20 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India for People Looking to Start a Small Business

Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing Business Ideas

We all want to do a business that gives us profit in less investment. We also want to start work that is unique and gives us more profit.

By manufacturing products, we can earn a good amount of money. Because by manufacturing we can contact many retailers and wholesalers and increase our production. 

But the main thing is what type of manufacturing business idea we can apply with less investment and good profit.

Yes! We have many business manufacturing ideas that may suit your budget. 

Here is a list of top manufacturing business ideas in India for Indian entrepreneurs in India with low investment and high profit. Any entrepreneur, startup can start small business and earn money.

1. Paper Manufacturing 

Everyone knows the importance of paper. From morning to evening all work goes through papers. Nowadays mobile has taken the place of paper but still, paper has its value. That is why paper manufacturing companies are making a huge profit from the business.

If you are willing for this business, you can start it with a good profit. But before opening a proper business planning is necessary. 

Low Investment Business Ideas in India you can start right Now

You have planned money for your business, then you can invest in land and machinery, or you can take a loan from the bank. Later you have to plan for setting up a mill, labor, transportation unit, etc.

Paper Manufacturing

Give a name to the company. later, you have to register your company name, as every business has to be registered according to the government rules.

So, by perfect plan, from buying machinery to delivering the product can make a business profitable.

2. Detergent powder Manufacturing

Living a clean life, with clean clothes gives a perfect presence of yours. The detergent powder is necessary for our daily life.

From washing clothes to cleaning things we use detergent powder. Nowadays most families use a washing machine for cleaning the clothes and in a machine, we use detergent powder for cleaning the clothes.

There are different types of detergent powder, some are used by the high class, and some are for the normal class. This difference is because of rates and product quality.

Detergent Powder Manufacturing Business

Making detergent powder is not that much difficult, by mixing few ingredients you can make detergent powder.

But you should know the proper measurement while making detergent powder. Your detergent quality decides the cost. So, make a good quality detergent to get famed in the market.

Top small Business Ideas in India for the Entrepreneur

Before you start a business, a perfect business is necessary to start a successful business. Plan out the investment and type of detergent you want to manufacture. 

Select the place for the business. It should be in industrial areas. Give a name to your company because the customer will know your detergent with its name. 

Marketing is also necessary because people will know about your product only through good marketing. You can also make a website where you can give full details of your product.

License and registration of the company are also necessary. By these steps, you can open your detergent powder company.

3. Coconut Oil Manufacturing

Coconut oil is good for health, the body, and the hair. Large no, of Indian public use coconut oil for hair. This oil is extracted from copra, which is always said as a “cocos Nucifera”. Coconut oil is beneficial for health as Lauric acid is founded in coconut oil. That is good for health.

Coconut Oil Manufacturing Raw Material

Before you open a coconut oil manufacturing, plan your business, so that it will work properly. Machinery and labor are needed to run properly. 

Home Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Find the right place for your business. You can go to an industrial area. 

Later give a name to your oil company. The name should be related to the industry. You can also give an attractive tagline.

License and registration are needed to start any business. As per government rule, every business should be licensed.

So, you can start your own coconut manufacturing business.

4. Incense sticks manufacturing Business

The incense stick is used mostly in each house. You can see the use of the stick in every religion and religious place.

The incense stick is used to spread a good fragrance. That is why it is used in all religious places, in-home, and office, etc. In most houses, it’s a trend to light up the Intense stick every morning for, light fragrance and a peaceful atmosphere.

Agarbatti Making Business

This Incense sticks manufacturing Business is small and needs less investment for starting a business.

Incense stick-making business is going to be a profitable business. But before you start make a business plan, so that you can start smoothly.

Successful Small Business Ideas that are actually Good and Profitable

You have to check the investment, check from where you can buy the product in retail, and at what cost you can arrange the machinery, and from where you can get the labor, etc. 

This industry needs a big place to run smoothly, so, find a correct place for it. You can also take a loan from a bank if needed.

License and registration are also needed. It’s a law by the government, that if you work professionally, you have to register your company.

So, you can easily start this business as it is a low investment business. Check List of Incense Stick Making Machine Manufacturer in India

5. Ceramic Glazed Tiles Manufacturing Business

We use ceramic glace tiles in houses, bungalows, malls, etc. These tiles are used in the upper part of the floor.

This is easy to use and increases the beauty of the place with durability. Home tiles and wall tiles are popular with homeowners and builders because these tiles are easy to use and need low maintenance with high durability.

So, if you are planning for gaze tiles production, you are on the right path, as this is going to be a profitable business.

Before you start ceramic glazed tiles production, plan out properly. A good business plan can give a good business start.

There are many things that to be planned out like, how much investment is needed for the industry, finding the best dealer that can provide material at proper rates, finding the right place for the factory, and from where you can get the labor for this.

