Interview with Mary Gorder: Founder & CEO of Drs.OnCalls

Mary Gorder

An exclusive interview with Mary Gorder: Founder & CEO of Drs.OnCalls, a leading telemedicine platform based in the United States

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Mary Gorder, the visionary Founder & CEO of Drs.OnCalls, a pioneering telemedicine platform that has been transforming healthcare delivery in the United States. With a career spanning decades in the healthcare industry, Mary has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between technology and patient care, revolutionizing how individuals access medical expertise.

Her unwavering commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and quality has propelled Drs.OnCalls to the forefront of the telemedicine industry, making it a trusted name for millions of Americans seeking remote medical consultations.

In this interview, we delve into Mary’s journey, her vision for the future of telemedicine, and the impact Drs.OnCalls continues to make in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

What inspired you to start a telemedicine platform?

Mary Gorder: The inspiration behind launching Drs.OnCall as a telemedicine platform was rooted in the need to address the challenges and limitations in traditional healthcare delivery. With the rapid advancements in technology and increasing demand for convenient healthcare access, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers globally.

We recognized the potential of mobile apps to revolutionize healthcare by offering 24/7 access to medical consultations, appointments, and even equipment rentals. Our goal was to make quality healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, through a user-friendly app.

Telemedicine has seen significant growth in recent years. How do you differentiate Drs.OnCalls from other telemedicine platforms in the market?

Mary Gorder: Drs.OnCall differentiates itself from other telemedicine platforms through its comprehensive range of services and global accessibility. Unlike many competitors, our platform offers not only consultations but also access to pharmacies, laboratories, and a wide array of healthcare products, all in one app.

We also prioritize ease of access for both patients and doctors, enabling individuals to connect with their family doctors regardless of geographical boundaries. Furthermore, our commitment to providing these services free of charge sets us apart, ensuring that healthcare is truly accessible to everyone.

What are some of the key challenges you’ve encountered while building and scaling Drs.OnCalls, and how have you overcome them?

Mary Gorder: Building and scaling Drs.OnCall came with its share of challenges, primarily centered around low awareness of the app. To overcome this, we devised a multi-pronged strategy involving PR, lift, and auto branding, along with advanced ad creation and social media engagement.

Additionally, securing tie-ups and collaborations played a crucial role in expanding our reach. As we move forward, we continue to work closely with our clients and partners to refine our approach and ensure that our platform remains accessible and beneficial to all.

Could you highlight some of the unique features or services that Drs.OnCalls offers to its users? How do these features enhance the patient and provider experience?

Mary Gorder: Drs.OnCall stands out with its unique combination of services, including consultations, pharmacies, labs, and equipment rentals, all integrated into a single app. This comprehensive approach enhances the patient experience by providing convenient access to all aspects of healthcare.

For providers, our platform offers a global network, enabling them to serve patients around the world and expand their reach. This synergy between convenience and global reach defines our commitment to improving healthcare access.

Patient privacy and data security are paramount in healthcare. How does Drs.OnCalls ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information on your platform?

Mary Gorder: Patient privacy and data security are non-negotiable priorities for Drs.OnCall. We adhere to stringent data protection standards and employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard patient information. Our platform also complies with relevant healthcare regulations, ensuring that patient data remains confidential and secure.

We continuously invest in advanced security measures and conduct regular audits to maintain the highest level of trust and confidence among our users.

Telemedicine requires a seamless user experience. How do you ensure that patients and healthcare providers have a user-friendly and reliable interaction on Drs.OnCalls?

Mary Gorder: To ensure a seamless user experience, Drs.OnCall places a strong emphasis on user interface design and app functionality. We prioritize user feedback and conduct regular updates to improve the app’s ease of use.

Additionally, our 24/7 customer care service, staffed by qualified MBBS doctors, ensures reliable support and assistance for both patients and providers, fostering a trustworthy and efficient interaction environment.

Building a successful telemedicine platform involves collaboration with healthcare professionals. How do you attract and retain skilled and experienced medical practitioners on Drs.OnCalls?

Mary Gorder: Attracting and retaining skilled medical practitioners is vital to our platform’s success. We offer a free enrollment option for doctors, making it accessible to both small-scale and experienced practitioners. Additionally, our global network allows doctors to expand their patient base beyond geographical boundaries.

We focus on building a strong community of healthcare professionals by providing them with a platform to connect, collaborate, and serve patients effectively.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the telemedicine or healthcare technology space based on your experience with Drs.OnCalls?

Mary Gorder: My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the telemedicine and healthcare technology space is to prioritize accessibility, security, and user experience. Ensure that your platform offers a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse healthcare needs. Invest in robust data security measures and compliance with healthcare regulations to build trust with users.

Continuously seek feedback and make improvements to enhance the user experience. Finally, foster a strong network of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care. With dedication and a commitment to improving healthcare access, you can make a meaningful impact in this dynamic and growing industry.

Here is the approach that I recommend:

Mary Gorder: 1. Understand the healthcare landscape: Familiarize yourself with healthcare regulations, industry trends, and the unique challenges of the healthcare sector.

2. Focus on security and compliance: Ensure that your platform adheres to data security and privacy regulations to build trust among users.

3. Build strong partnerships: Collaborate with healthcare institutions and professionals to enhance the credibility and reach of your platform.

4. Embrace innovation: Continuously invest in technology and user experience improvements to stay competitive and meet evolving user needs.

5. Be patient-centric: Always put the needs and convenience of patients and healthcare providers at the forefront of your platform’s design and development.

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