Mushroom farming: Current Scenario in India – Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom farming

Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable agri-business. Mushroom cultivation in India is growing gradually as an side income for many Indian farmers.

Mushrooms are the fruiting assortments of basidiomycetous parasites and are explicitly called basidiomata (sing, basioma).

They are framed uniquely during specific times of the year when conditions are harmonious and are splendid hued. Mushrooms might be consumable or non-eatable, noxious, or non-toxic.

People have been eating mushrooms for quite a while. They used to go to the forests and other wild places and dependent on their insight into edible and harmful mushrooms they used to gather the consumable ones. Indeed, even now a few people collect wild mushrooms from the jungle and eat them.


In the mid-1950s the government of Himachal Pradesh named Shri S.S.Jain as its first Asstt. Plant Pathologist and Mycologist for the state. He worked in the WildFlower Hall in Chharabra, Shimla.

He was visiting the inside zones of Himachal to help the apple orchardists and the farmers control the diseases of apples, different products of the soil like potatoes and wheat.

He saw the helpless hand to mouth state of the helpless farmers in the hilly province of HP. He needed to support them.

While remaining with certain farmers in inside regions he saw that there were decaying twigs and parts of an apple and other natural product trees and wheat straw in the stable alongside cow dung and in the ecological conditions, there was an abundance of mushrooms developing in obscurity horse shelters.

He made an exploration proposition on developing of consumable mushrooms and got the consent for the equivalent from the state government and got the mushroom produce from Japan and France.

He began a lab in Solan, Shimla Hills, and began his examination probes developing eatable mushrooms of Agaricus and different species, in lab conditions reproducing those found in Himachal Pradesh.

At the point when he had the option to develop the mushrooms effectively on a substrate arranged from decaying apple tree twigs and branches, cow dung and wheat straw and so on he distributed the outcomes through the magazine of the HP state Extension division.

These outcomes when pitched and brought to the notice of the ranchers and the needy individuals in the state prompted the spread of data and brought forth to them and mushroom cultivation began in Himachal Pradesh.

The research facility set up by Shri S.S.Jain, the pioneer of mushroom development in India later turned into the main significant place for preparing mushroom development to ranchers of Himachal Pradesh and different states as additionally the mycologists and plant pathologists from everywhere India.

HY-Tech Organics Farms: With the ever-expanding world population, it will get massively elusive enough reasonable farmlands to create sufficient supplies to take care of the heightening populace.

Considering the inescapable urbanization in our nation India to advance development and improvement, it is likewise very important to have an all-around arranged sketch of the creative cultivating innovations for what’s to come.

Indeed, let us state that we have discovered a reasonable answer for the large scale manufacturing of mushrooms, and with our innovation, the advantages are essentially perpetual.

India has been as of late under the spotlight of moving advancements occurring over the world. Vertical cultivating is stand-out innovation related to cultivating where anybody intrigued can develop more at a less spot with fewer assets.

Sounds fascinating, right? Much the same as it sounds to us consistently while Hy-tech Organic Farm endeavor to build up the prescribed procedures engaged with such sort of cultivating advances.

It is a significant progressive approach to develop top-notch mushrooms with this innovation. Vertical cultivating right now practically speaking in India is generally polyhouse-based.

A similar method of cultivating permits anybody to accomplish higher profitability toward the end for a lot less speculation fire up.

Hy-tech Organic Farm is the first company from India to have sustainably created a commercial business model out of a tremendous way of vertical farming to grow high-quality mushrooms at a lower cost of investment.

Technology of the company works on a closed production facility where the architecture is quite similar to the ones seen in the manufacturing industry or a small warehouse.

Hy-tech Organic Farm’s technology outperforms all the other contenders in the quest to develop a similar fashion of farming technology by a margin and more through extensive research and developments happening inside our hi-tech laboratories.

The company not only provide a solution to grow mushrooms vertically but even formulate the compost which is grown in it.

The technology, as a result, promises year-round crop production with almost very few hurdles to cross while executing the growth of mushrooms with it.

Vertical Farming in India

India has been recently under the spotlight of trending technologies happening across the world.

Vertical farming is one of a kind technology associated with farming where anyone interested can grow more at a less place with fewer resources.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Just like it sounds to us every day while we strive to develop the best practices involved with such kinds of farming technologies.

With the help of 3 years of trial and research, HOF made a design where our Farmers and Plant holder can produce a Minimum 5 to maximum 10 times revolutionary production by using our mushroom spawn and compost.

Digging deep into the data coming from our Asian vertical farming community, we have seen the method being implemented in overseas land but not in our country India.

Hence, implementing the methodologies into the way we are cultivating mushrooms now led us here. 

Invest in India’s better future of agriculture

Hy-tech Organic Farm (HOF) provide Mushroom spawn and compost developed in our hi-tech laboratory set up and cultivate the Mushroom in structure design by the HOF team under the observation of our specialist team.

The investor will get a fixed 50% yearly return equivalent to their investment amount without any trouble. Investors have to provide required Land, Money, Electric supply, and water consumption at the site.

HOF will take care of the rest of the responsibility like the sale, export, price, and transportation.

Mushroom farmingHelping Farmers to Grow

Hy-tech Organics Farms (HOF) is a production facility for Polyhouse Cultivation solutions with the help of beneficial advancements in technology, our company has rapidly developed into an enterprise with a strong technical force backing us up.

From this year onwards the Crop insurance industry is going in the privatization model and we have industry expertise and provide support in crop insurance and satisfactory solutions in the worst condition. 

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Mushroom development has become a tremendous fare situated industry and enormous unfamiliar trade gaining business and products for little league cultivators. Numerous Universities and State branches of agribusiness as likewise private individuals are giving preparation in developing mushrooms, mostly, export.