Interview with Mayur Solanki, Founder & CEO of Dragon Hill, a fashion & lifestyle brand for men

Mayur Solanki

An exclusive interview with Mayur Solanki, Founder & CEO of Dragon Hill, a fashion brand with a Retail presence of 200+ stores across India

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present an exclusive interview with Mr. Mayur Solanki, the visionary Founder and CEO of Dragon Hill, a distinguished fashion and lifestyle brand catering to the contemporary man. With a keen eye for style and a passion for quality, Mr. Solanki has played a pivotal role in shaping Dragon Hill into a renowned name in the industry.

As we delve into the conversation, we aim to uncover the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have defined his journey, shedding light on the man behind the brand and the ethos that fuels Dragon Hill’s success.

Can you share the inspiration behind the inception of Dragon Hill and how the brand’s  journey began?

Mayur Solanki: I wanted to create a fashion companion for a common Indian man (what is called as the  Bharat population) as he goes about his daily life, with styles that were timeless and elegant. We gave this inspiration to the advertising agency on board and after about 2 months of  research and work , they suggested the name Dragon Hill which resonated very well with my  thoughts.

A dragon typically symbolises the vital spirit of water, having ability to transform, similar to  how our clothes will take shape of the wearer making him comfortable in his own skin and  confident of achieving everyday goals.

A hill is a summit that’s aspirational but not as tough as  a mountain, symbolising the common man’s daily challenges & aspirations.  And with that , Dragon Hill was launched in October,2019 with two categories; Shirts and  denims, across 70 premium MBO doors across Mumbai/Gujarat/Pune/Chennai.

Dragon Hill is known for its unique and stylish clothing. What sets your brand apart in  the highly competitive fashion industry, and how do you maintain that distinct identity?

Mayur Solanki: Our philosophy is just to keep it as simple as possible. As a classic and timeless smart casual  wear, we always remain highly focussed on sourcing best of the fabrics and pay a lot of  attention on minute detailing like trims and accessories along with best fit and washing thereby  delivering consumer finely crafted and curated apparels.

As the Founder and CEO, what challenges did you encounter in establishing and  growing Dragon Hill, and how did you overcome them?

Mayur Solanki: With more than two decades of experience behind me operating as a distribution partner for  some of the most powerful brands in the country , the base set up was not a problem at all.  

The biggest challenge was to create the right product which included sourcing, factories, fit development , quality control and timely dispatches. Realising that only a seasoned expert can  do this, I onboarded Keyur Shah as design/product head who carried 18 years of experience  behind him in the same field.

The fashion landscape is constantly evolving. How does Dragon Hill stay ahead of trends  while maintaining a timeless appeal in its designs?

Mayur Solanki: While most of the brands in fashion industry present their season collection almost 6 months  before the actual start of the season…. Dragon Hill keeps on tracking the national / international trends as much near as 45 days before the start of the season thereby grabbing  the opportunity of sourcing latest fabrics and designs closer to the season and delivering them  with the supply chain arrangements with our factories.

Building a brand often involves collaboration and partnerships. Are there any  noteworthy collaborations or partnerships that have played a significant role  in Dragon Hill’s success?

Mayur Solanki: No.. not yet. We are a bootstrapped brand and have been operating on extremely tight  budgets in place, especially when we lost out a lot in the COVID phase which hit us just after 4  months of launch. We do have some specific plans in place which we will execute starting SS24

In the age of digital marketing and e-commerce, how has Dragon Hill leveraged online  platforms to reach and connect with its audience?

Mayur Solanki: The focus on e-com started about 15 months back…. We built a very experienced team for the  ecomm business and also built requisite infrastructure in terms of setting up our own website,  and tying up with best software and technology needed for ecomm. Today, we are present on  Ajio/Nykaa/Myntra/Tata Cliq along with our own D2C  

The fashion industry is becoming increasingly conscious of inclusivity and diversity. How  does Dragon Hill approach these aspects in its brand philosophy and product offerings?

Mayur Solanki: We are a size inclusive brand with our sizes going up to 3XL in shirts and t-shirts and up to 40  for denims.  

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Mayur Solanki: Be 100% passionate about the project and be committed to it .Build the team and invest in  people . And most importantly , reflect a lot on the things you should not be doing pertaining  to your project rather than what you should be doing and make specific notes about the same.  This is very critical for avoiding mistakes in the initial phase .

In conclusion, our interview with Mayur Solanki provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Dragon Hill, a brand that transcends fashion to embody a lifestyle. Mr. Solanki’s dedication to crafting a brand that resonates with the modern man’s sensibilities is evident in every facet of Dragon Hill’s offerings.

From the initial vision to the challenges faced and conquered, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts alike. As Dragon Hill continues to evolve and set new standards in the industry, Mayur Solanki’s leadership remains a driving force, steering the brand toward greater heights of innovation and excellence in the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle.

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