Meet Aditya Narayan, the Young CEO of Vieroots, Carrying Forward the Legacy of His Iconic Father Dr Sajeev Nair

Aditya Narayan - CEO of Vieroots

Business Wire India: (Aditya belongs to new breed of young and vibrant CEOs who prides in carrying forward the family business empire built and run by his renowned father and serial entrepreneur Dr Sajeev Nair)

Vieroots CEO Aditya Narayan is pioneering World Class Wellness Solutions in India. The young CEO of Vieroots Wellness Solutions, he is carrying forward his father Dr Sajeev Nair’s legacy and inspirational work in cutting-edge wellness solutions in India and abroad.

Aditya seamlessly switches from interacting to Bollywood bigwigs and sports icons including Suniel Shetty, on side to reaching out to common man whose life he wants to transform.

He is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs across the nation as one of the youngest and smartest CEOs.

Dr Sajeev Nair, Chairman of Vieroots, is an iconic life and business coach, serial entrepreneur, corporate consultant, author, mentor and wellness evangelist in India and abroad, for more than two decades, and Aditya now runs the show at ‘Vieroots’.

Aditya completed his master’s degree in Management Studies from Kerala and then started his career as a wellness entrepreneur by co-founding Vieroots.

Based on his innate interest and natural grooming, Aditya has inherited from his father his core philosophy and passion for wellness.

Walking the talk of Vieroots, Aditya also strives to become a young ’Superhuman’ himself, before asking others to achieve it.

An excellent leader, avid reader and a people’s man, Aditya has already proven his efficiency in his leadership and managerial roles at Vieroots.

‘It is not an easy legacy to carry forward, given the iconic status the brand Sajeev Nair has acquired, says Aditya’.His passion for attaining knowledge and his father’s constant support and guidance helps him bring perfection in every work he does.

This special father-son duo is a remarkable example for the best in workplace synergy. As the CEO, Aditya aims to achieve Vieroot’s vision progressively with complete integrity and perfection.

The Journey to a CEO

The journey began soon after Aditya’s studies. From brainstorming the initial ideas, to deciding on the brand identity, to products formulation and to even taking a PAN card for the company registration, he was involved in each and every small detail.

He was clear about his vision and responsibilities during their test marketing phase itself.

After two long years of research, testing the market and learning from the industry, Aditya was finally prepared to take up the role and was confident about overcoming all challenges, not just as a CEO but for giving justice to his father’s dream project which was the outcome of his deep learning, decades of experience, hard work, financial investments and also about the building up of some most valued networks and associations across the globe.

Always excited about Vieroots’ bright future, Aditya plans for his and his team’s short-term goals as well as daily plan of actions.

Unlike most other CEOs, Aditya is not just having some financial goals for his company but aims at creating ‘Superhumans’, who are people who take charge of their own health, who are mentally and physically fit and healthy throughout their lives and people who can perform at peak level at all ages. Under Aditya’s vision, by 2025, Vieroots aims to create 10 million superhumans across the country.

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