Best Business Ideas that make money in 2021

These all things should be well planned before you open your production house.

Survey the market, so that you may know the current need of the customers. Check what other industries are doing to attract customers.

How can you contact the customers? These are the main things, you should know before starting the business.

Find the right place for the business, because not only need the machinery place but the place for the ready tiles.

License and registration are also needed to start any business. Contact CA with all needed documents, then you are ready for the registration.

You can easily start a successful business if have a well-planned strategy. Ceramic Glazed Tiles Manufacturing Business is one of the best small business ideas in India.

6. Aluminum door and window manufacturing

Aluminum doors and windows are used in many construction sites. As aluminum-look good and are also durable for a long time.

It is also a rust-free product, that is why it is advisable to go with an aluminum design. Nowadays mostly in homes, bungalows we use aluminum doors and windows, as in the rainy season it gives more durability than wood or iron.

So, if you are planning to manufacture an aluminum door and window business, then you are on the right path. 

Make a strong business plan to start the business. Check all the things that are needed in manufacturing like, what material is needed, and to whom you can contact for the order?

Find out the right place for the manufacture, you can buy your place or can take in rent so that in starting you will not get financial burden.

Unique Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Give a name to the company, by this people will know the company and its work by the name.

Marketing is also necessary for a good business. It gives a great boost to the company. Make your website and show your product details there. And also tells the goodness of using aluminum doors and windows.

License and registration are also needed. You can hire CA for this work. He will submit all the needed documents and register your company.

So, with a good business plan, you can easily start your Aluminium door and windows manufacturing business.

7. Automotive Parts Manufacturing 

As vehicles are always in the long run, so the automotive parts will be. Nowadays, most people have their automobile and after some use, it is needed to change some parts. That is why the automotive business is always evergreen and a profitable business. 

For starting the business, you need to be a good business plan. Because in this business you have to be updated, as regular new models with new parts come and you have to be ready to invest if you want to be in a market. 

Survey the market, how others are investing and planning out. How they contact retailers and customers. These all strategies are important to be in the market. 

Marketing is the next more important part to high rise your business. Make banners and hoardings so that people will know the things you are providing or use online portals to be in touch with customers by giving festive messages, quotes, and little information about your work. 

Give a name to your manufacturing company. Because company name represents you.

License and registration are much needed to run the company, by providing all necessary documents.

So, you can start your Automotive parts manufacturing company with a good strategy and a business plan.

8. Organic & Exotic Soap Manufacturing

Nowadays it is a trend of organic things. People are more concerned about their health and tried to use natural things.

Natural things are now very hard to find and unnatural things are not good for the human body. So, people are now diverted to natural and organic products.

So, if you are planning to do the organic & exotic soap business then go for it, because they are in trend. The business that is in trend does business well.

Before you start the business of organic soap making first make a business plan by this you can run your business smoothly.

Like how much investment is needed? What other big companies are doing in this business, and find out the wholesale product place form where you can buy the organic soap material.

Give a beautiful name for the organic soap company. 

Marketing good strategy also boost-up the company. Use social media portals like Facebook. Instagram and Facebook.

Daily updates with beautiful organic coats, so that people love and visit your page and shop. You can also give attractive offers to attract customers.

You can start the business from home later when you get a grip in the market you can take a shop.

By this, you can start your organic and exotic soap business on a low budget. 

9. Papad Making Business

For a small and profitable business, this is the best home business that you can do. For a long time, some ladies have done this business, this home business is a very popular business style. Many women are indulging in this business and getting good profit.

So, if you have an interest in doing this business, you can start this business.

This is a small business that you can easily start from home. But before you start, make a business plan. So that you should know the investment and things needed for this business. 

First, decide which type of papad specialization you have like, Potato papad, Urad dal papad, etc. If you have specialization in all, start with the one style of papad later, after little is established you can start with more varieties.

Papad Making Business

Secondly, survey the market, what type of papad mostly asked by the customers? Find out the dealers and contact wholesalers by which you can spread your business.

Third, give a good name to your business related to your work with an attractive tagline. Your business will be known by the name of the company.

Marketing is also necessary because people will only know when they see the name and the work you are doing.

You can make pamphlets and distribute them with the morning paper. Or you can also do online marketing with different portals like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

By regular posting with business updates, people will know more about your work and you can do a profitable business. So, start a profitable business with low investment.

10. Paper Bag Making

Creative people can earn anywhere. Only they need a correct path. There are many businesses that a creative and innovative people can do, only you have to check the talent inside you.

The business of paper bags making is also a good business. You can start your own business by making different types of paper bag with less investment.

As we all know that government has banned a Polly bag, so the demand of paper bad is increased a lot.

If you want to start a paper bag making business, then make a proper business plan. A business plan always business in proper way.

paper bag

Check the investment needed in this business. See from where you can buy a craft paper that is needed to make a paper bag in bulk, so that you can get a good margin. Finding a regular customer so that your work is always in progress.

