8 Most Profitable Businesses in India for entrepreneur looking to start a small business

Most Profitable Businesses in India

Most Profitable Businesses

Market trends change easily, and when we will not follow the trend, we can’t stay in the market.

Many times, when the trend goes, our business gets flopped. So, we have to move forward and be updated about the trends.

There is much Profitable business, whom trends never go and we can gain more profit in that.

These businesses are in less investment with more profit. If you have an interest and like doing this business then these are some Profitable businesses in India that you can opt for.

Here is a list of the most profitable businesses in India with low investment for men, women, entrepreneurs, startups.

All business ideas are actually good and profitable also and you can start it with small scale and earn money.

1. Automobile repair Shop

If you are well known for all the automobile-related things and interested in opening an automobile repair shop, then you are making the right decision.

Because before involving in any business your interest is necessary. If you have an interest, you can do the job more creatively and with full interest.

So, you can start your automobile repair shop. Automobile repair is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

Before you start, make a business plan so that everything works properly and you can do a smart start. Plan out how much business cost will come?

Automobile Repair Business

What facility you are going to provide in your automobile shop? What is the most important equipment you need to startup?

And also decide the charges according to your services. These things are properly -planned before you start your new business.

The second most important is how to target the market? Making a good clientage is very important.

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If we give good services to the client, they will come back. Small ongoing work is also necessary because the flow of cash helps to run the shop easily.

You can also give some discount on work, that increase the client. By this more people know about your automobile shop.

The third important thing is finding the shop in a place where you can get more clients. You can take your shop near residential or nearby some market area. So that customers can come easily with their vehicle come.

The fourth important is to give a name to your Automobile service. So that people will know you according to your shop name.

Do proper marketing, this helps to make your business more popular. Give different discounts in different work.

Try to contact good clients, because they will not negotiate in money, they only want good work. 

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License and registration are necessary. Make your shop licensed, as it is legally necessary. You can do it online while submitting necessary documents or you can hire a CA for this.

So, if have the determination to do your work you can open your Automobile repair shop.

2. Ice Cream Parlour

Thinking of ice cream makes my mouth full of water. Most people love ice creams and are crazy about it.

So, if you are planning to open an ice cream parlor, then you are choosing the right business. So, before opening your parlor, make a business plan. So that it will be easy to make a profit on it.

First decide which type of ice-cream parlor you want to open like if you want to take a franchise, your parlor with the collection of different companies’ ice-cream or wants to develop your flavored ice-cream parlor. This is the main decision you have to take. 

Ice cream Parlor Business

Check, how much investment is needed according to your choice because if you want to open a company franchise, they will give you all ready material with a big investment cost.

So, survey the market, where the customer attracts more. See what other ice-cream owners say about this. This will help you to make the right decision.

Find a shop near a residential area, in the market area, or in the mall, where people gather most. You can take a shop for rent or buy your own.

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It will be fine if you will take a shop for rent so that after earning a good amount you can invest in some other ice-cream shop to increase your business.

Give an attractive name to your ice-cream parlor. Because people recognize your parlor with the name and attractive name easily in the tongue of the costumer.

Do marketing, as there are many online portals that you can do for marketing. Hire a person, who can handle your Facebook and Instagram page with daily posts with Schemes, as schemes attract customers and they visit your shop to avail schemes. This will give you a good profit.

License and registration are necessary according to government law. You can do it online or hire CA for this.

So, go to an ice-cream parlor with good determination you can achieve your goal.

3. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen is a new venture nowadays. Cloud kitchen is a restaurant industry that delivers online food delivery on their own or tie-up with online lines delivery companies like Swiggy and Zomato. 

These days people like to eat at home easily so they prefer cloud kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, ghost kitchens.

Virtual restaurants etc. That is why the cloud kitchen is gaining much publicity and is gaining momentum in the food industry.

Cloud Kitchen Business

So, if you are planning for a cloud kitchen then you have decided right. This business didn’t need much investment in the stating, so you can start it easily.

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The space for a cloud kitchen is not much required, a place for cooking and packaging. You can start the cloud kitchen in your residence in starting, after gaining a good number of orders you can shift in some nearby market place for smooth delivery.

You can also add your name in Zomato and Swiggy they will forward the order to you according to your menu. 

So, it’s a new venture that you can start with less investment. The one thing that is needed is dedication.

If you will prepare food in time, you will get more orders for your unique style of food, Restaurants can also contact you for online delivery.

4. Interior design Business

The most popular business. Everyone wants his/her house to be full of all the latest facilities and stylish looking.

That can be done by an Interior designer. An Interior designer changes the inner look of the house in our giving budget.

