Interview with Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Head of Marketing at Amorepacific Group

Mini Sood Banerjee

An exclusive interview with Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Head of Marketing at Amorepacific Group

About Mini Sood Banerjee: Mini Sood Banerjee possesses a  professional history spanning over 16 years, involving a wide array of marketing and branding responsibilities within the realms of beauty and advertising.

Within the beauty industry, she has assumed leadership positions for three prominent brands: Innisfree, Biotique, and Revlon. Her tenure at Ogilvy Advertising was marked by her adept management of a multitude of brands including LG, Eno (GSK), Perfetti Van Melle, Dabur, WWF, and Afghan Telecom.

Notably, Mini Sood Banerjee played a pioneering role as the inaugural employee of the esteemed South Korean cosmetics and skincare brand, Innisfree, in India. In 2013, she orchestrated the brand’s introduction to the Indian market and has since ascended to the role of Head of Marketing within the organization.

Her responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from digital and offline marketing to influencer outreach, public relations, and product development. The fruits of her labor are evident in Innisfree’s collection of over 36 prestigious awards achieved under her leadership.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mini is a staunch advocate for empowering women to shatter the glass ceiling in the workplace. Her dedication and excellence were recognized in 2017 when she received the Best Employee Award across all Innisfree employees in Asia.

Subsequently, in 2019, she was bestowed with the esteemed AP Minds award, the highest honor within the Innisfree Group. This trend of recognition continued in 2021, as she was honored with the Ace of Initiative Award by the President of Innisfree Corporation.

Mini Sood Banerjee’s academic journey includes a Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University, complemented by an MBA degree and EPBM from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta.

As the Head of Marketing and Training, what is your key role and responsibilities within the company?

Mini Sood Banerjee: As the Head of Marketing and Training, my primary responsibility involves overseeing the comprehensive marketing strategies for all four  Amore Pacific brands in India: Laneige, Innisfree, Sulwahsoo, and Etude. In this pivotal role, I am entrusted with the task of shaping and executing innovative marketing initiatives tailored specifically to the Indian market for each of these brands.

Each of these brands possesses its own unique selling points (USPs) that set them apart.Through targeted and tailored marketing initiatives, we strive to create a lasting impact, fostering brand loyalty and engagement within the dynamic and diverse Indian consumer landscape.

In the digital age, what role does e-commerce and online marketing play in AmorePacific’s business strategy, and how has this evolved in recent years?

Mini Sood Banerjee: In the digital era, e-commerce and online marketing have become integral components of AmorePacific’s business strategy. The company’s approach to these aspects has evolved significantly in recent years. All four brands within Amore Pacific India were initially launched through e-commerce platforms in India, and this trend continues to be a key focus.

Laneige, for instance, has established a strong online presence by partnering with various e-commerce platforms. The brand’s primary mode of promotion remains centered on e-commerce channels. Laneige initially entered the Indian market exclusively through Nykaa in 2018. As the brand approaches its fifth anniversary in November, it has actively cultivated relationships with various e-commerce platforms.

Notably, Laneige collaborated with Tira, a recent addition to their list of partners, to introduce a special goodie bag. This launch coincided with the announcement of Kiara Advani, Suhana Khan, and Kareena Kapoor as brand ambassadors for Tira Beauty, further highlighting the brand’s commitment to online marketing.

Laneige India engages in strategic collaborations with influencers to enhance its presence on various e-commerce channels. This approach involves tailoring influencer selection to match the platform and its audience.

For instance, for events like Amazon Prime Day sale and Nykaa Sale, Laneige collaborates with influencers who have substantial and diverse followings. Additionally, for a more luxurious audience, the brand targets specific influencers during the Nykaa Sale.

In its collaborations, Laneige India often provides influencers with PR boxes containing Laneige products, strengthening its online marketing efforts. Furthermore, the brand explores opportunities for strategic partnerships with other companies.

For instance, it recently collaborated with House of Candy to launch Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in enticing flavors like Gummy Bear and Sweet Candy. These initiatives highlight the brand’s adaptability in the digital age and its dedication to leveraging e-commerce and online marketing as essential components of its business strategy.

