My Teaching Mantra: Eat, Drink, and Sleep Marks: Richa Aggarwal

Richa aggarwal

By Abhilasha Munjal: She completed her education in 1994. And nearly three decades later, she is an Economics teacher at Delhi Public School, RK Puram. Meet Richa, an alumnus of Apeejay School, Faridabad, who is passionate about teaching, and is proud of her decision to become a teacher.

“My students put in tremendous effort to score a perfect 100. I am amazed by their dedication not only to excel academically but also to earn the coveted pen as a reward,” Richa shares enthusiastically.

In a candid interview. she talks about her teaching journey and how inspired by the movie 3 Idiots, she now has a unique reward system — a branded pen as a token of appreciation to students who score 100.

Tell us about yourself.

I completed my BSc.from Lady Shri Ram College (DU) and then pursued my BEd. At present, I am teaching Economics to class XII  students at Delhi Public School, R.K Puram, Delhi. Teaching has been my passion for the last 19 years.

Apart from my academic pursuits, I also completed LLB, following the family tradition in law. Beyond my professional life, I indulge in my hobbies of reading books, creating Mandala Art, and exploring the world through travel. I have been fortunate to visit 24 countries, and each journey has enriched my life in unique ways.

Have you always wanted to become a teacher?

Right after completing my graduation, I pursued my BEd. My father’s consistent advice was to venture into teaching, and I took his guidance to heart. So, here I am today, following his suggestion and thoroughly enjoying my journey as an educator.

Since Board exams just ended, are you tense about the result?

Even though the Economics exam has long been over, I can’t shake off the tension. However, considering the exam was above average, I hold a strong belief in my students’ abilities to excel. I have high expectations from them, and I’m confident they’ll rise to the occasion.

Has Apeejay school helped you hone your skills?

Absolutely. Whether it was my time at LSR or my present profession, I owe everything to the dedicated efforts of my teachers at Apeejay School. I attribute all my achievements to the nurturing environment provided by them. Now, as a teacher myself, I am deeply committed to honouring the faculty at Apeejay and ensuring that their hard work continues to be recognised and appreciated.

Any memory that you would like to share from your school days?

I cherish fond memories of my favourite teachers, especially my Chemistry teacher, who had a unique teaching style. Instead of relying on textbooks, he guided us through note-taking, which I found incredibly effective. Apeejay has been exceptional in providing such quality education that I never felt the need for additional tuition.

A piece of advice for aspiring teachers.

Be You. Stay true to yourself and maintain your unique skills. Surround yourself with ambitious students. The environment and company you keep, play a significant role. A positive atmosphere fosters healthy competition. For all the Apeejayites, the school offers abundant opportunities, so I encourage every Apeejayite to seize them and make the most of what the institute has to offer.


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