only this but the winner selfie with Kareena shall also be featured in the Times City edition. 

The campaigns give more popularity to the brand and people find the magnificent taste of Magnum Ice cream.

Flavor launched by Magnum

Few exclusive products were launched with fine quality.

  • Magnum Ruby Ice cream contains milk, soy, and almond.
  • Mini-Ruby ice cream, that contains milk, soy, and almond.
  • Salted Caramel & Glazed Almond ice cream, that contains soy, milk, almond, and other nuts.
  • Double Mochaccino ice cream, that contains milk, soy, and almond.
  • Magnum Tubs, Magnum minis, and Vegan ice creams are also there.

Try this ice cream with its unique taste and flavor.

Who is the brand ambassador?

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the brand ambassador of Magnum ice cream.

What is a pricing strategy?

The Quality and pricing are high for ice cream. This is made for the customer that associates a premium brand with priceless quality.

What is it’s target market?

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Magnum’s target audience belongs to the age between 14–45-year age group. It has loyal customers who prefer premium ice cream.