Can you share some of the exciting innovations and new product launches that AmorePacific has planned for the near future?

Mini Sood Banerjee: This December, we’re launching the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner, meticulously designed to offer deep hydration and strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. Additionally, we’re thrilled to introduce a refill option for this product, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact.

This effort, encouraging eco-friendly decisions and cutting down on packaging waste, aligns perfectly with our mission to promote a greener, more environmentally conscious way of living.

For innisfree also we have recently did the rebranding and also launched our new Vitamin C Brightening serum, for sulwhasoo which is completely luxury brand for us  and we have recently done rebranding for the brand have relaunched our cult product –  first care activating serum. For Etude – we have launched new shades of fixing tint, new blushe, eyeliners and many more new products.

Can you provide an overview of AmorePacific Group and its role in the cosmetics industry, especially its significance in the South Korean market?

Mini Sood Banerjee: AmorePacific Group is a leading South Korean beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, founded in 1945. Renowned for its innovative skincare and cosmetic products, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the beauty industry globally.

It boasts a diverse portfolio of brands, including Laneige, and has a strong presence in the South Korean market, where its products are highly regarded for blending traditional Korean ingredients with cutting-edge technology. AmorePacific has contributed significantly to elevating South Korea’s status as a beauty and skincare trendsetter on the international stage.

What are the key challenges and opportunities you foresee in the cosmetics industry in the coming years, and how is AmorePacific preparing for them?

Mini Sood Banerjee: In the cosmetics industry, key challenges include increasing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, regulatory changes, and the rise of digital marketing. Opportunities lie in personalized skincare, leveraging advanced technology, and expanding into emerging markets.

AmorePacific is addressing these challenges by prioritizing research and development in sustainable practices, adopting innovative technologies for personalized beauty solutions, and strategically entering new markets to diversify its consumer base. The company’s commitment to agility and innovation positions it well to navigate the evolving landscape of the cosmetics industry.

South Korea is known for its influential beauty and skincare trends. How does AmorePacific stay closely aligned with these trends and preferences when developing new products?

Mini Sood Banerjee: Amorepacific is a leading South Korean beauty and skincare company, maintaining  its alignment with local trends by staying attuned to consumer preferences and constantly innovating. The company invests significantly in research to understand evolving beauty standards, utilizing insights to create products that resonate with South Korean consumers.

Through collaborations with renowned dermatologists and continuous market analysis, AmorePacific adapts formulations and ingredients to reflect the latest trends in skincare and beauty. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve enables the company to deliver products that cater to the dynamic preferences of the South Korean market, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the beauty industry.

AmorePacific is known for its strong focus on innovation and research. Could you share some insights into the company’s approach to product development and staying ahead of industry trends?

Mini Sood Banerjee: AmorePacific is renowned for its commitment to innovation and research in the beauty and skincare industry. The company prioritizes cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices in product development. By closely monitoring consumer trends and leveraging advanced scientific research, AmorePacific consistently introduces innovative formulations and products that align with evolving market demands.

This proactive approach allows the company to stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring its offerings are not only effective but also reflective of changing consumer preferences. AmorePacific’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of skincare science underscores its position as a leader in the global beauty market.

The cosmetics industry is highly competitive. How does AmorePacific Group differentiate itself from its competitors in terms of product offerings and brand identity?

Mini Sood Banerjee: AmorePacific Group sets itself apart in the fiercely competitive cosmetics industry through its focus on incorporating traditional Asian ingredients, such as green tea and ginseng, into innovative and scientifically advanced formulations. This commitment to combining heritage with cutting-edge technology not only distinguishes its product offerings but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for natural and culturally inspired beauty solutions.

Additionally, the company’s emphasis on skincare as a holistic approach to beauty, rather than merely cosmetics, reinforces its unique brand identity. By seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, AmorePacific successfully carves a niche in the market, appealing to consumers seeking a harmonious balance between heritage and innovation in their beauty routines.

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