Meet the Visionary Minds Behind AdCounty Media: Aditya Jangid, Abbhinav R Jain, Delphin Varghese, and Kumar Saurav

AdCounty Media Team

Innovation and Excellence: Unraveling the Roles of AdCounty Media’s Founders and Key Executives

AdCounty Media is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that has rapidly emerged as a key player in the industry.

At the helm of this successful venture are four individuals whose collective vision and expertise have driven the company to new heights: Aditya Jangid, Abbhinav R Jain, Delphin Varghese, and Kumar Saurav.

Aditya Jangid, the Founder & Director of AdCounty Media, is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation and technology.

With a strong background in digital marketing and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, Aditya has been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic direction.

As the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Abbhinav R Jain brings a wealth of experience in managing and optimizing business operations.

Delphin Varghese, the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, is a driving force behind AdCounty Media’s business development and client relationships.

Heading the Global Mobile Business division, Kumar Saurav is responsible for overseeing AdCounty Media’s mobile marketing initiatives worldwide.

Together, Aditya Jangid, Abbhinav R Jain, Delphin Varghese, and Kumar Saurav form a formidable leadership team at AdCounty Media.

Their complementary skills, unwavering dedication, and forward-thinking approach have driven the agency’s success and positioned it as a prominent player in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

With this dynamic quartet at the helm, AdCounty Media is poised to continue its growth and make a lasting impact in the world of digital advertising.

Can you tell us more about the vision behind AdCounty Media and how it all started?

AdCounty Media was conceived in 2017 when digital marketing was gaining momentum with digital ad spend surging at a rate 5X faster than inflation in the United States.

The Indian counterparts were anticipated to grow at a 10% YOY rate. We contemplated tapping into the potential markets with the ultimate objective of providing holistic media solutions with our cutting-edge performance marketing services.

We envision reshaping the conventional media buying practices and generate a tech-driven marketing and advertising ecosystem.

AdCounty presently serves a diverse clientele spanning 20 nations like India, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, Romania, Germany and South Africa

What inspired you to focus specifically on mobile-based marketing in the advertising and publishing sector?

Greater reach, improved accessibility, enhanced personalization were the key reasons behind our intention to resort to mobile-based marketing.

Mobiles contributed to 62% of web traffic as compared to desktops as of Jan 2023. This is a testament to the exponential dependency on mobiles which shall continue to rise in the coming years too.

The fact that mobile based marketing helps reach a global audience base via mobile websites, app-based marketing, QR codes, geotargeting, etc. was what drove us to adopt this marketing strategy.

Mobile based ads helped us reach our target audience at the right time, with the right message and this consequently increased customer loyalty and retention.

How did the diverse backgrounds of the founders contribute to the success of AdCounty Media?

Ans: The perfect blend of technological and business expertise along with analytical excellence, media buying proficiency, competent client servicing and mobile marketing prowess has helped AdCounty scale greater heights every year since its inception.

The diversity of industry experiences and visionary leadership of all our founders have been instrumental in driving exponential growth through impeccable execution of performance marketing campaigns and delivering the best ROI-centric ad solutions to our advertisers and publishers.

Can you elaborate on the industry growth prediction and how it influenced your decision to establish AdCounty Media?

Ans: The most pertinent change in consumer behaviour around 2017 was the use of mobile devices for media consumption.

However, the mobile ad spend figures were extremely low. With neck-to-neck competition in the digital marketing space, it became increasingly challenging for brands to keep up with consumer demands, let alone outshine competitors.

We observed a great potential in the digital advertising and publishing domain and contemplated tapping into the same with a fare share of focus on mobile, in order to provide better customer experience, foster hyper personalisation through programmatic ads and leverage social media to extract the most out of the digital marketing sector.

Can you share AdCounty Media’s future plans and aspirations, such as becoming a product company and expanding globally?

Ans: In order to accelerate global expansion, bolster diversification and fuel growth, AdCounty Media plans on hiring 150 professionals across verticals.

We plan to delve deeper into sectors like programmatic advertising, and in-house DSP to facilitate better campaign control.

We also plan on launching product streaming and gaming applications. We aspire expanding our global footprints and establishing a solid base in over 50 countries, including USA, UK, France, Middle East, Latin America, SEA countries, and South Africa by 2025. 

How does AdCounty Media ensure a win-win situation for both the organization and its clients while providing state-of-the-art solutions?

Ans: AdCounty provides cutting-edge advertising solutions that help in boosting the ROI, help in user acquisition through data-driven insights and minimise advertising waste.

Our well-structured ad campaigns help brands maximise their reach and tap into their target audiences while maintaining a minimal cost per acquisition.

We assist publishers in monetising their inventories in the best way possible by consistently providing them with high performing campaigns at competitive CPI, CPA and CPS.

WE deploy traffic analytics to help publishers get a 360-degree understanding of consumer behaviour which augments sales.

Additionally, we also craft unique strategies that cater to the needs of our publishers and yield the best eCPCs and eCPMs.

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