7 Most Successful Small Business Ideas that are actually Good and Profitable

Most Successful Small Business Ideas

Most Successful Small Business Ideas

There are many small business ideas that you can do and make your career. We also opt for business according to our hobby and interest and that business helps to make it a profitable business. But if you want to do something different with less investment and less market risk.

Then we have a list of such most successful small business ideas, that have less market risk and you can do it with less investment.

Here is a list of the most successful small business ideas with low investment for men, women, entrepreneurs, startups. All ideas are actually Good and profitable also.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in India

  • Fitness Centre
  • Catering Services
  • Travel and Tourism Services
  • TV Advertisement Company
  • Renewable Energy
  • Courier Services
  • Home & Office Furniture

1. Fitness Centre

Opening a fitness center is the most successful small business ideas for entrepreneurs. It is all about things being well planned with all equipment, insurance policies, property fee, class instructors, dietitians, and personal trainers all these things to be in paper and planning.

If you are planning to start your own fitness centre, this is one of the most successful small business ideas for men, women, startups, and entrepreneurs.

So, making a good business plan for a fitness Centre is very important. Because opening a center is an investing about 5 to 10 lakhs. So plan by taking all things in mind.

Check if you have enough time for this project because the fitness center needs more of your time and devotion. 

Now, if you mind up for the fitness center, analyze the market and check what is needed to drive the best fitness center.

Popular and needed types of equipment. How other fitness centers are working? What most attracts the customers? Etc.

The next very important is finding the right place for your project. Find a place with a nearby market or place with a decent crowd where customers can reach easily. Don’t go for far or separate places because the public will approach and can reach easily. 

Make next step is to obtain all licenses. License and registration are necessary for all the business, so for fitness center too.

But if you are adding amenities like spa, steam, and sauna then these things have to be permitted legally. Hire a CA for the license. He will manage all your task.

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Marketing is also the most important thing. Without marketing your fitness center will not gain popularity.

So, invest in a marketing agency that will handle your online and other marketing strategies. You can also hire a graphic designer.

Who can design an attractive logo that will be your fitness sign and will handle your all design works, from on-road billboard posters to online advertisements? So, that customers will know about your fitness center and things provided by you. 

Make your website where you can show your training equipment, your training techniques, offers, and your fitness center pictures.

Hire a certified trainer. Because the ability of your fitness center is based on the trainer. If the trainer is qualified, he can give good training depend upon the person’s physique. A good trainer takes out good results in training.

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The popularity of a fitness center will depend upon all these things. So, you are on the right path for making business in a fitness center but do it with a solid plan.

2. Catering Business

Food trend is never going to stop. The culture of parties, marriage, celebrations, and get-to gethers is not going to stop.

And every event starts and ends with food. So catering business will work for all time. The catering business is for a long time but is still in demand and the most successful small business ideas.

You can start your business with a low budget later you can increase according to your clientage.

To start a catering business first, decide your niche. What food type do you want to choose. There are different categories that you can choose from like Punjabi, Chinese, south Indian, Italian, continental, non-veg, etc.

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Many caterers handle all food styles. It all depends upon your experience. After deciding the category, make a proper business plan, from investment to marketing.

Investigate the market, how other caterers manage things, from where they buy bulk vegetables, crockeries and other stuff can buy from?

How to get customers? How to manage staff? And the most important, how to manage the cost?

These all are the important points that you have to be clear about before starting your catering business.

Next main point is, from where you will start your business.

  • You can take a shop for rent.
  • If you have a place in your house you can cook, pack and serve there.
  • You can also go and cook where the program is organized.
  • One more option is you can check a shop, that you can get it when needed, for 1 or 2 days according to your order. With that, you can also save your money.

If you have a little knowledge of social media, you can handle your advertising by using Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. This will also save you money. 

Print out the pamphlets and distribute them by morning newspaper. This will not cost much and reach most of the public.

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Give an attractive name you your catering company. So that by name people will know your work.

Take license and registration of the company. In India, every business has to be licensed. You can Do online or hire a CA for this.

Catering is the most successful small business ideas that are actually good and profitable. You can start it with low investment. 

3. Travel and Tourism Services

If you have an interest in travel and tourism or you have keen to know about different places. This is the most successful small business ideas that you can choose with less investment.

Do business according to your interest by that you can explore your business and get more benefit.

Before starting the business, Research the market. How other travel services are giving services to the client?

What type of package was liked by the client? How to contact the client? These are all answers you will get after the research.

You can start this business with low investment as few things are needed like a computer with good internet service, a printer, and a scanner machine.

You can start this service from home. Later you can shift to the shop that can be rented or your own. The location is the priority. The shop is in the market area. So that clients can visit easily.

Give a name to your tour and Travel agency with an attractive tagline. Hire a graphic designer for a logo that indicates your company. 

