Interview with Manish Bansal, Entrepreneur, Director & CEO of Window Magic

Manish Bansal

An exclusive interview with Manish Bansal, Director & CEO of Window Magic, leading Aluminium and uPVC Windows and Doors Systems manufacturers & suppliers

We are honored to have the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Manish Bansal, the Director and CEO of Window Magic, a distinguished company at the forefront of the fenestration industry. With a rich history of designing, constructing, and installing high-quality windows and doors, Window Magic has established itself as a leader in this field.

Mr. Bansal’s visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in the company’s success, and we look forward to gaining insights into his journey, the company’s innovative approaches, and the future of fenestration during this exclusive interview.

What inspired you to start a company in the fenestration industry?

Manish Bansal: Our family business has predominantly been into trading of steel, coal, raw material of steel and other commodities. However, personally, It was always my ambition to build my career in manufacturing. In the year 2007, while studying in London, it so happened, in the villa that we were living, Kommerling uPVC Windows and Doors were installed and in the surrounding villas as well.

It turned out that the and the owner of that land had put up that plant to do this project. The land owner, citing our entrepreneurial spirit and our keenness to build a manufacturing set up, offered it to us to build it big.

This was how our tryst with the fenestration industry began. Looking at the opportunity as a futuristic business, we built the flagship plant at Manesar (the current plant).  The basic inspiration was to be an entrepreneur and the other was to build an industrial platform for our family and this is how the foray into the fenestration industry happened.  

While the brand value takes much longer time to build, the social presence and the overall feel good factor from this business is much higher than any other business.

We are in the process of institutionalising the business and increasing the production capacities transitioning from a company to an structured industry. Further, during this journey we have also diversified into various other business.

Window Magic is known for its high-quality windows and doors. What sets your products apart from others in the market, and how do you maintain such high standards of quality?

Manish Bansal: Window Magic was launched in 2002 with an extended thought to bring a revolution in the manufacturing process of fenestration products using German Technology for effective, visually appealing and eco-friendly products. For this purpose, Window Magic collaborated with AluPure & Technal for Aluminium and with Kommerling for uPVC.

The motive was to provide exceptional and long-lasting products with high-end functionality for all fenestration systems. The manufacturing process for all Window Magic’s products follow a set of standards and conform to the most recent national and international quality standards.

Tested by experts, Window Magic sets the standard in weather resistance, finish, UV stability, weld strength, wind load, air filtration and water penetration.

The fenestration industry has seen significant technological advancements in recent years. How has Window Magic embraced innovation to stay ahead of the competition?

Manish Bansal: For Window Magic constant innovation and upgradation of the existing line of Aluminium and uPVC windows and Doors has always been its prime focus in an effort to offer the best to its customers. Window Magic’s mission to innovate and continually improve its product offerings is etched in our values.

We aim to keep making a positive impact on the parties associated with us by delivering superior and efficient products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective customers.   

Sustainability and energy efficiency are important factors in the construction industry today. How does Window Magic incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials into your products?

Manish Bansal: Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Window Magic. From our products to even our manufacturing process, Window Magic is committed to “Go Green”. Window Magic is a company which “walks the talk”. Having said this, on sustainability Mr. HOS (High On Sustainability) is a live example of Window Magic’s commitment to a green environment.

Mr. HOS is here to ensure the sustainability initiatives of Window Magic in order to make sure that all our products are eco-friendly and cause no or negligible harm to Mother Nature. Our Windows and Door products – Aluminium and uPVC and both eco-friendly.

For instance, Aluminium, is 100% recyclable and is a cost-effective source material for production runs. uPVC Windows and Doors offered by Window Magic are help in reducing deforestation as a smarter alternative for wood. The extrusive process of Window Magic uPVC window and door profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared to other materials.

Could you describe some of the challenges you’ve faced while building Window Magic into a leading brand in the fenestration industry, and how you overcame them?

Manish Bansal: When we first brought customers face to face with uPVC, the entire concept of uPVC was new to them and it took a lot of time to explain what it was and its benefits. Having achieved that the next phase of challenge was telling customers “Why Window Magic” when the market was flooded with similar players all “claiming” to be offering similar products.

Today we have reached a position where we just create value proposition to the customers and the Window Magic name speaks for itself.

Like all sectors, in the initial phase, manpower was a challenge. We do not get readymade manpower from the market. Being one of the largest player in the fenestration sector, it is a matter of pride that almost most of the human resource, especially the white collar work force that you see today in the fenestration industry have been part of Window Magic at some point and then moved on.

Competition was, or is another challenge, similar to any other industry. However, compared to yester years competition today is more mature – in the sense consumer has his/her own segmentation on what and where he/she wants to spend   

Window Magic serves both residential and commercial clients. What are some key differences in the products and services you offer to these two customer segments?

Manish Bansal: Gone are the days when “one solution fits all” concept ruled the roost. Today it is the era of “customisation” according to the segment, their requirements, tastes and preferences. Let me explain how Window Magic approaches both these segments.

