Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

What was once seen as a tool to make phone calls, send messages, and read emails, is now a convenient device for online purchasing. The world literally exploded with excitement when the first ever mobile phone surfaced.

But nobody then had the slightest idea that this small device would revolutionize online buying and selling – now known as eCommerce and Mobile Commerce.

With more than 80% of the global population owning a IOS or Andriod mobile phone today, your brand can do wonders with mobile marketing – only when done right!

This article will walk you through some of the latest mobile marketing trends, so you can make the most of your marketing campaigns. 

The following factors will shape how you utilize mobile marketing in the coming year:

1. Video Streaming

Today, video streaming is considered a lethal marketing tool. According to Hubspot, 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads.

Has it happened to you that you were randomly scrolling down your Facebook feed and stumbled upon a live streaming session?

Before the session, you were unfamiliar with the brand, but at the end of the session, you turned into a hot lead.

Prospects today don’t need a second invitation to watch live streams. This creates an exciting opportunity for the brands to meet audiences where they are already engaging.

It is estimated that video advertisements on mobile devices will account for more than 85% of video content spending in the United States by 2025. Last year it stood at 70%.

If you’ve decided to create video content for marketing, or hold live streaming, don’t hold back. Now is the time to turn ordinary people into customers with compelling video content.

2. Voice Search

Before IOS or Andriod app development you should keep in my mind that voice search is everywhere. It contributes to your online growth like no other tool. Voice search takes the whole User Experience to a whole new level.

Several reports agree that more than 135 million people in the US are using voice search features. And the trend is pretty much the same worldwide.

Imagine having the luxury to buy anything online without pressing a button. “Hello, I need an XYZ product in an XYZ color and XYZ size,” that’s all you will have to say and the product will pop up on your screen out of nowhere.

Incorporating a voice search feature can beef up your marketing campaign. More people will learn about your app and the existing customers will never buy from your competitors – until they come up with something more interesting!

3. More Mobile-Optimized Emails

Email marketing is doing wonders for brands. Though always underestimated, email marketing has the potential to transform your business. With a staggering ROI of 400%, you won’t need PPC or SEO to generate sales.

The good news is, people today read emails on the phone. You can grab their attention with well-structured emails if you have a relevant list. At the same time, it’s important to optimize your emails for mobile.

Some of the best practices in this regard include:

  •  Limiting image sizes
  •  Designing in such a way that people don’t have to pinch and scroll too
  • Using short paragraphs and bullet point
  • Test your emails before hitting the ‘send’ button

Given the massive potential of email marketing in 2022, we can say that mobile friendly emails for marketing are one of the trends to watchout for!

4. Metaverse for Mobile Marketing

Everybody is talking about Metaverse. And it didn’t take the company’s official unveiling for the marketers to prepare for the changes it will bring, so much was already made public about Metaverse that they were ready to leverage it.

Metaverse is a hypothesized environment eliminating the boundaries between real and virtual. You are physically in one place while your mind is somewhere else. From virtual shopping to virtual home tours, Metaverse has blown the minds of ordinary people.

In mobile marketing, too, Metaverse is going to play a huge role. Entrepreneurs will incorporate features that will facilitate virtual interactions between the prospects and the brands. This interaction will foster long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

5. User Generated Content

This is similar to the quote “people buy from people”. Customers trust other customers. Nothing but a positive review urges the prospect to trust the words of a brand and take action.

Statistics tell us nine out of ten consumers read reviews before making a purchase. This makes the user-generated content even more important. A positive review, a video testimonial, or even social sharing can contribute to your credibility.

For mobile applications Customer Review is a pretty basic feature today – any mobile app development company can create such an app. All online shopping apps have this feature. Not only it builds trust among customers but also assists the brand in improving their operations.


In this article we only scratched the surface. The mobile marketing trends will keep emerging. Keep an eye out for the new ones and stay updated.

For a marketer, these trends will serve as revenue-boosting tools for brands under his direction. Make sure you use them wisely!

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