Interview with Meenakshi Mehta, Director, Storytelling & Communications, VOSMOS

Meenakshi Mehta

An exclusive interview with Meenakshi Mehta, Director, Storytelling & Communications, VOSMOS, a tech start-up focused on the Metaverse and virtual experience

In the dynamic realm of technology and virtual innovation, one name shines bright as a pioneer and visionary – Meenakshi Mehta, the Director of Storytelling & Communications at VOSMOS. As a trailblazer in the ever-expanding landscape of the Metaverse and virtual experiences, Meenakshi has been at the forefront of shaping narratives that transcend the boundaries of reality.

With a profound passion for storytelling and a keen understanding of the transformative power of technology, she has played a pivotal role in propelling VOSMOS to the forefront of the tech startup scene. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the mind of Meenakshi Mehta to unravel the intricacies of her journey, the philosophy that drives VOSMOS, and her insights into the future of the Metaverse.

Can you provide more details about the collaboration between VOSMOS and IIEM for the Credit Course in Virtual Events and what students can expect from this credit course?

Meenakshi Mehta: VOSMOS, our mar-tech startup, has partnered with IIEM, Delhi to bring students a credit course on virtual events. This course is all about diving into the world of virtual event management, which has become a trending norm. For college students pursuing Diplomas, BBA, and MBA programs at IIEM, this course offers a unique learning experience that augments their degree. 

If we talk about Gen Z in general, this course is like a golden ticket for them.  It’s their chance to level up their skills and gain valuable insights into the world of virtual events. They get to study, explore and evaluate various virtual platforms during this course. And after completing the course, they also get a Certificate of Completion from CL Educate & VOSMOS. Two top performers will get an internship with VOSMOS, working on cool global virtual event projects alongside industry experts.

How do you see the virtual events market evolving, both in India and globally, and what specific skills and knowledge will students gain from this course that will address the industry’s needs? 

Meenakshi Mehta: The global virtual events market is buzzing with opportunities, collaborations, and some amazing tech innovations. It’s become a dynamic space where it’s all about interactive and customizable content that caters to a global audience.

Now, when we zoom into India, things are looking even more exciting. The market here is ready to expand. It’s gearing up to leverage advanced technologies for immersive experiences. With that as the focus, it’s all about creating a vibrant space for technological progress and diverse partnerships.

Our course is like a toolkit for students, equipping them with the in-demand skills of virtual events. We’re talking about diving deep into technology, curating amazing content, marketing strategies for virtual events, and understanding AI. The essence of our course lies in moulding students into the adept and tech-savvy event managers.

Skills that the students will gain: 

As the virtual events industry is booming, there’s a real need for sharp minds. Our course is all here to prepare students to excel in this dynamic virtual landscape.

  • Technical Proficiency: The students get to learn the A to Z of creating virtual events. It includes how to plan, produce, and manage virtual events.
  • Content creation and delivery: This course teaches them the importance of engaging content and virtual experiences for the attendees.
  • Marketing and promotion: It helps them explore the marketing and promotional strategies tailored specifically for virtual events, catering to both marketer and audience perspectives.
  • AI integration: AI is the key to executing, measuring success and planning the way forward. It’s like learning the secret language of data.
  • Practice Application: Theory is cool, but we’re all about doing things. The students get a chance to build their own virtual event on our platform.
  • Industry relevance: We’re not just preparing them; we’re getting them ready for what the industry wants. The course equips students with the necessary tools and knowledge to bridge the gap in the market for tech-savvy event managers.
  • Professional Development: Once the course is completed, the students get a certificate from CL Educate and VOSMOS.
  • What role does AI play in this course, and how will it be integrated into teaching the measurement of success and analytics in virtual events?

AI is like the secret weapon in our course. Learning about the capabilities of AI will help students plan their events better. They can measure success and analytics in virtual events. Think of it as the guide to analyzing data smartly. Knowing a bit about AI is like having the superpower to manage virtual events.

In the context of managing virtual events, a foundational knowledge of AI, alongside other key technologies like IoT, is indispensable. This knowledge framework empowers students to navigate and adapt to the evolving demands of this exciting industry.

Can you elaborate on the topics covered in the course, especially in terms of planning, production, content creation, and marketing aspects?

Meenakshi Mehta: Certainly! This course is like a full-package deal. We start with the basics: understanding the history and today’s virtual events market. Then, we dive into marketing, learning how to make virtual events stand out. The planning and production part – we go deep into it, exploring every detail. There’s even a live demo to get a real feel.

And when it comes to content creation, we also cover how to create engaging content that resonates with the audiences. That’s where the magic happens behind the scenes. Needless to mention the marketing and promotion of the event. Assignments and class discussions are an integral part of the course modules.

And here’s the exciting part: AI analytics. We decode the role of AI in understanding how well an event went. Lastly, we bring it all together with hands-on practice, building an event on the VOSMOS platform. This course ensures our students are ready to top the world of the virtual event industry.

In what ways do you envision this course contributing to the professional growth and career prospects of students pursuing Diploma, BBA, and MBA at IIEM?

Meenakshi Mehta: This course is a game-changer for students. It doesn’t just teach event management; it blends it with technical and relevant marketing skills. It gives the students a holistic picture of conducting virtual events and to see it from a marketer’s and attendee perspective.

The modules are designed to give students a chance to learn the kinds of virtual events that are possible and how they as event managers can bring a WOW factor to each of their events. The faculty also introduces the students to the dynamic world of AI in this course. AI is becoming an imperative aspect of our lives, and we want the students to learn as the ‘how ‘of it as well. 

What message would you like to convey to aspiring event managers who are considering enrolling in this credit course to prepare for the virtual events industry?

Meenakshi Mehta: In a world going digital, mastering virtual events is extremely crucial to staying ahead of the curve. With VOSMOS-led expertise, the students get a chance to learn and hone their skills as per global standards. It’s about empowering them to create virtual experiences that stand out. This is their chance to bridge the gap between what the industry needs and what they bring to the table.

As we conclude our insightful conversation with Meenakshi Mehta, it becomes abundantly clear that her role as the Director of Storytelling & Communications at VOSMOS extends far beyond the conventional realms of tech leadership. Meenakshi’s passion for storytelling, coupled with her astute understanding of the Metaverse, underscores the importance of human connection in the digital age.

VOSMOS, under her guidance, emerges not just as a tech startup but as a narrative architect, crafting immersive experiences that bridge the virtual and the real. The future, as envisioned by Meenakshi Mehta, is not just about technological advancements; it’s about the stories we tell, the worlds we create, and the meaningful connections we forge in the vast expanse of the Metaverse.

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