Master Spellers’ recognized among the Top 10 language learning start-ups of India

Sharmishta Chawda-Founder-Chief Executive-Master Spellers

Master Spellers’ recognized among the Top 10 language learning start-ups of India

‘Master Spellers’, an online spelling bee for school students from grades 1 to 12 dedicated to give a comprehensive, practical, and holistic approach to language learning, was launched in 2021.

Spearheaded by Sharmishtha Chawda, an alumna of exemplary institutions like Mount Carmel School, Hislop College, and St Xavier’s Institute of Communications, progressive and holistic pedagogy and its impact on young minds always caught her curious eye.

Master Spellers is a culmination of her deep insight derived from years of experience into the needs of linguistic skills.

Power-packed with interesting and challenging rounds, Master Spellers aims to strengthen the students’ spellings, vocabulary, comprehension, and articulation while they compete through the various levels of competition.

“All in all, our objective is to make language learning fun and inspiring for children through the competition.

In today’s times, the growing importance of rich vocabulary and effective articulation cannot be understated” points out Sharmishtha Chawda, founder of Master Spellers.

Over the last decade, Indian schools that focused on marks previously have headed toward comprehensive learning and wholesome growth of the students.

As these schools look to integrate their co-curricular activities with external competitions like a spelling bee, Master Spellers has been the go-to partner as it offers the perfect co-curricular solution that schools seek.

Master Spellers is facilitated by a proficient team of experienced English educators, a team that believes that while spellings are intrinsic to the language, the constant pursuit of enriching students’ vocabulary, perfecting their pronunciations, enhancing their writing skills and empowering their ideas with words can be life-defining skills.

Each level is packed with exciting, challenging, and child-friendly rounds like Synonyms, Scrambled words, Anagrams, Phonetics, Choose the odd one out, Test your vocabulary, Choosing the correct preposition, Words often confused, etc.

These rounds make learning extremely engaging and fun for the participants.   Silicon India recognized ‘Master Spellers’ among the Top 10 language learning start-ups in India.

Since its inception, the number of participants for Master Spellers has grown four-fold and the platform has got resounding validation from various CBSE, IB, and ICSE schools from many cities.

Master Spellers with its strong foothold is now ready to scale up its operations across India. For the future, Master Spellers envisions fostering a fraternity of young spellers and language learners by providing a competitive environment.

The current Master Spellers website is so easy and student-friendly for navigation that any child above 7 years can download the test, and take the online demo test on their own.

Therefore, the whole idea is to give the child-friendliness as well as a valuable platform. The company is a 100 percent paperless learning system.

All learning material is digital and the exams are integrated into the website and conducted online under stringent invigilation.

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