Megha Malik: Indian Women Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of DesignerPeople, A Branding Agency

Megha Malik

Introduction of Megha Malik as An Indian Women Entrepreneur

By day, I work as a Creative Director at Designerpeople. By night, I wholeheartedly embrace my roles as a nurturing mother, supportive wife, and committed curator specializing in researching future brands. I find myself in a privileged position.

As a post-graduate with an MBA and CA qualification and over 16 years of extensive expertise spanning multiple industries, I have honed my expertise in marketing, packaging design, and brand development services. I embrace the chance to understand the hurdles brands encounter and provide systematic assistance in pursuing growth by attaining a competitive edge.

To start off, please tell us about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in design?

Megha Malik: From my childhood to adulthood, I have always admired nature and its elements. I was fascinated with the beauty of natural creations. The desire to transform abstract concepts into tangible, visually appealing products inspired me to join the creative industry.

My caliber of utilizing imagination to craft effective designs that communicate messages, evoke emotions, and solve problems was a driving force. Additionally, witnessing the powerful impact of well-executed creative work on individuals and society motivated me to contribute my skills to this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

Can you provide an insight into the inception of DesignerPeople? What inspired you and your co-founders to start the company?

Megha Malik: When I travelled to different parts of the world, I could see people appreciating brands, but that was not seen in India. People in India loved art, but they were not introduced to branding, and the aim to see our desire to make all Indian businesses grow and thrive through strong and credible branding and marketing strategies, even in the most crowded markets, was the primary drive that led to the idea of DesignerPeople.

We actively work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them reach a broader audience base. We achieve this through creative and innovative strategies that set your brand apart from your competitors in the industry.

What core philosophy or approach does DesignerPeople follow that sets it apart from other design agencies?

We at DesignerPeople have innovative ideas to empower brands with creativity and diversity. Our excellent team of professionals, systematic work process and creative skills never differentiate between giant and startup firms. Our objective with any project is to make their target audience fall in love with the brand. We strive hard to raise our bar with each project by offering the best of services to our clients. We are known for being curiosity-driven and inspired by good design.

What services or products do you offer at DesignerPeople?

Megha Malik: We specialize in various key areas: Branding, Packaging, Visual Communication for Print, Website Development and Digital Marketing, which covers:

  • Brand logo
  • Brand manual
  • Packaging Design
  • Product shape design
  • Social Media Campaign management
  • Brochure Design/ Catalogue
  • Stationary – Business Cards, Letterhead & envelopes.
  • Print Design – Poster Design, Book Cover Design and Promotional Items
  • Website Design and Development
  • Advertising – Email/Newsletter, Magazine Ad Design, Signage Design.
  • Digital Marketing

As a successful entrepreneur in the design industry, what guidance would you offer aspiring designers?

Megha Malik: I suggest that you kindly cultivate your craft and continuously work on improving your design skills. Stay updated and curious, experiment with new techniques, and embrace a growth mindset to evolve as a designer.

Always try to understand the audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviours to create designs that resonate with their brand.

Design trends are continually evolving. How does DesignerPeople stay up-to-date and incorporate these trends into its work?

Megha Malik: Staying updated with design trends is essential to a design agency’s competitive edge over others. DesignerPeople is always keen on learning. We participate in workshops and attend online courses, webinars, and conferences on design and technology.

We keep a close eye on the social media handles of our industry leaders. We encourage productive collaborations, which expose us to diverse perspectives and help us learn from each other’s experiences. We also participate in design-related global events, trade shows, and exhibitions. For example, the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, Anugha in Germany, and many more.

Could you share any challenges you’ve encountered while building and growing DesignerPeople? How did you overcome them?

Megha Malik: Our major challenge was a “lack of awareness” domestically about branding. Businesses in India needed to be more serious about investing in branding; hence, this was our challenge. We made efforts to overcome this issue by educating the audience.

Using social media platforms productively, we reached the audience and explained the importance of branding. The visual demonstration was also done to engage the target audience; these were a few techniques used to educate people. 

What role does research play in DesignerPeople’s design process? How do you balance creativity with strategic thinking?

Megha Malik: Our basic foundation is based on research, which uncovers the target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviours. Hence, our process ensures that the final product resonates with users.

To ensure a synergy between creativity and strategic thinking, create visually appealing designs that should also be picked from the self. There are many packaging designs on the shelf, but to increase the recall value of your brand, an effective brand agency works strategically on its packaging architecture.

We infuse strategic messages through storytelling within creative designs. At the same time, these elements will subtly communicate brand values, mission, and key messages. We also conduct free-flowing brainstorming sessions to encourage all level ideas to get the best creative outputs.

Can you share a glimpse of DesignerPeople’s future goals and any upcoming projects or initiatives?

Megha Malik: Incorporate AI/AR and VR on a larger horizon, establish our branches in multiple domestic and international spaces, Adopt an agile culture that will help us to stay relevant, and venture into new projects in diverse industries to make a competitive edge over competitors.

How does your team at DesignerPeople bridge the gap and engage with global brands to effectively help them achieve their design and branding goals?

Megha Malik: Our design team employs a strategic approach combining creativity and effective brand communication. Our team invests time in understanding the cultural importance, values, and preferences of the target audience in different regions.

DesignerPeople has worked on many international brands, such as Simply New Zealand from New Zealand, Colonie Honey from Africa, Ublossom Chocolate from Germany, and many more. We ensure we do justice to the local elements imbibed in their branding process. We share success stories and case studies of how our designs have resonated with global audiences through our social media and website; this has helped us build trust and attract more international brands.

The design industry can be highly competitive. What strategies does DesignerPeople employ to maintain its position and reputation in the market?

Megha Malik: We believe in quality; hence, we deliver high-quality work consistently. Our brand reputation relies on consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations.

Hence, we foster strong and long-lasting relationships with clients. Understand their needs, communicate effectively, and provide exceptional customer service. Nurturing a skilled and motivated team can lead to consistently high-quality work and satisfied clients. Investing in employee training and growth contributes to our positive reputation.

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