Measures that homeowners should take to minimize the chances of rodent invasion in homes

Pest Control

Rodents such as rats and mice make their presence felt in households if you observe shredded fabric or paper and find rodent droppings near a food source.

Besides causing a nuisance, rodents pose health hazards by transmitting diseases and damaging property.

To eradicate rodents from the home and prevent further infestations, call Spectrum Pest Control of Gibsonia to conduct a thorough pest control service on the same day if the requirement is urgent.

The company has the experience and expertise to get rid of rodents safely and effectively by using sanitation and exclusion tactics.

A long-term solution such as sealing the entry points of rodents into the building is the best way to prevent further invasion in the future. 

Here are some steps that you should take to remove rodents permanently from your home. These include measures to prevent rodents from entering homes and arrange for their removal.

  • Seal the entry points

Rodents only stay inside homes briefly but keep coming and going. Once you are sure about rodent infestation at home, you must quickly reduce the infestation’s intensity by preventing its entry.

Identify the holes and gaps in the walls along the ground and slightly above it through which rodents find safe passage to enter the home. Seal the points with metal wire mesh of size ¼”x1/4. 

  • Remove anything that attracts rodents

Rodents enter the home in search of food, which is the main attraction, besides considering it a safe place to spend time with their mates.

Therefore, it is expected that once rodents find a secure entry at any home, they keep visiting often and soon start damaging property by nibbling and gnawing at delicate items such as paper and boards. Making the home unattractive for rodents is an effective way to discourage them from entering.  

Clean all corners and obscure places that serve as shelters for rodents. Do not leave any food items in the open that could attract rats and mice.

Clean the kitchen of food particles and wipe the surface with some cleaning agent to remove odor. Keep the surroundings clean and clutter-free, and store food in closed containers. 

After ensuring that rodents would not be able to enter the home, you must arrange to drive out those that are already inside and wait for the opportune moment of quietness to start roaming across the house.

  • Use snaps and electronic traps

Various traps are effective in trapping rodents, and you can use snap or electronic traps to arrest the invaders.

Choose a net that holds rodents and lets you escape the trap outside and release the trapped animal in the wild.

Having sealed all entry points, you need not worry about fresh invasion by the rodents set free. However, check if your state laws permit releasing rodents in the wild.

Use traps cautiously because often rodents caught in traps urinate and increase the risk of disease transmission. 

Keep the surrounding of your home clean, and to control rodents naturally, you can install owl-nesting boxes. 

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