MOHD ARIF – Co-founder and CEO at Prizmweb Technologies

MOHD ARIF – Co-founder and CEO at Prizmweb Technologies

You must have observed how many young age people are becoming entrepreneurs in today’s time. The knowledge we are gaining from online platforms is also helping us to create new young successful entrepreneurs.

With the help of the entire internet, these entrepreneurs excreting out their talents and skills and help and teach the upcoming youth. Through their innovative ideas, they are earning a lot of money and gaining knowledge.

So let’s discuss the marvelous things which Mohd Aarif did. After going through this entire article, it is sure that you will learn something new and inspire you to do something as we are all aware that Mohd Aarif is not only a co-founder but also a CEO of a digital marketing company, i.e., Prizmweb Technologies.

So here is the successful story of Mohd Aarif, the co-founder and CEO at Prizmweb Technologies. The modern internet young entrepreneur belongs to India, Mohd Aarif, who established his company at a very young age.

The age of Mohd Aarif is in his 20’s. His company, Prizmweb Technologies, is well likely to be known as India’s best digital marketing company.

Mohd Aarif is also the advisor and CFO of the most significant poetry platform, known as the Youtreex Foundation.

And currently, Mohd Aarif has been working in the Youtreex Foundation since April 2020 and in the Prizmweb Technologies since May 2014.

Arif’s younger brother Muhammad Asif Ali is the founder and CEO of Youtreex Foundation also known as Indian Poet.

Mohd Aarif does outstanding things:

Mohd Aarif, with his two brothers, Muhammad Asif Ali and Muhammad Danish Khan, established the digital marketing company in their room in the May of 2014, whose name later came to be Prizmweb Technologies Company.

And we are excited to inform you that today, all three brothers, Muhammad Asif Ali, Muhammad Danish Khan, and Muhammad Aarif, have taken their company, i.e., Prizmweb Technologies, to a high standard and gained numerous reputations and also helped the youngsters to do innovative things.

About the past life of Mohd Aarif:

All three brothers, Muhammad Asif Ali, Muhammad Danish Khan, and Muhammad Aarif were, belong to a very low-income family and born in the city of Kashipur, Uttrakhand.

Their father’s occupation is a farmer, and their mother is just a domestic worker. They all belong from a normal and from the ground they have stated their company and take it to the high standard by their efforts. This is a big inspiration for our upcoming youth.

Muhammad Aarif completed his high school and intermediate from the Kashipur. He completed his Bachelor of Education and computer science at Monad University from July 2016 to July 2019.

Then he learned a lot of skills like Digital Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, how to link buildings, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and so on. With the help of his skills, he founded his Prizmweb Technologies Company.

Conclusion: Services of Prizmweb technologies can be accessed from anywhere. Just ensure having strong connectivity to the internet on your Smartphone, desktop, or laptop with you.

A consumer can grasp the excellent services of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, pay-per-click, online reputation Management,

Conversion rate optimization, and web development through Prizmweb technologies. It also allows interacting with the online audience, and with its help, you can make your business grow rapidly and take it far and wide online.

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