Driving Success: The Strategic Vision of Manan Vora, SVP at Liminal

Manan Vora

Interview with Manan Vora, SVP- Strategy & Operations at Liminal, Self Custody Wallet Platform for your Digital Assets

Manan Vora is the Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operations at Liminal, a leading self-custody wallet platform for digital assets.

With his extensive experience and expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, Manan plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction and operational efficiency of Liminal.

Through his leadership at Liminal, Manan Vora is driving the adoption of self-custody wallets and empowering individuals to take control of their digital assets.

With his strategic vision and operational expertise, he is instrumental in positioning Liminal as a trusted and user-friendly platform in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Liminal? Could you explain how the team’s experience with Zebpay influenced the development of the platform?

Manan Vora: Liminal was born out of the realisation that there was a need for a secure and user-friendly solution to manage digital assets effectively.

One thing we realised at ZebPay was that there was a need for someone to build a wallet infrastructure that catered to the various emerging use cases of Web3 like NFT market places, yield aggregators, gaming companies etc.

Further, given our experience of running an exchange, we also felt the need for innovating the wallet infrastructure for exchanges.

A lot of our industry-first features like smart refill wallets have come from our deep understanding of the exchange and other emerging use cases.

Can you provide an overview of Liminal and its purpose in the digital asset management space?

Manan Vora: Liminal is a digital asset management platform, specifically designed for Web3 developers and projects. Our aim is to provide:

Security-First Approach: Liminal prioritises security above all else. This is crucial in the digital asset management space, where vulnerabilities can lead to significant financial losses.

By ensuring that developers can build with confidence, Liminal helps to foster innovation while also protecting end users’ funds.

Ease of Use for Developers: Liminal aims to make it easy for developers to build on top of their platform.

This is particularly important for Web2 companies looking to transition into the Web3 space. By providing a seamless transition, Liminal can help these companies leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without needing to overcome significant technical hurdles.

Regulated Custody Solution: Liminal provides a compliant, regulated custody solution for digital assets.

This is a critical component of the Web3 ecosystem, as it ensures that users’ assets are securely stored and managed.

By providing a regulated solution, Liminal helps to foster trust and confidence in the platform, which is essential for sustainable development of the Web3 ecosystem.

In summary, Liminal is built to support the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem by providing a secure, easy-to-use, and regulated platform for managing digital assets.

This can help to foster innovation, facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3, and ensure that users’ assets are securely protected

How does Liminal address the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies associated with managing digital assets?

Manan Vora: Liminal is committed to addressing vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in managing digital assets through a proactive approach.

We prioritise providing secure and compliant custody solutions that cater to the needs of crypto-native enterprises and institutional players.

To provide impeccable security standards we have gathered the most accomplished compliance licences.

Currently, we hold five major security certifications, including CCSS Level-3 QSP Certification the highest security standard for cryptocurrencies and wallet infrastructure, AICPA SOC Type 1 and 2, ISO Certification (27001, 27701), and a TCSP licence in Hong Kong, making us a regulated custody solution provider.

To further enhance security and efficiency, we conduct regular penetration testing and cloud audits, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest security standards.

In addition, we have developed a comprehensive feature stack to address inefficiencies associated with managing digital assets. Our solutions include:

  • Transaction confirmation guarantees: To eliminate transaction failures across EVM networks we have calibrated our algorithms to automatically reprocess transactions if stuck or incomplete until it processes successfully, hence guaranteeing transaction confirmation.
  • Smart refill wallets: Liminal’s Smart Refill wallet is a customizable multi-signature wallet application that enables crypto platforms to automate processes and secure their assets.
  • Platforms can set up the Smart Refill wallet by defining the wallet refill parameters, including the number of refill transactions, the amount per each refill transaction, the threshold limit in a hot wallet to initiate a smart refill, and the cooldown period between each refill.
  • EVM gas saver: To elevate smart transaction processing through algorithm-based frameworks, we have developed Gas Fee Saver functionality implemented directly into our wallets, supporting major EVM chains and saving fees up to 15%.
  • Quick deployment of multi-sig and MPC wallets: Our wallet infrastructure is diverse in its compatibility, offering not just the basics but new-age composable wallets like Multi-Signature and MPC to build on security and interoperability simultaneously.