While suggesting windows and door solutions to residences, we look at it holistically, including aesthetics. As the country’s leading windows and doors manufacturer and supplier, Window Magic offers a wide range of durable and excellent quality uPVC windows, to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

The uPVC windows offer unique designs with low maintenance and color that last long and are easy to clean. For homes, security is of paramount importance. Therefore, uPVC Windows and Doors are also a safe and secure option for your home as one can easily incorporate multiple locking system.

Further, they have thermal benefits and because of their multi chambered design they act as an insulation and does not transmit thermal heat, therefore, helps in making homes energy efficient. The right design and properly installed windows & doors can make a great difference to your home, not only aesthetically, but also to bring in plentiful natural light, sufficient air circulation, effective thermal and acoustic insulation and security.

On the other hand, when it comes to commercial spaces, say for instance, an office, factors like natural light for enhancing work performance of individuals, acoustic insulation to keep away outside noise and chaos for effective functioning are factors that are taken into consideration.

Considering the daily requirement for natural light Window Magic offers a wide range of uPVC window and door solutions for office needs. The uPVC windows are customized as per the requirement of our customers.

Similarly, Window Magic uPVC windows and doors with their excellent acoustic insulation property gives you the perfect outside view and at the same time is effectively in keeping away the outside noise and chaos. Last, but not the least, Window Magic’s uPVC Windows and Doors are manufactured to withstand rain showers, heavy winds, extreme temperatures, harmful UV radiation, etc.

The fenestration industry is ever-evolving. What trends or changes do you foresee in the industry in the coming years, and how is Window Magic preparing for them?

Manish Bansal: The fenestration industry is undergoing rapid transformations with changing consumer preferences of consumers and the real estate industry. Typically, the fenestration industry is dominated by uPVC and Aluminium products.

Since the invention of PVC in the 19th Century, it has brought about dramatic changes in the fenestration segment. uPVC is proven technology worldwide and in India. Both uPVC and aluminium has and will have its respective customer-base depending on their requirements and likings.

Over time aluminum, has emerged as a promising option and today commands 60% share of the total fenestration market and going forward we see Aluminium gaining a stronger market in the fenestration industry.

With a current market size for fenestration of Rs. 15,000 Crores and increasing year on year, Aluminum accounts for 60% of the total fenestration market. Aluminum is the most sturdy material for windows and doors and is today a much sought after material in the fenestration industry for over two decades now.

Aluminum has been widely used not only in India but around the globe and is one of the most common and abundantly available metals. Qualities like robustness, lightweight, corrosion-free, ease of maintenance, and excellent surface finish (with multiple color options by powder coating or anodizing) make aluminum an excellent option for modern building structures to add a touch of finesse and style. With all these elements, the demand for Aluminium fenestration products is only going to go northwards.  

Recognizing these evolutions, Window Magic already has a range of products and solutions in its portfolio for interior spaces demanding innovative designs and high durability.

Window Magic’s technical collaborations with Technal (of France) and AluPure Aluminium Systems (a brand of Profine GmbH, Germany) gives it an edge over its competitors for having future-ready products which meet the changing demands of the industry and consumers’ tastes and preferences.  

Many entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders look up to you as an inspiration. What advice would you give to individuals looking to start their own businesses in the fenestration or construction industry?

Manish Bansal: Being in the fenestration business, you are in the business of making people’s homes, and ultimately their lives “exquisite”. This calls for creativity, innovation, passion and to be different from others; offer products and service which are superior than others in the market.

Above all and more importantly, this business is both a product and service business. While on the one hand you have products that you are selling to customers which addresses their needs and wants; your expert advice, your creative and innovative solution that you give to your customers is the service part of it that will be etched in their memory forever. And they will remember you forever. Always strive to be one notch above the rest.   

How do you maintain a work-life balance as a successful entrepreneur, and what motivates you to continue leading Window Magic with such passion and dedication?

Manish Bansal: In my opinion first generation and second generation entrepreneurs are always busy building the business for future generations. In my case, I being a first generation in this fenestration industry, most of my time goes in building a firm business for the next generation.

To be honest and laid thread bare, weekdays are dedicated to work while weekends are spent with family and children. An occasional vacation is probably the only time that can be taken as off-work to unwind and strike the balance with personal life.   

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Manish Bansal: The word “entrepreneur” is exciting. You are your own boss. But what does it take to be successful? While there may be a laundry list of success tips, the one that tops the list is – BEING PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. And it doesn’t end there. Success in entrepreneurship is LIVING UP TO THE PASSION, DAY IN AND DAY OUT, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH THE SAME ZEAL AND ZEST.   

As we conclude our interview with Mr. Manish Bansal, Director and CEO of Window Magic, it is abundantly clear that his passion, commitment, and innovative spirit have been instrumental in the company’s rise to prominence in the fenestration industry.

His vision for the future of windows and doors, coupled with Window Magic’s commitment to quality and sustainability, serves as a shining example for the industry.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mr. Bansal and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible work being done by Window Magic. The company’s dedication to excellence ensures that they will continue to be a leading force in the fenestration industry for years to come.

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