Market survey is also needed for every business, to know the need of product in market, survey from where you can get a good clientage.

You can start this home business by making all things well planned. As this business doesn’t need much investment.

11. Fruit Jam Making

Fruit Jam is liked and loved by everyone. Whether it was kids, elder one, women, men or old one all like the Jam.

Jam can be eaten with several things, it’s all according to your taste like, with bread, chapatis, paratha, biscuits and toast etc. kids like to eat jam in different ways. It is a quick food dish that can be eaten with many things and fulfil the hunger of children.

So, the Jam is always in demand. You can start your home business of jam making in less investment. You can show your creativity by making a different flavoured jam in different packing that attracts customers.

Making the things in a unique way always boost up the business. So, give your full efforts to make your product unique and asked by clients again and again.

Nowadays, homemade food products are more in demand, as they are fresh, with less preservatives and good for health.

Before start a business, a perfect business plan is needed. That helps to run the business smoothly.

Second most important is survey the market. By thins you will know, the real demand of the product.

So, start your own fruit jam making business from home in less investment.

12. Mango Pickle Making

According to Indian food style, every dish is incomplete without a pickle. The most tempting food item which is needed in every Indian cuisine.

Talking about pickle is mouth-watering. There are many types of pickle, which are made up of different vegetables and fruits like mongo, jack fruit, carrot, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, chilli etc. These pickles are full of different spices that make them spicy and tempting.

If you have a talent of making pickle that can remain long time. Then you can choose this business.

As there is a big demand for homemade pickle. As they are pure, without preservatives and can order according to our taste.

Start your pickle making business from home and in less investment.

But before doing any business a good business plan is necessary. Check the investment is needed, buy all your eatables from wholesale market, so that you can take a good margin, finding a good and long-term customer and a shop where you can sell your product etc.

Give a name to your pickle company, so that people will learn your product with your name.

Do marketing, so that people will know about your product. This is a less investment and good profit business that you can start from home.

13. Manufacturing of Plastic bottles 

Bottles are mostly used for water or other liquid items. Mostly cold drinks, juices, cold coffee, and other liquid items are filled in these bottles. Plastic bottles are much in demand for household accessories. Most items are filled in these plastic bottles. We use plastic bottles for water, snacks, and other home food items.

There is much demand for plastic bottles. So, planning for the manufacturing of plastic bottles is a good idea.

Start this business with a good business plan, because planning help to solve all business requirement and you don’t have an issue in between the business.

Plan out the Investment strategy. You can also go bank loan. like the rest of the money, you can utilize for other start-up work.

Survey the market. This will help you to find out the requirement of the product in the market. You can also check, where a good client you can get. You can also contact other drink companies so that the company can give to an offer.

Find the correct place for the manufacturing company. Mostly these industries have to be in Industrial areas so that no other issue can arrive.

Give a name to your company, because the company knows by its name.

License and registration are also needed in this business. Because there is an order from the government that every business has to be registered.

Later you can do marketing, as every business needs promotion and marketing to make their business grow.

Start this manufacturing business with a perfect business plan and you can get a good profit.

14. Spice or Masala Powder

In India, every food recipe is started with spice and masala. They love food full of spices. There are many spices and all have their taste and style of cooking. Spices give love and color to the food.

If you have a good smell of spices and know all about different spices and their uses, you can easily start your business.

But as I always say, a good business needs a good business plan. That will help to run your business smoothly.

Few things that are much important to run a perfect business-like,

  1. Check the investment according to the business, or you can take it alone, to start the business.
  2. Survey the market.
  3. A perfect business place is also needed. Find out the place, near an industrial area. The industry should be in Industrial area because they make so much pollution.
  4. Give a perfect name to your business, because companies contact you with the name of your company.
  5. Marketing strategy is also needed, because, in this social media world, every work goes through the media.
  6. License and registration are also needed to run the company professionally.

So, with a few steps and determination, you can easily start this business.

15. Chips and wafers

Eatables are always in demand. When we talked about Chips and wafers then this is mostly asked by kids and elders. This is the most like evening snack.

 So, many styles and flavours can be manufactured in chips and wafers. As this business has small and big scale products, you can make small size or big size products. It’s up to you, what type of product you want to produce.

But before you start this business, a good business plan is necessary. So, that you can run your business smoothly. A perfect business plan needs few things in mind…

  1. Investment is the most important part to run a business. You can also take a business loan from a bank. 
  2. Survey the market, what others say about this product manufacturing. 
  3. Find a perfect place, where you can start your chips and wafers manufacturing business. It should be in the industrial area. Or far away from the residential areas.

Give a name to your chips industry, with a perfect tagline. 

Marketing is the most important thing that can’t be ignored. If you will have the perfect marketing strategy you can do a profitable business.

