How this small startup idea prospered into India’s first complete healthcare platform


Medimall Startup Story

Founded in 2021, this women-led startup Medimall is revamping the norms of the healthcare industry by offering an array of healthcare services.

Headquartered in Bangalore, this health-tech startup is on its expedition to heal the lives of millions with its disruptive business model.

The Covid 19 and the pandemic that followed have turned the world upside down, creating medical exigencies, all around the world.

Several countries trembled in the hands of Covid 19 due to the lack of a quality healthcare system, sacrificing millions of valuable lives. Amongst them was our nation, India.

India, one of the top emerging countries with the fastest growing economy, shook in the tides of Covid 19 second wave. Even after being poised to become one of the superpower nations, why was India not prepared for the battle against Covid 19?

The lack of a quality healthcare system, flaws in the healthcare infrastructure, and the unavailability of medicines in rural parts of the country. In 2020 -21, India merely invested 1.26% of the GDP, which is even lesser than Pakistan and Bangladesh.

However, it has now increased to 3% of the total GDP in 2022. This does not indicate that India has a poor healthcare system. The country has an abundance of healthcare systems in the urban regions.

However, 65.97% of the total Indian population resides in rural parts of the country, these localities are scarce in quality primary healthcare systems.


And so many of this rural populace are unable to access the healthcare systems available in the urban areas as they are expensive. “ This is the era of technological advancements. The world is constantly evolving, paving the path for innovation.

The healthcare industry too had its own share of disrupting innovations and concepts.However, the concept of digitalizing health care was always considered as unacceptable.

With the surge of the pandemic, digital solutions were the only anchor to hold on to. And this was the eye-opening idea behind Medimall ” says Fayis, chief executive officer, and founding partner of Medimall.

The Creation of an Impeccable Healthcare Solution Pandemic was the final push the world needed to completely go digital and the creation of several online healthcare platforms.

However, the issue with all of the platforms is that they only focus on serving the urban population, leaving behind about 70% of the population who reside in the rural areas of the country and have
limited access to quality healthcare systems.

Launched in 2021, Medimall endeavors to bridge the gap between the scarcity of healthcare services in rural areas and the abundance of healthcare professionals in urban areas by offering a quality healthcare system that can be affordable and available to all.

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“ We believe that a community that can’t afford quality healthcare is the failure of the society we live in. And this was the true notion behind the creation of Medimall.

Medimall is a one-of-a-kind healthcare application crafted with everything one would need to kick start their healthy journey ” says Dr. Sufeekath, chairperson and founding partner of Medimall.

Dr. Sufeekath is a selfless doctor, a proud women entrepreneur, and the mastermind behind building Medimall.

When crafting such a unique solution her sole focus was to help the people of rural regions, who are struggling with various health issues and how they have limited access to primary healthcare and medicines.

Along with the urban citizens who are struggling with non-commutable diseases due to sedentary lifestyles and improper diets.

Medimall is a complete healthcare application composed of an array of services such as e-pharmacy, virtual hospital, fitness arena, health articles, health reminders, and more.

Owned and operated by Medfolio Healthcare Technologies, Medimall is the true embodiment of wholesome healthcare services as it flawlessly integrates the idea of technology and healthcare.

“ India is a heavily populated country with about 1.4 Billion people from different walks of life, languages, and cultures.

So formulating a healing solution that is transparent and easily connects with such a magnitude of people was the challenge before us.

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And with our talent team it was easily fulfilled ” says Fahad, managing director and founding partner of Medimall.

As the app focuses on the rural population, Medimall is available in different regional languages. The Medimall is crafted in a simple and easy-to-use design that can be used by people of any age group.

The app also has an array of services to equip the population with health-related knowledge, preventive measures, diagnosing methods and cures.

“ Medimall is crafted to be a one-of-kind solution that serves all the health-related requirements of the consumers under one roof.

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This includes virtual consultation with countries best doctors, 3-hour express delivery, a wide range of quality medicines, doctors talk, and other services ” says Nishar, Director and founding partner of Medimall.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Medimall also has a corporate branch in Cochin, Kerala. And the company recently confirmed that they are planning to launch their 3 layers of franchises in different regions all over the country by the end of 2022.

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With Medimall Off the Grid pharmacies, the company intends to plunge into the community and directly deal with the challenges faced by the rural population.