Make in India Success Story: With Patented Technology, WeHear Gives New Life to 65 Million People with Hearing Issues

Make in India Success Story

WeHear OX open ear wireless bone conduction ecosystem

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) WeHear OX, WeHear launched India’s first bone conduction open ear wireless earphones in the market along with the state of the art “Hearing care ecosystem”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the basaltic wave of health-care products in the market. This initiative brought a revolution in the headphones industry as it came as a ray of hope for people suffering from hearing issues.

Market shifts have been rapid which persuaded Kanishka Patel, Founder and CEO of WeHear to come up with the much needed solution in the audio-gadget industry. Their latest product WeHear OX is now available at Flipkart, Amazon and WeHear’s official website

The release of WeHear OX solves a lot of consumer’s problems in the market. The bone conduction technology delivers sound to inner-ear through cheekbones which keeps your ears open to catch ambient sounds.

Kanishka and Siddharth, Co-founders of WeHear, got to know about a hearing loss condition happening due to earphones through a blog.

“We visited a school for the hearing impaired and experienced that a 10 year old child with completely damaged eardrums could sense the vibrations.

This is how our first product served the hearing aid solutions for people suffering from hearing loss. This motivated us to come up with more solutions like this,” said Siddharth

“The bone conduction headphones industry is not completely unexplored, yet new in India. It was a challenge to come up with something which meets the exact demands of consumers and differentiates us from our global competitors as well.

WeHear products are designed and manufactured in India. We have an in-house design and product team along with the facilities to do research and development on products in an advanced fabrication lab,” said Kanishka Patel. 

Along with the bone conduction earphones, WeHear also aired the ‘WeHear OX App’ to support the advantages of gadgets for users and incorporate the better user experience.

The app features a control centre; personalized experience for users; personal hearing intelligence (PHI) – a patented algorithm which analyzes a user’s hearing patterns, data assessment and gives personalised suggestions.

App’s other features include, inbuilt translator which covers 72 languages including regional and international languages; hearing aid mode for the people suffering from hearing loss and AIHM. 

Kanishka Patel further added, “Especially in the times of pandemic when the significance of health-friendly gadgets were realized all over the world. WeHear OX has a user-friendly, comfortable and light-weight wraparound design with the Titanium for maximum flexibility.” 

It’s open-ear technology catches every sensitive sound, without directly harming years. “I live in Singapore, and my father is conditioned with hearing-loss.

I purchased the WeHear OX for my father last week only, and now I am able to easily talk to him over video call. It’s open-ear bone-conduction technology has been working great for him,” said a user Arif. 

Government of India and state government of Gujarat has invested seed funds in WeHear. The brand has been recognized with several acknowledgements lately.

It was reviewed and praised by President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind in year 2019 and was awarded as “Fellow startup of the year 2019” by Mr. Anurag Thakur (MoS Finance).

Marking its presence as a startup, WeHear was also awarded “GUSEC Si3 award of year 2018” by Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Minister of Industries, Loksabha). 

So far the brand has been getting quality market response from users in AB testing. “In this world of headphones, it’s very innovative of these people to bring up a technology that protects the ears.

As a Doctor, I know how important this technology is. I have seen students who are in their 20s presenting to the OPD with mild to moderate sensorineural deafness due to prolonged usage of routine earphones and headphones.

These bone conduction earphones are very well made and designed to give you a wonderful experience without compromising the quality of sound. This is the future,” says a customer, Dr.Aarjav Shah, a healthcare professional. 

About WeHear

WeHear Hearing Solutions, is India’s first bone conduction earphones manufacturer. We work with several B2B projects for hearing solutions in Defence applications, Audio solutions for industries, and some other segments.

Our latest product, WeHear OX, promises design, comfort, health and high quality sound. We aim to be the pioneer of the hearing care community and provide ear-health friendly hearing solutions powered by our technologies.

Our products are designed not only to play a significant role in the headphones market, but also in people’s lives as a hearing aid solution. 

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