5 Most Secure Multipurpose Spy Apps in India (Best Buys for 2023)

Spy Apps in India

You might have heard the term “spy app” many times from different people. Probably, you have heard some of your close relatives talk about a spy app they use to restrict their kid’s device usage or a friend who owns a small business and uses a spy app to monitor their employee’s performance for better business growth.

No matter where you heard about it, the truth is spy apps can be used for multiple purposes. And their increased utility has led to the mushroom growth of these spy apps.

As a result, the continuously increasing number of spy apps in India has made it difficult to find a secure application.

To help you with this ordeal, we have handpicked the five most secure multipurpose spy apps that you can buy in India. We’ll discuss how each application works, what features it provides, and its pricing. So let’s start.


XNSPY is one of the most secure spy applications in India. It is an Android and iOS application and installing it on any phone doesn’t require you to make any hardware changes to the phone.

It uses secure data transmission protocols like SSL and HTTPS to establish encrypted connections between the user’s device and their servers.

This ensures that all data sent and received is encrypted and makes it challenging for any potential eavesdroppers to intercept sensitive information.

XNSPY also follows strict data storage practices. They adhere to industry standards when it comes to storing user data on their servers.

This includes employing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access to their database.

XNSPY has a multi-layered authentication process to ensure that only authorized users have access to the account and data.

To stay on top of security threats, XNSPY frequently updates its software to patch vulnerabilities and improve the overall security of the application. Regular security audits and testing are conducted to identify and address potential weaknesses proactively.

Now let’s discuss its offerings. XNSPY has a wide range of spying features that are used for multiple purposes, such as spying on social media, IM chats, text messages, emails, internet browser history, call logs, contact lists, keylogging, and installed apps.

One of the best features of XNSPY is remote control access to the target device. With the app installed on a phone, you can turn it on and off, lock, and wipe the phone remotely.

Additionally, XNSPY has an ambient recording feature that lets you record the phone’s surroundings and listen to conversations.

The cross-platform compatibility of the app enhances its performance, whether you are spying on an Android phone with OS version 4.0 or an iPhone with version 6.0.

Another reason why XNSPY is at the top of the list is its price. Providing an array of spying features in a budget-friendly package makes XNSPY a must-have app for everyone who wants to ensure the safety of their loved ones while saving money.


Monthly – $35.99, Quarterly – $20.00/month, Yearly – $7.50/month

Go to XNSPY’s official website


uMobix is a secret phone tracking app that lets you keep tabs on the activities of a target phone. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

With its advanced features, you can remotely access text messages, call logs, social media, and Instant Messaging apps.

One of the significant features of uMobix is the private Instagram viewer. This feature allows you to keep track of the target user’s Instagram activities, including direct messages, liked and shared posts, uploaded photos and videos, uploaded stories, followers, and followings.

uMobix is also an online application. You can view the target user’s activities from the online dashboard that you can open on any device by using your login credentials.

With the help of this app, you can take remote control of certain aspects of the target phone, such as turning on the camera and microphone to keep an eye on conversations or monitor the phone’s location.

Moreover, the app also lets you block applications installed on the phone, restrict device usage, disable messaging, and more. However, while uMobix is still a top-tier phone spy app, it may not have the same iPhone spying capabilities as Android devices.

Nonetheless, it provides complete insight into what’s happening on the target phone, making it one of the most multipurpose phone spy apps on the market.


Monthly – $49.99, Quarterly – $27.99/month, Yearly -$11.66/month

Go to uMobix’s official website


TrackMyFone is a relatively new name in the field of spying applications but due to the secure spying capabilities of the app, it managed to get onto this list.

TrackMyFone is a secure application that records the target user’s activity and saves it on an online portal.

It is an Android and iOS application that helps you track anyone’s activities on their phones. Like the other applications on the list, TrackMyFone is also an online application that comes with a dashboard through which you can view the target user’s activities.

Although there are no such extra features, it is the perfect solution for people with basic monitoring needs. Spying on social media, IM chats, text messages, call records, and location tracking are some of the significant features of TrackMyFone.


Android – $25/month, iOS – $29/month

Go to TrackMyFone’s official website


mSpy is a phone tracking app that comes with great capabilities. The app offers various features that make it a secure, multipurpose application for parents and employers.

One of the standout features of mSpy is the ability to access all sent and received messages, documents, photos, videos, and other files.

The app installs on the target device and then sends all of the recorded data to the mSpy server without letting the user know.

It uses a secure server, like XNSPY, which guarantees the security of the recorded information and restricts disclosure to authorized users only.

All users have access to a variety of data on this dashboard, which includes call history, contacts, text messages, social media activity, GPS location (provided the target phone has GPS), SIM card ID, and more.

In terms of security, reliability, and compatibility, mSpy is a close competitor of XNSPY, but its high price has earned it a spot at no. 4.


Monthly – $48.99, Quarterly – $27.99/month, Yearly – $11.66/month

Go to mSpy’s official website


Last on our list of the most secure multipurpose spy apps in India is Flexispy. The application boasts extensive features, including social media monitoring, location tracking, viewing call history, text messages, and multimedia (photos and videos), without letting the target user know.

One of the most frequently used features of Flexispy is call tracking, which allows you to listen to and record the target user’s conversations.

You can access all the features from the dashboard by simply logging in to your user account from any other device.

In addition to spying on Android and iPhone, the app offers the benefit of being able to monitor chats on a computer or Mac. Compared to the other applications on the list, Flexispy’s prices are quite high.


Lite – $29.95, Premium – $68, Extreme – $199

Go to Flexispy’s official website


Choosing a spying application is a matter of preference. Whether you are a parent or an employer, you always want to make the right choice without going bankrupt. Picking an application that provides all the useful spying features at a low cost is the wisest thing to do.

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