Mohak Nahta, Founder of Atlys – An App that makes Visa Applications Easy and Fast

Mohak Nahta Atlys Founder

Interview: Mohak Nahta, Founder of Atlys – An App that makes Visa Applications Easy and Fast

If you’re like most people, the thought of having to apply for a visa terrifies you. The process can be long and complicated, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Mohak Nahta, an Indian passport holder, felt the same way. For this reason, he decided to start his own company – Atlys.

Atlys is an app that makes visa applications quick and easy. The app helps people gather all the necessary documents and provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application process. Atlys’s mission is to make visas easy for people around the globe, and the app is doing a great job so far.

In an exclusive interview with Mohak Nahta, founder of Atlys explains How he start his entrepreneurial journey..

Tell us a little about yourself

Mohak Nahta: I’m Mohak Nahta, the founder, and CEO of Atlys. I’m originally from India, and I immigrated to the US several years ago to pursue my engineering degree at Carnegie Mellon University.

After graduating, I started my career at Pinterest and worked my way up to become a senior engineer. During this time, I used to travel abroad visiting family and exploring different countries.

Almost every trip required me to apply for a visa. For me, an Indian national, visas can be confusing and complicated. Hence, I started brainstorming ideas on how to facilitate visa applications. Atlys was the birthchild of my ideas.

Needless to say, what started out as an idea turned into a reality – a fully functional app that makes visa applications simple and easy. A big inspiration has been my family and friends, who have been truly supportive of my journey.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Mohak Nahta: Atlys initially started as a side project, but after realizing that there was a real need for this sort of service, I decided to quit my job and pursue Atlys full-time.

Since then, I have been working tirelessly to build the company from the ground up, with the help of my talented team of course.

With Atlys, our goal is to completely transform the way people apply for visas, making it simpler and faster than ever before.

Along the way, I faced many challenges and obstacles, including balancing all of my responsibilities as CEO. Despite these challenges, I have remained focused on our goal of providing the best possible service to travelers around the world.

Since founding Atlys, I have learned so much about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of a strong work ethic, resilience, and dedication to succeed.

But at the end of the day, what drives me is my passion for helping people travel more easily and effortlessly. And with Atlys, I know that we can make this happen for a lot of people around the world.

“What service or product do you offer at Atlys?”

Mohak Nahta: It’s simple really. We provide a fast, easy, and reliable app where you can apply for your next tourist visa. As you already know, Atlys is an app that makes the visa application process easy and fast.

The app provides a user-friendly interface that walks users through each step of the process in a clear and organized way.

Atlys also has a dedicated team that’s always available to help users if they need any assistance with their applications.

What is unique about Atlys?

Mohak Nahta: Our biggest advantage is that we truly understand how frustrating and confusing visa applications can be because we’ve all been through it as well.

By creating an intuitive and user-friendly app, we’re truly able to address the needs of our customers in a way that no one else can.

Another huge benefit of Atlys is that if you use Atlys once, you’re “visa ready” for all other countries. Simply put, your second visa application on Atlys will be 10 times faster and easier.

This is because we’ve already gathered all of the necessary information and documents required for your application, so you won’t have to spend time filling out forms or gathering documents from scratch.

To put it in perspective, we had a customer who applied for his Egypt Visa on Atlys in as little as 85 seconds (true story).

What made you choose this type of business?

Mohak Nahta: I chose to start Atlys because I faced many challenges and obstacles while trying to apply for visas myself. I understand the frustration and confusion that comes with applying for visas.

What was your mission at the outsets

Mohak Nahta: When I founded Atlys, my mission was to make the visa application process simple and fast for everyone.

Since then, our mission has remained the same. We want to provide travelers with a fast, easy, and reliable platform where they can apply for their visas with ease.

Our goal is to allow all nationalities to travel as if there were no borders. Ultimately, we want to create a world where visas are easy so everyone can travel with certainty.

How many employees in Atlys?

Mohak Nahta: Our team consists of a highly skilled and dedicated group of engineers, designers, marketers, and customer support specialists.

We work closely together to ensure that we continuously improve our app and provide the best possible service to travelers around the globe. Our team currently consists of around 25 individuals and is constantly growing.

What are your company’s goals?

Mohak Nahta: Our goal is to allow all nationalities to travel as if there were no borders, where your next visa is only a few clicks away.

In the end, travelers should spend more time planning their trip, instead of worrying about visas and paperwork.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Mohak Nahta: I can’t think of any particular failures within the context of Atlys. However, I can share a few mistakes I’ve made in during my journey and my learnings therefrom.

Firstly, I used to think that the product is more important than distribution. But both are important, and sometimes distribution is more important. Be sure to find a balance and focus on both areas instead of just one.

Secondly, sometimes I focus on the solution more than on the problem itself. As you can guess, this approach is not efficient, and can even be detrimental to your company.

It’s important to always stay focused on what people really need, rather than just solving our own problems.

Finally, I’ve realized that to have a successful product, you need more than just a great product. You also need a team that is cohesive and working together towards the same goal.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur?

Mohak Nahta: I’ve always been drawn to the idea of starting my own company. In part, this was because I wanted to be in control and shape my destiny.

But more importantly, I saw a real need for an app like Atlys, where people around the world could easily and quickly submit their visa applications from anywhere.

Key things to consider before starting a startup?

Mohak Nahta: There are a few key things to consider before starting your startup. Firstly, you need to be passionate about the problem that you’re trying to solve, as this will drive you forward during difficult times and help keep you focused on what matters.

You should also have a clear idea of your target market and how you plan to reach and serve that market.

This means doing research, conducting surveys and interviews, and building an MVP or prototype to test your ideas with potential customers.

Finally, it’s important to have a strong team behind you that is dedicated to the success of your company.

The best startups are built by teams made up of people with diverse skills and backgrounds, who work well together and are willing to put in the time and effort necessary for success.

Overall, starting a startup is a major undertaking, but if you’re passionate about your mission and have the right team behind you, you can achieve great things.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Mohak Nahta: One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is focusing too much on the product and not enough on distribution. This has led to lower sales and less success for my company.

Another mistake I’ve made is focusing more on the solution than on the problem itself. While it’s important to have a good product, it’s also crucial to focus on the real needs of your customers and always keep them in mind.

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Mohak Nahta: To be a successful entrepreneur, it’s important to stay focused on your goals and never give up. You will face many challenges along the way, but with persistence and determination, you can overcome them to achieve your dreams.

You should also take time to learn from others who have already achieved success in your field. This could include reading books, attending conferences and workshops, or participating in online forums and communities.

And finally, it’s important to always be open to feedback and new ideas. A successful entrepreneur is constantly learning and evolving with the times. By staying curious and humble, you will continue to grow both as a person and as an entrepreneur.

Shift you comfort zone. Always try things that scare you at first. It doesn’t have to be something big but doing these enough times helps you overcome the fear of failing.


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