Mishi Sood and Tania Sondhi, Co-founders of MatchMe

Mishi Sood and Tania Sondhi

Interview with Mishi Sood and Tania Sondhi, Co-founders of MatchMe

Mishi Sood-  She completed her schooling from Sacred Heart Dalhousie and graduated from Lady Shri Ram College Delhi with a Masters’s degree in Finance from Amity Business School. She worked in a Business Consultancy firm for two years.

Tania Sondhi- She did MBA in Marketing from Amity Business School. She has several years of high-level experience in the recruiting and HR industry.

She has conducted executive searches for several top companies in India and the Middle East. After honing her skills in successfully recruiting the right talent for companies both in India as well as internationally, she has decided to use her impeccable strengths to bring the right people together for relationships for life.

Tell us a little about yourself

I Tania Sondhi Co-founder of MatchMe did MBA in Marketing from Delhi University Amity Business School.

I have several years of high level experience in the recruiting and HR industry. I conducted executive searches for several top companies in India and the Middle East.

I decided to use my impeccable strengths to bring the right people together for relationships for life. I belong to a renowned family from Jalandhar and married into a well-established family in Delhi. My great family gives me a uniquely blended perspective of traditional and modern values.

I Mishi Mehta Sood Co-founder of MatchMe did my early education in Sacred Heart Convent boarding school in Dalhousie followed by a bachelor’s degree from Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi, I exhibited leadership and mentoring skills early on as a student.

I always valued building strong dependable relationships. I pursued finance for my Masters at Amity Business School.

I always want to become an entrepreneur. After obtaining essential work experience at a Financial Consultancy, I joined my family Real Estate business.

In a short period of time I transformed my traditionally run family business into a modern, agile outfit. When change beckoned and having played Cupid to many of my friends and relatives, Matchme seemed like the perfect fit for my skill sets, experience and passion.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: We started in 2015 with a firm belief that we were going to bring a fresh approach to the traditional arranged marriage process.

This space is highly unorganised and it was challenging for us to fit in as two professionals. Also profile wise, in the age bracket that we were in, many were intrigued as to what made us get into this .

Having said this , we connected with the boys and the girls we were trying to help which was encouraging and we have been passionately working and connecting people . The journey so far has been exciting!

Kindly brief us about MatchMe, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: MatchMe is a personalized matchmaking service based in New Delhi that was created out of a pure enthusiasm and interest in bringing together compatible individuals for marriage.

For all of our clients, MatchMe filters and curates matches to ensure that they only connect with the right people.

Since Mishi and I founded MatchMe in our 30s, we got along well with everyone in the 20 to 40 age range.

MatchMe strives to introduce clients to only the right people by thoroughly analysing their personalities.

Personal matching is all about getting two people together only if the matchmakers think they might click.

For individuals with limited time but enough money to pay the charge for this customised search-based process, this strategy works quite well.

MatchMe has redefined personalised matchmaking to meet the needs of contemporary young people. Personalised matchmaking may be a classic mode that most parents used in the past when there were no online portals available.

We communicate with all the girls and boys who are watching out in order to understand their personalities in addition to meeting the worried parents.

In this manner, the entire strategy is more at ease, clear, and efficient. At MatchMe, we build positive relationships with our clients and assist them in overcoming their largest challenge—the discomfort that comes with meeting someone new.

Most educated and successful people avoid online dating services in favour of more meaningful human introductions, which not only save them time but also uphold strict privacy.

What is your biggest USP

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: Our USP is that we two are personally involved in meeting and interacting with all our clients, understanding their backgrounds, personalities & interests & henceforth curate matches.

We believe in putting the right kind of effort & making our clients meet only when it is worth their time and interest.

Today’s youth shy away from this process because they feel their profiles will be all over the place. For this reason, we partner with them like friends to make introductions.

We maintain a discrete approach maintaining client privacy and make the process extremely comfortable for our clients. Our real success lies in the fact that most of the matches we’ve done so far have been first introductions.

What inspired you to start MatchMe, and what sets it apart from other matchmaking services?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: Looking at our friends struggling to find like-minded people, we identified the need for a matchmaking service where one could truly understand what they are looking for.

The idea was to move away from traditional concepts of arranged marriages and focus more on factors such as like-mindedness and compatibility, in addition to keeping family backgrounds in mind.

We help young individuals in finding their right match according to their personalities and mindset. We generally target individuals who neither have the time nor want to go to an online portal for this purpose, as that is a huge compromise of one’s privacy.

Given that Mishi & I fall in a similar age-bracket as most of our clients, it gives us an edge over other players and helps us relate to & help them better.

We bring a completely fresh approach to traditional matchmaking with a modern twist. Us two being well-educated & having the right kind of corporate exposure run MatchMe in a very professional manner, while also giving the right amount of personal touch.

Can you tell us about the personalized approach that MatchMe takes to matchmaking?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: We meet or interact at length with all our clients and work with them as friends, understanding their preferences, also helping them overcome the biggest challenge of the awkwardness and friction people feel about meeting someone they don’t know . We keep them involved in the process and keep taking their inputs and feedback on it. 

How do you ensure that your clients’ privacy and confidentiality are protected throughout the matchmaking process?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: With a personalized matchmaking service one could maintain confidentiality. It is not uncommon to come across your neighbour or someone you went to school with while browsing through matrimonial websites.

To make sure that your personal information and your intent to get married is not on display for the world to see, and to narrow down your search, a matchmaking service is definitely more helpful .

As a process we make selective one on one introductions . We check with our female clients their interest first and then share their information with the boys.

We avoid circulating profiles. Also we don’t have a team that access our client profiles. It’s Mishi and Tania who personally do all the matching. 

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in matchmaking?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: We keep connecting with people in the matchmaking as well the tech space and keep sharing ideas on what’s new and what can be done differently. Also the news keeps is updated! 

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: Both of us come from business backgrounds, we both had our professional stints but both of us were always eager to become entrepreneurs. 

Mishi’s inclination towards matchmaking was there right from the start and Tania’s executive search background seemed like a good combination to start a personalized matchmaking service.

Both the founders felt there was a need which they could address after seeing their friends go through this exhausting process of finding their life partner.

Matchme was set up to bring a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking ,making the process comfortable and enjoyable!

What do you see as the future of personalized matchmaking, and how do you plan to continue innovating and improving MatchMe to stay ahead of the curve?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: Online dating is becoming more and more superficial, credibility of online matrimonial sites is also declining hence there is increased demand now for personalised matchmaking.

At MatchMe , it’s been over 7 years and we have clients spread across several countries. Since the reach is growing we want to build a larger like minded network, therefore we are working on developing a digital platform which will understand our clients preferences through personality tests which we’ve developed in-house and match them accordingly. 

How do you approach matching clients with differing backgrounds, cultures, and preferences?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: We mostly match clients on personalities and lifestyles. Also our clients are open to all castes and communities.

We have a like minded network of progressive minded , well educated people who are looking at compatibility most of all . 

How does MatchMe ensure that both parties are happy and satisfied with their match?

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: We do not rush the process. This is an important decision and we appreciate it if two people want to take time to get to know each other and decide once sure. This makes our process very organic and comfortable and many end up falling in love! 

13.  What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Mishi Sood/Tania Sondhi: Your idea can be big or small but the key lies in how you can execute it and create a USP. If you focus on how you can add value with your venture, success will eventually follow.

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