Mattress Industry analysis in India


Mattress Industry analysis in India

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Indian mattress market. Mattresses are essential elements of home decor.

They are placed on top of upholstered wood and wire box springs or slatted foundations, which are either solid or elastic depending on their construction.

There has been an increase of 11 percent in India’s overall mattress market over the past five years, according to research.

Major factors driving the Indian mattress industry’s growth include rising incomes, increasing health consciousness, and the expanding hospitality sectors and real estate.

In recent years, consumers have shown a shift in their product preferences, focusing mainly on functionality and comfort.

Scope of the Report

A detailed market overview, market analysis and competitive landscape are all included in the report on the Indian mattress market.

Additionally, data gathered from markets participants and industry analysts is analyzed to provide a qualitative assessment of the industry.

Market Overview

The Indian mattress industry is now growing as consumers demand better quality mattresses for several orthopedic issues, etc.

According to market participants, whenever Indian consumers are considering high-quality and contemporary products, they prefer to buy from international brands.

There are two channels through which organized mattress players sell mattresses: offline and online. Dealers/distributors or franchises sell mattresses offline through retail outlets.

Conversely, e-commerce is used to sell mattresses online. 65% of the market was accounted for by the unorganized sector in 2021

In India, the growth of the mattress market in recent years has been mainly due to the rise of income levels, health consciousness, and the growth of the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Consumers’ perspectives have changed, with their focus shifting from product quality to and functionality and comfort.

Mattress manufacturers, including online and offline retailers, maintain customer satisfaction by adopting innovative strategies in line with modern times.

Mattress industry trends are expected to evolve in several directions. Mattress manufacturers are likely to develop new techniques to better utilize their resources and technologies, increasing the demand for customized and luxury mattresses.

The quality of life is determined by mattresses, which are no longer considered merely consumer durables.

Increasing awareness of mattress types and brands is driving construction demand in India, both residentially and institutionally. Comfort is the most important factor that drives the popularity of king size mattresses among various sizes.

Market Analysis

There are several reports entitled “Mattress Industry Analysis in India” provides a comprehensive analysis of the mattress industry’s present market performance.

According to business strategist and tech enthusiast- Dibbyyan Nath global mattress market growth is driven primarily by the healthcare and hospitality sectors which also witnessed a rise in mattress manufacturing companies.

With increased disposable incomes and a rise in homeownership, the product’s demand is predicted to increase.

A robust marketing strategy, such as offers, discounts and sales, is driving the overall mattress market growth in developed nations like the United States.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, different mattress sizes are available. It is expected that the mattress market will grow further as more stores and outlets specialize in mattresses.

Mattress market growth is also expected to be boosted by the growing market share of online distribution channels

Competitive Landscape

Market fragmentation is evident in the Indian mattress market, with many branded and unbranded players offering different mattresses through local distribution channels.

Indian mattress market report focuses on major players. It is the unorganized sector that dominates the Indian mattress market.

However, Indian consumers are now demanding better quality mattresses, so the organized sector is growing.

There are a number of players dominating the Indian mattress market, including Springfit, Kurlon, and Springwell

Mattress demand is increasing across the country as residential units grow. Due to the growth in the construction, real estate, and tourism and hospitality sectors, every new hotel also needs hundreds of beds and mattresses.

According to The Readers Time, 80% of the market was dominated by residential consumers, while 20% was dominated by institutions like hospitals, educational institutions and hotels.

Thus, the report provides a comprehensive Mattress Industry analysis in India. Finally, it can be said that the Indian mattress market continues to hold tremendous potential.

In other words, if players in the industry can take the time to understand local buying patterns and create marketing campaigns that can enhance the buying experience, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

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