By combining robust security measures with innovative features, Liminal empowers our clients to manage their digital assets with confidence and efficiency.

How does Liminal empower enterprises to achieve a higher level of self-custody?

Manan Vora: Liminal empowers enterprises to achieve a higher level of self-custody by consolidating their wallets and Blockchain networks, streamlining operations, and optimising costs.

With Liminal’s advanced wallet and self custody applications, enterprises gain full control over their transaction workflows, permissions, and policies, reducing redundancy and eliminating single points of failure.

Our suite of features, including Hot Wallet as a Service, Smart Refill Wallets, EVM Fee Saver, Hybrid Wallet Architecture, and Concierge Developer Onboarding, exemplify our commitment to innovation and differentiation.

These solutions enable our users to customise and tailor their self-custody processes, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

With Liminal’s integration of advanced wallet and custody applications, enterprises can alter their transaction workflows, assign and change permission, and create policies to eliminate redundancy and single-point-of-failure; all on their own with our easy to use interface.

This ultimately helps achieve a higher level of self-custody that aligns with their specific requirements and goals.

What are the key features and functionalities that set Liminal apart from other wallet and custody solutions?

Manan Vora: Liminal revolutionises digital asset storage and security by minimising dependencies on multiple wallets and network systems. Our key features include:

  1. Multi-Wallet Infrastructure: Liminal offers Hot Wallet and Cold Wallet with built-in Multi-Sig and MPC functionality, supporting various EVM and Non-EVM chain assets.
  • Workflow Management: Enterprises can customise transaction workflows, permissions, and policies to eliminate redundancy and single points of failure.
  • Major HSM Integration: We integrate with leading HSM providers like Trezor and Ledger, ensuring institutional-grade security through multi-sig setup, asset off-chain isolation, and Liminal’s Policy Shield system for transaction verification.
  • Developer Focused API/SDK Infrastructure: Our APIs and SDK tools facilitate easy integration with any protocol, with custom test environments and supported testnets for quick production deployment.
  • DeFi Integrations: Liminal securely integrates with the DeFi ecosystem, providing unified access to protocols, automating interactions, and ensuring compliance with the DeFi Policy Shield.
  • Benchmarking Digital Security: With a security-first approach, Liminal adheres to safety standards, including certifications like ISO and SOC2. We employ CCSS certification, SIEM infrastructure, web application firewall, bug bounty program, and substantial insurance coverage.

Through these features, Liminal empowers enterprises to enhance digital asset security, optimise workflows, and achieve compliance, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding the evolving digital asset ecosystem.

It showcases our commitment to delivering secure, efficient, and compliant wallet and custody solutions for our customers. And this is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors.

What does the future look like for Liminal? Are there any upcoming developments or features that users can look forward to in the platform?

Manan Vora: We are focusing on APAC and MENA regions as the market is currently evolving with huge potential. The regulatory requirements are very clear and straightforward in many of these regions.

Further, we have developed a decent reputation in these markets as we have been in the industry for quite some time.

We understand this market better because of our proximity to the region, and we can serve it much better than existing solutions focused on western regulations.

After becoming a regulated identity achieving Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP)  licence from the Hong Kong Companies Registry, we are working on getting licences in several regions, including Singapore, and UAE.

Being a licensed entity establishes us as a trusted, compliant, responsible custody player in the region. We are in discussions with several businesses in the region that need compliant and efficient wallet infrastructure.

We have a dedicated research and product team that focuses on continuous innovation and product development.

Further, inputs from our existing customers play a big role in shaping our product roadmap. In the future, our focus is to come up with products and features that bring in efficiencies for our customers and at the same time make their wallet operations more robust, compliant and secure.

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