Most Popular Types of Affiliate Marketing Sites to Start in India

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing sites in India are increasing in steady numbers – affiliate marketing sites basically partner with brands and list their products on their websites. This benefits the users in many ways – users can now compare and contrast various similar products on the same website instead of checking different brands one by one.

Affiliate marketing sites have carved a niche in almost every online product or service industry. These affiliates don’t charge any money from the users for their content because they agree to take a cut from the brand if they are able to get a conversion or sale from one of their many users or readers.

With the recent social media boom, there are more ways to be an affiliate marketer than just having a website. If you can make viral videos, then you can also be an affiliate marketer.

In this article, we will take a look at the most popular types of affiliate marketing websites you can now find in India.

1. Beauty blogs.

The beauty and lifestyle brands in India have benefitted a lot from affiliate marketing sites. The listicles or comparative blogs written by beauty influencers have helped create fame and popularity for various brands and their products.

Websites can often have very detailed reviews of new skincare or beauty products, which can help users make up their minds.

2. Mobile and technology sites.

Ever looked for the “best earphones to buy under 5000 rupees”? Then you may have come across these kinds of affiliate websites. These websites make quite a lot of lists of various brands and products to buy under different budgets.

Another advantage of checking these tech sites is to compare different products and find the ones whose features and specifications suit your requirements. is a great example of such an affiliate site.

3. Online betting site comparison sites.

Online betting and gambling are still pretty new to Indian users. Needless to say, to fill the information gaps in the industry, affiliate websites such as, an online betting guide, have cropped up in the country.

These websites not only compare the best betting sites or the best bonuses to get but also have detailed guides to help new players transition to the world of online betting.

4. Travel affiliate websites.

Travel is perhaps the biggest industry that benefits from the existence of huge affiliate websites. Websites as big as exist to help users compare prices for hotels, flights, and travel packages.

Obviously, affiliate websites offer what users cannot easily overlook – a chance to create the cheapest possible trips. Some affiliate websites even offer special bonuses or special offers to claim.

5. Financial products.

A huge new interest for people is buying financial instruments such as insurance policies or other types of investment instruments. This is obviously a very high-in-demand topic as well as one that requires a good amount of research and comparison.

Another related topic that is often the main subject of affiliate sites is comparing and reviewing credit cards or other types of cards available in India. Overall, these affiliate websites can be a huge help for people who want to be smarter about their finances.

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