Major Merits and Demerits of Bollards for your Business

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People go crazy in traffic as it’s hectic and takes extra time to reach their destination. There’s chaos in traffic and sometimes people are stuck in traffic for hours.

Bollards are used to clear the way for vehicles during emergencies and halt the vehicles during traffic.

They are even installed to separate the footpath for trespassers. They might sometimes damage your car when you try to cross the road in a wrong way.

Different types of Bollards:

Metal bollards are made from steel such as brass, aluminum and iron. They come with great finishing touches, and they are available in various colors.

The metal has a coat of finish to protect it from rusting in the open weather. You can choose removable bollards to move them from one place to another.

The plastic bollard is made from plastic that is recycled and has a recycled steel mesh inside them. It makes them stronger.

The plastic bollard can come in different colors and are good for places that need frequent adjustments.

They are easy to bend, install and cut. The Concrete bollard is made from cement, water, and sand.

You cannot move such concrete bollards from one place to another. You can use such concrete bollards to keep your parking space reserved.

Advantages of using bollards:

1. Safety for people 

It’s very useful as it saves making pedestrians from accidents. Accidents are caused by traffics that can be ignored by installing bollards.

It is also used in parking lots to save people from unnecessary injuries and help them find safest way to pass the road. 

2. Security to vehicles

As the bollard is made from heavy metal and is durable, it saves vehicles from getting damaged in accidents.

Some places strategically install the bollard one after the other at places where gaps exist and can be customized into different styles. The bollard helps vehicles from entering places that are secure and restricted. 

3. Aesthetic value

Bollard helps guide pedestrians in the right direction, they are created attractively. Some installs concrete the bollard that is very firm. They need little maintenance and can go on for years without any damage.

4. Eco friendly 

Many people who are looking for an environmentally friendly solution can choose the bollard made from concrete and PVC. They protect the environment and are made from good quality material. They are durable and do not harm the nature. They are heavy and can last long.

5. Affordable costs

The bollard doesn’t need any additional maintenance cost, and this saves a lot of money. They are easy to install, and they are completely rust resistant.

You can use them in any weather condition, and these bollards cannot get affected by water, sun’s heat, dust, and moisture.

Disadvantages of Bollards:

1. Occupy space

They take a lot of space on sidewalks and roads. But, you can use removable bollards to save your space. Even, you can use some collapsible bollards in this regard.

2. Bollard creates problems in traffic

As they divide the traffic and pedestrians, it could also hurt the traffic. People might sometimes have trouble crossing over or walking around them.

3. Plastic bollard doesn’t function well

They are used for decorative purposes and are cheaper. But it might not hold the traffic and prevent vehicles during an accident.

4. Damages vehicles 

Many vehicles suffer heavy damage because of the bollard. Many people avoid driving through areas that have a bollard as they might end up in an accident.

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Bollards are installed at drive-through windows to keep people away at a distance. They are installed at parking spaces and exits. You can install such bollards at the entrance and keep the traffic away from the building.