Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla: Arjun Awarded International Para disabled Athlete

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla: Woman on Wheelchair

Life story of Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla, International Para disabled Athlete who has won over 400 medals for India!

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla was Awarded by Arjun and Padma Shri Awards. These awards gave her recognition, She was a paralyzed athlete from India. Malathi is the face of India in Paralympic racing. She represents India many times as a Paralympic athlete. 

Malathi was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 6 July 1968. When she was a year old, she has gone through a seviour fever and got paralyzed.

Her parents try to give all medical help to her. She has gone through many electric shocks for the movement of the body. After so many treatments she got strength in her upper body. 

Krishnamurthy’s father runs a small hotel, and her mother was a homemaker and look after her 4 children.

Achievements of Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla

Malathi was a good athlete, she gave a face to India in the Paralympics. She won 428 medals and got the Prestigious Arjun award and Padma Shri awards.

This was a proud moment for Milathi and her family. She takes part in Paralyzed Olympics held in South Korea. Barcelona, Athens, and Beijing. 

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla: I learning new things every day and believe in reinventing myself.

She includes Asian games held in Beijing, Bangkok, South Korea and Kuala Lumpur and enrolled in open championships in Belgium, Kuala Lumpur and England.

As it is said; There is no fate, no destiny, no chance that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. 

In Childhood

As because of her disability, she can’t run or play like other children. She always wants to play or run like children who played back side of the yard and collect the fallen mangoes.

But when she became young, she understands that she can’t run or play like other children. This thinking gives me a setback, but I didn’t lose hope and know that one day she will run.

She joined sports and decided to do something in her life and will show the world that no one can stop if the determination in mind. 

Undergone Surgeries

Every person wants to be a perfect body, so as Malathi. She tries a lot to get rid of her disability and gone through 34 surgeries, and electric shock regains her upper body moving. But below the waist, it didn’t work.

She knows the suffering of Polio and how this disability gives back kick in several fields of life. 


Her father was determined: that she will do good in her studies and if she needs he will send him to the best special school in Chennai.

He will take her away from Bengaluru. He was sure that she got a sound education, the type she needed.

In Chennai, she develops the parts of her body that were strong, where she got interested in wheelchair sport, and learn to live independently.

Mathru Foundation – Starting up for disabled

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla makes a trust named Mathru Foundation and helps many Polio victim who lives in villages and interiors and does not have money for treatment and education. She gave shelter to 16 children with various disabilities at her foundation.

Malathi works hard for athletes, but the important equipment a wheel Chair, that she doesn’t have.

Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla meet Shehnaz in competition. Shehnaz was also suffering from the same disease. Usually, professionals don’t share their equipment, but Shehnaz saw that Mathali has lots of potentials to win she share her wheelchair with her.

Mithali used that wheelchair for many years. One day Shehnaz gifted her a new wheelchair to Malathi. For the international games, and in 1989 she won a gold medal-a win, too, for friendship.

The life journey was not that much easy. But Malathi shows that nothing is impossible.

Like this success story of Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla, an International Para disabled Athlete from a wheelchair to an Arjuna awardee with more than 400 medals.

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