How Mufti became a brand of Rs ₹400 crore starting from ₹10000 Borrowed Money

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Mufti: Started with a loan of ₹10000, today there is a turnover of billions.

Mufti owner Kamal Khushlani borrowed ₹10,000 and started making shirts. His vision and hard work have cost the business billions of rupees today.

This journey of Kamal Khushlani, who started his business with only 10 thousand rupees from one of his relatives, is very interesting.

The success story of Mufti is very interesting. This story can be inspiring entrepreneur who wants to make their business successful.

You must have heard the name “Mufti” the famous brand of men’s fashion. The Men’s online clothing store has an annual turnover of more than ₹400 crore.

The story of Kamal Khushlani, who founded the country’s most popular textile brand ‘Mufti’, is interesting as well as inspiring.

So let’s take a look at the Mufti’s success story and entrepreneurial journey. Kamal Khushlani is the founder of Mufti. With his vision and hard work, today he is doing business worth billions of rupees.

About Kamal Khushlani – Indian Entrepreneur

Kamal Khushlani was born on September 25, 1966 in a middle class family. He lived in Mumbai, grew up and graduated in Commerce. His father died when she was 19 years old.  

Kamal worked for a videocassette company. Kamal had a good understanding of fashion from the beginning, which gradually became his interest.

He wanted to work in the fashion industry and earn a name. He had dreams, but no money to turn dreams into reality.

Kamal belonged to a middle class family. His father died when he was 19 years old. Now he had dreams, but no money to turn dreams into reality.

Started work by borrowing ₹10,000

He started making shirt by borrowing Rs 10,000 from his aunt. In 1992, he started a small business named Mr & Mr which made and sold shirts for men.

He had a bike and a big suitcase, on which used to keep 60 piece shirts. Tons of cloth would be loaded and taken to the workshop.

When clothes were made, they were loaded onto a single bike and sold. Mr & Mr had no staff and no office.

He used the space under the dining table in their house as a warehouse. Thus began Kamal’s entrepreneurial journey as an Indian entrepreneur.

Kamal’s work was going well. Life was going well too, but Kamal was not satisfied with his growth. Kamal felt that there was a lot of space in the fashion industry that they needed to fill.

He felt that he was not using his full skill and strength. If applied with all its might it can create a new wave of fashion not only in the country but also all over the world.

The Success Story of the Mufti

In 1998, Kamal Khushlani started a fashion brand called Mufti. Kamal started as a lone mufti. He developed as a denim casual wear brand in 1998. Mufti’ is a Hindi word, derived from the Armed Forces of India, meaning ‘casual dressing’, as opposed to a uniform.

Kamal chose the name because the company was selling clothing that was different from other brands, and he pitched his brand as an alternative clothing.

People’s love created a brand

“People are choosing Mufti’s new style, fitting and comfort,” Kamal said in an interview.

Fashion was now moving away from the old ways and moving towards a new route, in which people began to attach great importance to comfort. For this reason, people preferred Mufti to other Indian brands.

At that time, Kamal see that stretch jeans pants were available only for girls, but the Mufti started making jeans for men, which was accepted by the Indian market.

It includes trousers, shirts, shorts, jeans, T-shirts, blazers and footwear along with winter wear and outerwear.

Mufti’s collection is on men’s fashion wear. This company makes nothing for women. Why?

Actually, the company started manufacturing women’s cloth a few years ago to expand its work.

However, soon after that he realized that Mufti brand women’s clothes are not sold much. Then the strategy changed and the work was limited to just men’s clothing.

Now it is a big business

Currently, the company has more than 110 LFS (large format stores like Shoppers Stop and Central), about 1200 MBOs (multi-brand outlets) and 300 EBOs (exclusive brand outlets) across India.

The company not only has its own website, but also a presence on almost all major e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

Mufti buys fabric from the leading textile manufacturer in India like Arvind Mills, NSL, Mafatlal, and KG Denim.

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Other Mufti accessories are also buys from India and the Mufti collections are made from third party manufacturing in Bangalore, Ludhiana, and Tiruppur. Currently, Mufti indirectly employs more than 2,000 people.