Interview: Mohit Mittal, CEO of Mores Techno Private Limited

Mohit Mittal

An interview with Mohit Mittal, CEO of Mores Techno Private Limited, a Real Estate Company

Welcome to an insightful interview with Mohit Mittal, the dynamic CEO of Mores Techno Private Limited, a distinguished player in the real estate industry. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for market trends, Mohit has led Mores Techno to remarkable success, navigating challenges and driving growth with a strategic vision that sets them apart in the competitive landscape.

Tell us something about Mores Techno Private Limited

Mohit Mittal: Mores Techno Private Limited is a dynamic and forward-thinking company, deeply rooted in technology and specialized in offering comprehensive advisory services for the real estate sector.

Our innovative approach revolves around providing a suite of tools designed to streamline every aspect of property management, elevate customer experiences, and optimize the operational efficiency of real estate ventures.

Through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies, Mores Techno delivers tailor-made solutions meticulously crafted to meet the ever-evolving demands of the real estate industry.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously ensure that our advanced technological services not only enhance operational efficiency but also catalyze sustainable growth for our clients, solidifying our position as a pivotal player at the dynamic intersection of technology and real estate.

What is the current position of the real estate sector in NCR?

Mohit Mittal: The real estate landscape within the National Capital Region (NCR) is currently undergoing a robust resurgence and growth trajectory, notably rebounding from the challenges posed by the pandemic.

This resurgence is primarily fueled by a confluence of factors, including substantial investments in infrastructure, the implementation of favorable governmental policies, and the ongoing trend of urbanization.

Particularly noteworthy is the heightened demand witnessed across both residential and commercial property segments, spurred by an increasing inclination towards premium housing options and contemporary office spaces, with epicenters of development such as Gurugram and Noida experiencing unprecedented expansion.

Furthermore, the enforcement of the Real Estate Act (RERA) has significantly augmented transparency levels within the sector, consequently instilling greater confidence among prospective buyers and investors alike.

Despite encountering obstacles such as escalating construction expenses, the NCR real estate market continues to exhibit an alluring allure for investors and homebuyers alike, showcasing robust potential for sustained growth and prosperity in the foreseeable future.

It is seen that buyers are interested in Luxury Segment. What are your views on the same

Mohit Mittal: The growing interest in luxury real estate signifies a growing demand for residences that offer not just living spaces but an elevated lifestyle experience.

This trend is propelled by several factors, including rising disposable incomes, shifting / evolving lifestyle preferences, and the appeal of premium features such as advanced security systems, wellness facilities, and coveted locations.

Luxury properties have become emblematic of status and exclusivity, providing buyers with a comprehensive package that goes beyond mere accommodation.

Moreover, the aftermath of the pandemic has intensified the emphasis on spacious and well-appointed living environments, driving further demand for luxury residences. In response, developers are pushing the boundaries of innovation, introducing opulent and meticulously designed projects to cater to these evolving preferences.

As a result, the luxury real estate market continues to flourish, attracting a discerning clientele seeking not just a home, but a statement of prestige and a curated lifestyle.

Share your views on the rise of the commercial segment

Mohit Mittal: The ascendance of the commercial real estate sector is marked by its pronounced growth trajectory, propelled by multifaceted drivers such as sustained economic expansion, rapid urbanization, and the relentless expansion of businesses across diverse industries.

This surge in demand encompasses a wide spectrum of commercial properties, including office spaces, retail establishments, and industrial parks, as enterprises increasingly seek out contemporary, strategically positioned premises that not only optimize operational efficiency but also serve as beacons for talent attraction.

Furthermore, the burgeoning popularity of flexible work arrangements and the proliferation of co-working environments underscore a profound shift in work culture, necessitating adaptable office solutions that can accommodate evolving workforce dynamics.

This evolution is indicative of broader societal trends and the imperative for commercial real estate developers to remain agile and responsive to emerging needs.

Simultaneously, substantial investments in infrastructure projects, coupled with proactive government initiatives aimed at fostering business growth, serve as catalysts for further expansion within the commercial real estate domain.

The confluence of these factors not only underscores the resilience of the economy but also presents a fertile landscape replete with lucrative opportunities for discerning investors and forward-thinking developers keen on capitalizing on the burgeoning commercial real estate market.

What challenges have you faced in establishing yourself as a consultant in the real estate sector?

Mohit Mittal: Establishing myself as a consultant in the real estate sector came with several challenges:

– Gaining the trust of clients and industry peers, which required time and consistent performance.

  • Developing a strong network of contacts within the industry, including developers, investors, and other stakeholders, was crucial for accessing opportunities and staying informed about market trends.
  • Keeping up with the dynamic real estate market, with frequent changes in regulations, market conditions, and consumer preferences, required continuous learning.
  • Differentiating myself in a competitive field with many experienced professionals offering similar services.
  • Managing diverse client expectations and delivering tailored solutions required strong communication skills and adaptability.
  • Navigating market volatility and economic downturns while maintaining business growth and client confidence.

Suggestions for young entrepreneurs

  • Identify Your Passion: Focus on areas that genuinely interest you, as passion drives motivation and resilience.
  • Conduct Thorough Research: Understand your market, competitors, and customer needs. Informed decisions reduce risks and increase the likelihood of success.
  • Develop a Solid Business Plan: Outline your vision, goals, target audience, and strategies. This roadmap provides clarity and direction, essential for securing funding and navigating the journey toward your entrepreneurial objectives.
  • Embrace Technology: Use digital tools and platforms to streamline operations, reach a broader audience, and stay competitive.
  • Network Actively: Build relationships /connections with mentors, industry leaders/experts, and peers to unlock opportunities. Networking opens doors to opportunities, partnerships, and valuable advice.
  • Invest in Personal Growth: Enhance skills through ongoing learning. Attend workshops, read industry material, and seek feedback for continual improvement.

Our conversation with Mohit Mittal, CEO of Mores Techno Private Limited, sheds light on the innovative strategies and forward-thinking approaches that have propelled the company to prominence in the real estate sector.

His leadership exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring Mores Techno continues to thrive and redefine standards in the industry.

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