Mothers Day Gifting Options from asa, Sirona Hygiene and Power Gummies

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Mother’s Day is the best time to show your love and gratitude to your strongest and coolest mom. She has been there for you, and you know how valuable she is.

You can make her feel special by giving her lovely and useful gifts – one that is beneficial for her and does good for her skin, hair, and health. 

1) asa beauty

asa presents the perfect opportunity for you to pamper your mother with gifts that she will adore.

Whether it is the asa Hydra Matte Lipstick, asa Creme Lipstick, asa Concealer, asa Cream Corrector, or asa Finishing Powder, each product comes as the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. 

What’s even better is that all products from asa are refillable, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, and more than 92% natural.

That means that you can truly indulge in luxury without having to worry about the repercussions – asa has you covered.

So, indulge to your heart’s content this Mother’s Day and bring home products that are good for you, your mum, and the environment. 

About asa beauty

asa is not just another luxury beauty brand, but it’s the answer to the Global Indian woman’s quest for purposeful luxury and is here to disrupt the Indian beauty landscape.

The brand comes as India’s first luxury clean beauty brand which consists of carefully crafted, authentic, purposeful products that are more than more than 92% Natural, Vegan, Refillable, Sustainable and free from animal cruelty. 

With the brand’s philosophy of ‘Clean Awakening’, a purpose that aspires to become a movement, an act of consciously awakening oneself to a more conscious way of being.

Continuing with the Refillable Programme, all the products come with their own refills. This aims to help our consumers minimize wastage and reduce their carbon footprint. 

The entire brand range is available on, Nykaa and all leading e-commerce retailer platforms. The makeup ranges from INR 1750 to INR 2900 while the refills range from INR 1250 to INR 2450. 


The Sirona range of products comes with such offerings. Whether it is the Sirona Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanser, Sirona Depigmentation Face Serum, Sirona Anti-Acne Face Serum, Sirona Anti-Chafing Rash Cream, PeeBuddy Waterproof Toilet Seat Cover, or BodyGuard Sanitizing Wipes, each product goes a long way in looking after the safety and security of your mother.

Sirona’s range seamlessly offers solutions for problems that tend to crop up in their everyday lives. 

In fact, these products are designed in such a way that they tackle challenges effectively and provide efficient solutions to women’s issues.

Whether it is feminine hygiene or menstrual wellness, each product goes a long way in looking after women – mind, body, and soul. So, opt for Sirona this Mother’s Day and ease the way with which your mum spends her days. 

About The Brand

Sirona Hygiene is an award-winning product innovation brand committed to breaking the stigma around menstrual hygiene with multiple innovative products across categories. 

Some of these game-changing products include – PeeBuddy India’s first stand and pee device which has sold more than two million units to date;

The Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches India’s first herbal pain relief patch and has crossed over 1,00,000 units since the launch, these give women the opportunity to seek natural and effective pain relief in lieu of hot water bottles and pain killers;

The Sirona Natural Coloured PadsIndia’s first colored, disposable biodegradable pads; Sirona Oxo Degradable Sanitary Disposal BagsIndia’s first Oxo degradable sanitary disposal bags;

The Sirona Anti Chafing Rash Cream,  India’s first natural anti-chafing cream for women; The Sirona Menstrual Cup KitA one-of-a-kind kit that consists of the Menstrual Cup Wash, Menstrual Cup Steriliser, and the Sirona Menstrual Cups that are used by over 500,000 women.


The Power Gummies Vitamins are consciously formulated to be 100% Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and crafted cruelty-free, using Biotin (Vitamin H), folic acid, and three essential vitamins namely, Vitamin A, C, and E, with the intention of making health fun for all. 

They come as an effective Mother’s Day gift that is not only delicious and delectable but also a treat for your hair, skin, and health.

These chewable vitamins come with the promise of #NoShortcut to hair, skin, and nail health and need to be consumed daily, over a period of two months (90 days), to see visible results (two gummies a day).

About Power Gummies

Advocating the mantra ”Health Powered by Happiness & backed by Science”, PowerGummies is FSSAI approved and FDA compliant.

The products are also lab tested for purity, clinically tested and scientifically-backed on biotin based research published in reports of the European Food & Safety Association.

Their most renowned variant is tasty blue coloured Hair and Nail vitamins gummies which help restore and maintain the health of hair and nails.

It is an amalgamation of Biotin, Zinc, Folic acid, and ten other essential vitamins and minerals that act as a panacea for holistic nutrition needs.

The PowerGummies vitamins are priced at INR. 1,200/- for a monthly starter pack (60 gummies) and at INR. 2,300/- for a 60 day supply (120 gummies).

They are available for purchase on, NYKAA,, Flipkart,

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