Father is my Father always with me as Father – inspirational poem by Sheila Rajan

My Father is My Father

I am very surprised Father never expects any thing from any one always walks with his children.

Every father never expects any thing from any one. He tries to spread their identity giving honour to them.

I wish to appreciate him, as he is always with
Us and walk along with the children as children.
We know The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.
We are With our Heart. With Father, I learned so many things
through Father only.
Father is always satisfied with joy. Happiness is their Energy
The story differs as I was afraid of my work At that time My children became very close to me
Started to act like their Father and became to Act as Father.
I was excited to learn everything From Children.
How was taught by my
Father is Father Acted as
Father in my case.
Children also become
Parents For Parents
Parents to Parents.
Life always teach Lessons to Lessons To
The lesson itself for Learning.Throughout Life.
Father is my Father always with me As Father*

My Father is My Father

My Father is With Me
I am the Eldest. His thought is Cherished with me.
My thought is With Him. As Feathers Touch
Even Today I can Feel his
Golden Touch. With Out., Expecting Anything From me.
He is an Honour to Me.
In my thought as it Always Blossomed like Flower.

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Father means very strict But it was different in My case as he was lovable.
His Tender Touch moved my fear disappeared
fear Disappeared. I became close to him.
Few lines about my Father.
My father is my Father Believed me.
I am very Proud of My Father He Believed in me. Protected me. Strengthed me liked and loved me.
Unconditionally. As I have to search results words Describe him. As he is Special Person to admire.l love him With Respect. He is very close to me.
I search Still Hidden Love
In Him Which is won by My Heart.
Father is proud of me. me.,Without fear .so am very close to Him.