How to Start an Interior design Business

So, if you have completed an interior design course and have an interest in designing, you can opt for this business. This is a profitable business and is now in trend.

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You don’t need to do much investment, in starting you can do it from home but later you can shift to another office. Find out the shop in a marketplace, where people can approach you easily.

So, open your cloud kitchen with less investment and your dedication takes you high.

5. A Fruit juice shake counter

Now, this trend is in the market. You can only order juices and shakes. In the menu, you can find 150 to 200 types of juices and shakes that. These types of places are the student’s and friends’ meeting areas. 

If you have an interest in making different types of food drinks and snacks, you can open your Juice and Shake counter in less investment.

Start a Fruit Juice Business

This business is very popular these days. As a youngster likes the different flavors of juices and shakes.

The next step is to check the market before opening the counter. How do other owners run the corner?

How do they contact the customer? From where you can buy the ingredients at retail price. All the smart strategy needs to be applied.

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You didn’t need much space for Juice and shake counter, a small place will work. You can take a small place in rent to start your business.

Take a shop in a marketplace or big malls or find a place where more people come too. The popularity of the food is depending upon the taste and quality of the food. So, make shakes and juices with good effort, so that client will come again to your shop.

Give a name to your business, the name should be related to the name so that people can remember easily.

Good marketing is always a good path for success. Plan out the marketing strategy, to reach more people.

Opt for social media for marketing your product. Use Facebook and Instagram page account for marketing. Do daily posts, with your offers and scheme to attract customers.

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Do license and registration of the company, because as per government law, a business has to be license if it is working professionally.

You can license your company online or can hire a CA. So you can easily open your shake and juice shop with less investment. 

6. Recruitment Agency, Placement Services, HR Consultancy

The placement Services business is very much in demand nowadays. The placement Services is a place where a job seeker applies with name and the related job they want, and services help them to find a related job and take charges for that.

Many companies also approach the placement services asking for the right candidate-related their requirement. This is one of the most Profitable Business in India.

The Placement Services have both the name like of Job seekers and the company who need a candidate. By this, they can provide both requirements. And can earn money from both sides.

So, if you are planning for Placement Services this is a good idea. But before this, you have to plan out the market strategies.

Start your own Recruitment Business

You have to gain credibility as well as goodwill in the market. So that candidate and company can trust you. Give your company a name related to your work.

Contact the leading companies, so that when they need placement, they call you. Make public relations, to spread your work idea.

The most import is to do marketing. Nowadays a good marketing strategy is needed to boost up any business.

So, do social media marketing by making a page on it, with regular posts. You can use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. Make your website.

This will be easier for all over the world for a candidate to contact you or can apply with a resume. But check, the website will be an update of all things that are needed.

The one more important thing is that your office should be in the market area or near the college area, where the candidate can easily approach you.

License and registration are also needed when you start your business. The registration you can do online or hire CA for it.

So start your placement services, this is a good low investment business that you can do.

7. Electronics repairs

Opening an electronic repair shop is a good idea, as this is an electronic world and all things we use are run through electricity.

So, different electricity gadget needs to be repaired. As each house has some electronics and needs mechanical correction. So, this business is never going to stop.

This is a low investment business. You can earn well if you will give good services to the customer.

Before starting a electronics repair business make a business plan. A good business plan always takes a business high. 

So, check the market how other electronics repair shops are working? How do they get good staff? And contact the client. These things are much important before opening a shop.

There are few mechanical courses, that you can also do to run a successful business.

Marketing is also necessary to raise a business. Use portals like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook with daily updates of your work and what scheme you are providing. This will help to reach the customer.

The main thing is finding a shop in the correct place. Find a shop near the market area or residential area, so that people can approach you easily.

License and registration are also needed for your business. You don’t have to worry you can easily get online or can contact CA. This is a small investment business, that you can start easily.

8. Dance Classes

The most wanted classes, among the kids and youth. Dance is a practice that will make you fresh and energetic.

Nowadays, women like to learn the dance of different styles and steps. Because this regular practice makes them free from tension and makes mind relaxed.

Kids too are interested in learning dance. As they want to learn different dance styles.

There are different types of dances style, like, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Garba, folk dance, western dance, Bollywood style, Jazz, Belly Dance, etc.

If you have learned any type of dance perfection, course or you know the style of dancing, you can open your dance class. It is a good source of income and you can earn through your hobby.

The dance class can be open from home. Later, you can move to any center.

But before you start your dance classes, make a business plan, related investment, and the style of dance you want to choose. Make a class structure and fee structure according to the curses you are providing.

Marketing plays the important role in this business. Choose social media portal for the advertisement. As many people are there on social media.

So, follow these simple steps and you can easily open your dance classes.

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