You can also use social media as most peoples are in that portal, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are the most famous applications. Make a page and upload daily posts of chips with their variety and flavor.

You can also go for advertisement on T.V. The T.V ads are very expensive but this media mostly attracts customers.

Make a website with the company name and there, you can show your products. Their people will know your all products and will contact you directly.

License and registration are very much necessary, as it was a rule given by the government.

16. Fertilizer Manufacturing

The fertilizer manufacturing business is a good option that you can start from home with less investment or you can also start it with a manufacturing unit. It all depends on the investment you do. 

Not only in the agricultural field, but in a personal garden, home plants, and farm houses, also need fertilizer for plants growth. 

There is a big market for fertilizers. As for good crops and plantations, fertilizer is necessary. So, opening fertilizer manufacturing is a good investment.

Before you start a fertilizer manufacturing company, a perfect business plan is necessary. You have to look at the fertilizer industry which will give you an idea about the fertilizer and what type of fertilizer are mostly needed for the different types of crops. Different types of soil need a different type of fertilizer. 

A piece of good knowledge is necessary, as many types of crops need different fertilizers. If you have a good knowledge of crops and their fertilizer, people will trust you more and will buy fertilizers from you.

As there are different types of fertilizer Each of these fundamental nutrients plays a key role in plant nutrition. The tree that is mostly used is Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

So, with few simple steps and with good knowledge you can start your fertilizer manufacturing business.

17. Tissue paper manufacturer

Tissue paper is a very useful thing that is needed everywhere. We can see everywhere in the hotels, restaurants, parties, marriages and for personal use, tissue paper is used everywhere. There is a big demand for the product. 

So, you can be a tissue paper manufacture because this business is a low investment business and can start easily.

There are different types of tissue paper some are simple and some are designers. You can make a different style of tissue paper to attract the market.

But before you start a business a perfect business plan is necessary. With by perfect business plan, your business will go smoothly. 

Survey the market, check which type of tissue papers are mostly required, and what other manufactures are doing and getting the client.

The next more important is to find the perfect place for your manufacturing unit. So that you can easily deliver your product with fewer delivery charges. 

Give a perfect name to your company, as every work needs a name. 

The last most important point is license and registration. According to Indian law, every company needs a license and registration.

With these few steps, you can open your tissue manufacturing company

18. Disposable Plates and Cup

Disposable plates and cups are the most demanding products. It is a get-together party, birthday party, family gathering, picnic, or any type of meeting. Disposable plates are always in demand.

Nowadays women don’t want to wash plates or do vessel work in a get-together as they too want to enjoy. In that case, disposable plates are needed in any type of gathering.

Many types of disposable plates are in the market like thermocol, bamboo plates, leaf plates, paper plates, etc. As thermocol plates are ungreen products and banned by the government. 

Before you start your manufacturing unit, make a proper business plan. Because a perfect business plan is a ropeway of success.

Survey the market, how other manufacturing companies are working and how they attract the client. Check what type of disposable plates are most wanted by the customers. 

The most important thing is finding a place for your manufacturing unit. You can start your unit in an industrial area, as you can get deliver your product easily in the city.

The license and registration of the business are very important according to the law of the government. You can do it online or can contact C.A for the processor. 

Maybe these tips will help you in opening a unit with a good business plan.

19. Jute bag making

Jute bags have Taken the place of polyethylene bags and become more popular and in demand. These bags are used for marketing purposes and to carry vegetables from the market. These bags are strong and safe to put things in.

So, if you want to start a business of jute bags, then you can start easily with less investment. Start this business from home so that you don’t have to pay the shop charges.

There is the various purpose of jute bag like.

  1. It’s for shopping
  2. Kids can take these bags to school
  3. Stylish women also use these bags with a different designs.
  4. Jute bags are versatile and can be used as gift bags.

If you have a skill in making a bag, then you can do this business with good profit.

20. Biscuit making

Biscuits are the most demanding snacks and are asked by the kids the most. From morning tea to evening snacks, biscuits are an all-time favorite and loved by each generation.

This is a business that you can start from home with less investment.

If you love baking things, then this business is best for you because biscuits are always in demand.

So, before you start a business a perfect business plan is needed. Because in well-planned business you can get a profit. 

Survey the market, what type of biscuits are more liked by the customers, as there is a different type of customers some like sweet and some salty biscuits.

So, you have to work according to the customer’s likes and dislikes. Check how other companies are connecting with clients and giving attractive offers. 

Marketing is the most important in any field of business. This is a digital world and most people are connected with this world.

So, you can use social media marketing for your product advertising. Later you can also work on your website, as people can see the type of biscuits you are preparing and their cost.

The next most important thing is the name of your biscuit company. By which your biscuits are going to famous with the name.

These are the few tips, that will help you to make your business successful.

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