MobileODT launches its new device, Thermoglide, in association with GenWorks, to screen & treat cervical cancer in a single sitting


MobileODT launches its new device, Thermoglide, in association with GenWorks, to screen & treat cervical cancer in a single sitting

12, January, 2023: MobileODT, an Israeli FemTech startup focusing on AI-powered cervical screening, in association with India’s leading digital medical and healthcare solution provider GenWorks, has launched its new device,

Thermoglide. It is a lightweight, portable, FDA-approved device that screens and treats women for cervical cancer in a single sitting.

Reproductive tract infections are too common in women, especially at child-bearing age. However, only a few take the initiative to get themselves checked. In fact, clinical studies have shown that a significant number of women find conventional treatment procedures painful, lengthy and frustrating.

For instance, cervical ectropion is a common disease. It can lead to a lot of discharge and, consequently, anxiety and distress in many women. Several studies, including the one published in BMC Medicine, prove it.

A link between the use of IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device), cervical inflammation, and ectropion is also demonstrated in a separate study.

Another one stated that treating cervical ectropion may protect against cervical cancer. It is the second most common form of cancer in women after breast cancer in India.

Thermoglide, a battery-operated device, uses the thermo-coagulation technique that destroys tissue using heat.

It differs from cryotherapy, another popular approach that uses cold temperatures to remove the tissue. According to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research, thermo-coagulation is as effective and safe as cryotherapy and might be easily applied to treat high-grade cervical lesions.

Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar, Medical Director, SaiNiwaas Health Care & Clinical Advisor Women’s Health, GenWorks, said, “People have been getting good results with Thermoglide in cases of ectropion.

After cryotherapy, the patients have a watery discharge for at least three weeks, and they don’t want that.

Using cryotherapy in big lesions is also challenging as the technique has limitations. However, Thermoglide can be an effective tool there.”

“According to MobileODT, this device can also cut time by heating quickly, within eight seconds, and remains at 100 degree Celsius, allowing for rapid cervical ablation.

With Thermoglide, I can use the heated probe at multiple places, and that too in a shorter time,” added Dr. Priya Ganesh.

Leon Boston, CEO, MobileODT, said, “ThermoGlide is a necessary tool for every gynecologist due to its versatility, practicality, and ease of use.

It can treat precancerous lesions and cervicitis in a simple, painless, quick procedure. We are proud and excited to launch the Thermoglide in India with our partners, GenWorks. India is an important market for us.”

About GenWorks:

GenWorks is the first startup in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access in India.

GenWorks was originally a Wipro GE invested company with an aim to create a platform for solving the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare- – Access, Affordability and Adoption.

GenWorks was conceived to bridge the gap of inadequacies in the healthcare sector by leveraging its close association with GE Healthcare, whose vision is ‘At work for a healthier India’.

GenWorks aims to make quality care available across the country. GenWorks is dedicated to building awareness by leveraging the available technology and providing affordable solutions across geographies through its state-of-the-art digital solutions, with a focus on improving specialist access for the last-mile.

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