Do marketing for your business, because marketing makes your company popular. People came to know about your services.

Use a social media portal for marketing. Make your page on Facebook and Instagram and connect with more people. Use WhatsApp group to connect with people.

The next most important step is Licence and Registration. According to the law of government, each business has to be registered under government rules.

You can register your company online or hire a CA for this work. With these steps, you can easily open your Tour and Travel Services.

4. TV Advertisement Company

Nowadays, the advertising business is in the peek, as every business needs promotion to come forward.

Advertising is a type of marketing that promotes a non-personal message to reach a customer. This is a paid marketing for the company.

If you have a knowledge of designing and marketing or you have an interest in this field, then this is the right business that you can go for.

Because this is a creative field and one has to be creative or done designing courses to start this business.

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So, if you are planning to open your own TV advertising company, you have to properly plan out the strategy. Survey the market, which types of advertisements are needed.

Also, finalize the finance is needed to start up the company. Check how other advertising companies work and take projects. 

Decide a place for your office from where you can start your work from. A place should be in a business area.

Where other business offices are. Because the advertisement you are going to do is related to a business.

Do marketing, make a video and describe, which type of advertising you are doing? And how do clients get benefit by doing an advertisement? What package you are giving? And most important, give different offers to attract the client.

Most important, give a name to your TV advertising company. 

License and registration are also necessary if you start your business professionally. License and registration can be done easily. You can do it online or contact CA with all important documents.

Interest and hobby make the profession more working and beneficial. So, if you have an interest in designing, it will be profitable.

5. Renewable Energy

This is another the most successful small business ideas in India. Renewable energy is useful energy that is collected from renewable resources. The resources that can be taken by natural resources do not depend upon a human working.

Sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. This energy mostly provides energy like electricity generation, air and water heating/cooling, transportation, etc.

The renewable energy market is very high and also new for everyone. Most people don’t know about renewable energy.

If you want to start this project, then it’s good as it is good for the environment and the government also helps in these types of projects.

Make a business plan before you start the business. Select which type of renewable energy you want to start, and plan the investment, risk, and profit. 

Research the market, how much people are aware of renewable energy, and the mindset behind it. Are they ready to change and save energy with a new concept?

Do advertising with video and audio and describe, how this energy is beneficial in business and big projects and can save the environment with profit.

Make a website that has the full detail of the company and how other companies will get benefit from renewable energy.

Talk with industries owner and describe the benefit and profits also contact suppliers and margin in each supply they do.

Get the license and registration of the company. Before registration, you have to give a name to the company. contact a CA for license and registration. 

Find the right place for the business place as you need to dump your material. It will be better if you find your shop in the industrial area, there you can approach for business easily.

The new venture mostly works. It needs your hard work and determination and also a well-planned project. So go ahead, this is a good business plan for a new century.

6. Courier Services

This is an old, most successful small business ideas and still a demanded service. The courier services provide services like supplying goods from one place to another place in exchange for money.

Deliver messages, mails, packages and in short, all you need to deliver in a needed place can be delivered in exchange for money. The parameter of good courier service is its speed, time, tracing product and cost.

This is a low investment business that you can do easily. All big and small companies need good courier services which dispatch their product in time.

These all work done on a contract basis. The courier services take a contract from big companies and deliver the product with their company packing.

Initial planning is necessary before starting the services. Like which type of goods you are ready to dispatch, as different goods have different laws.

For example, medical welfare and industrial chemical have different handling procedures and care ordinances. 

The most important is to finalize the staff for a different section like for delivery you have to hire staff, some for nearby and for far you have to set the allowance according to that.

Hire a customer service representative, helper, and accountant in starting your business. Find out a shop in rent or your own. Go for a shop according to your dumping.

Marketing is necessary so that people will know about your services. Make a page on Instagram and Facebook and describe your services.

You can also go for a website; there you can give your company details and the work you are providing.

Contact big companies for delivering their product. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Small business entrepreneurs too need a good courier service for their product deliveries. 

License and registration are also needed for any professional work. So, get your company licensed.

Before that give a name to your courier service. For recognition, a name is more important. So, start your courier service, this is a small investment business that you can start.

7 Home & Office Furniture

Furniture takes the most important part of life. It is an office or home; it has a specific place in every place.

Where ever you reach, in-office or in-home a sitting arrangement is always there for guests. Furniture increases the beauty of the place.

So, opening a home and office furniture shop is the most successful small business ideas in India.

But before opening the store, the most important thing is making a business plan, so that no problem will come to run the business. 

There are many types of furniture stores, that you have to decide, which you want to opt for, like, taking a franchise of some owned company or opening your store by making your products.

Finding the right place for a store is also important, as the store will be in the market area so that customers can reach you easily.

License and registration are needed when you start any business. You can do it online or contact CA for it.

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