Interview: Mansi Baranwal, Chief Executive Officer at Troovy

Mansi Baranwal- Chief Executive Officer at Troovy

An interview with Mansi Baranwal, Chief Executive Officer at Troovy, India’s first chemical-free, nutrition-loaded sauces

Welcome to an insightful interview with Mrs. Mansi Baranwal, Chief Executive Officer of Troovy, spearheads India’s pioneering venture into chemical-free, nutrition-loaded sauces.

With a career defined by strategic acumen and a passion for sustainable food solutions, Mansi leads Troovy in redefining culinary norms with health-conscious products that prioritize quality and taste.

Can you tell us about your journey from being an IIM Bangalore alumni to becoming the CEO of Troovy?

Mansi Baranwal: A deep-rooted passion for consumer products has always fueled my journey. Following my time at IIM Bangalore, I embarked on a nearly decade-long journey in the Consumer Products practice at Bain & Co.

This period was a comprehensive education in all facets of Fortune 500 Consumer Product companies in India and SEA, encompassing growth, distribution, in-store execution, marketing, digitalization, organization structure, M&A, new product launches, and more.

I was also fortunate to work on a few social sector projects at Bain, particularly those in child nutrition with the Tata Trusts and the Akshaya Patra Foundation. These projects made me realize just how broken our nutrition systems are. My personal experience with my child’s nutrition culminated these experiences in the birth of Troovy.

As a parent, I struggled to ensure my 3-year-old child received adequate daily nutrition. This struggle expanded into Troovy and a need to alleviate nutrition concerns for all parents and ensure that every child is equipped to reach their full potential. Ensuring complete daily nutrition for children is simple, and that’s what we do at Troovy.

What inspired you to focus on ensuring complete, clean nutrition for children in India through Troovy?

Mansi Baranwal: For us, ‘clean’ is not a choice. There is no point in delivering nutrition to children if it is laden with harmful chemicals and processed junk that is going to cause lifestyle diseases.

Thankfully, many parents realize this now, partly due to the awareness built by influencers like Foodpharmer. All nutrition and food for children should be clean. It’s a no-brainer.

How does Troovy innovate in child nutrition, and what sets your products apart?

Mansi Baranwal: Relentless consumer-backed product innovation is crucial to our existence. We spend much time with our parents, understanding their challenges and needs. We then create groundbreaking products involving hundreds of parents, children, and months of R&D.

Our sauces are a testament to our commitment to innovation. They are India’s first chemical-free, nutrition-loaded sauces, using a unique technology that preserves wholesome nutrition and delicate flavors while being free of artificial chemicals and processed sugar.

Parents use Troovy sauces to ensure their children finish all home meals with an extra boost of nutrition and fun!

We are also proud of our milk mix, which is the healthiest and tastiest milk mix to launch in India. One glass of milk gives 12g of protein from 13+ millets, grains, nuts, and seeds. It also has the lowest total sugar content in the market compared to jaggery. It has 23 vitamins and minerals for triple growth, immunity, and brain boost.

What challenges did you face in establishing Troovy, and how did you overcome them?

Mansi Baranwal: A startup’s journey is rife with learning. Troovy’s journey has been similar. The north star that keeps us striving and thriving is the immense love we get from our buyers.

They invested in giving us feedback and talking about our products with their friends, and many of them also invested money in our last round. There is no bigger reward for our hard work than our customers’ love and support.

How do you see the future of child nutrition evolving in India, and what role does Troovy aim to play in this evolution?

Mansi Baranwal: Child nutrition in India is more than just a problem at the bottom of the pyramid. 22% of children in the top 20% houses by income are short for age.

40% of our soil is depleted in nutrition, and the food value of our grains has reduced by 45% in the last few decades. Our vegetables lose much of their nutrition when they come to us.

In addition, more than 90% of households consume inadequate protein, millet, fruits, and nuts daily.

Our job is to join hands with parent communities to make as many parents as we can aware of this gap so they can ensure 100% nutrition for their children and make the process easy for them through our products and the products and solutions of other players like us.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs looking to impact the nutrition sector or start their venture?

Mansi Baranwal: There are many areas that entrepreneurs can impact in India’s nutrition sector. The sector is going to grow fast in the coming decades.

Opportunities are many – optimal agricultural technology, nutrition-efficient food processing & storage practices, availability of nutrition products, nutrition awareness for parents and children, nutrition for underprivileged children, enhanced nutrition of staples, local food procurement supply chains, organic farming, nutrition-based therapies, and more. Troovy is our drop in the ocean of possibilities that can make an impact.

In closing, Mrs. Mansi Baranwal’s leadership at Troovy exemplifies innovation at the intersection of health and culinary excellence. Her commitment to chemical-free, nutrition-loaded sauces not only sets a new standard in the food industry but also reflects Troovy’s dedication to enhancing consumer well-being through wholesome, flavorful products.

As Troovy continues to grow under her guidance, Mansi’s vision promises to shape the future of nutritious dining experiences in India and beyond.

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