Mysore-Bangalore Highway: A Portal to New Opportunities

Mysore-Bangalore highway

Mysore-Bangalore Highway: A Portal to New Opportunities

The new Mysore-Bangalore Highway, or New SH-17, as it is popularly known now, is a much-needed upgrade of the old SH-17 that connects these two important cities in the state of Karnataka.

The route connects the Silicon Valley of India to the cultural capital of Karnataka in a much more convenient way.

The new 119 km highway eases congestion and time spent on this road connecting the two cities and makes travelling from one to the other much faster.

With the new SH-117, travelling between Mysore and Bangalore will take just about 90 minutes now instead of about 3 hours earlier.

The project began back in 2019 but lagged when the pandemic struck. After almost two years, the ten-lane expressway is now open to the public after its completion in October 2022.

The whole project comes under the Bharatmala Pariyojana scheme with a total budget of INR 8172 crore.

Due to its proximity to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), north Bangalore continues to stay on the top of the list of real estate investors.

This part of the city offers the best and most affordable office spaces for rent in Bangalore, which makes it the most happening place in terms of real estate. The new highway is going to increase this demand way more.

Major Localities on the Expressway

Some of the significant localities located among the Bangalore-Mysore expressway include;


Ramanagara is approximately 50 km from Bangalore. It is known as the silk town or silk town of Karnataka since it is the main producer of the famous Mysore silk. It has the largest silk cocoon market in Asia.

The tourist attractions in the city include the Sholay hills, where the famous Bollywood movie Sholay was filmed, along with many other old and famous landscapes.


Mandya is a district in Karnataka, located 100 km from Bangalore and 45 km from Mysore. Sugarcanes are the major crop grown around the city and contribute to its main economic output. It is the ‘sugar city’ of Karnataka.

Major tourist attractions of the city include the Shivanasamudra and Hemagiri waterfalls, Gumbaz and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.


Bidadi is approximately 32 km from Bangalore. The city is famous for its cuisines, especially ‘Bidadi Thatte Idli’, a variant of South Indian traditional idli.


Srirangapatna, also known as Seringapatam, is a city of historic and cultural importance. It is approximately 18 km from Mysore.

It was the capital of the kingdom of Mysore under Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. The city has witnessed a lot of history and hence is a significant heritage landmark of Karnataka.

The fourth Anglo-Mysore war took place on the grounds of Seringapatam, which consolidated the British Empire in India.

The other attraction of the city is its architecture, which is a visual treat that takes its visitors to the historic masterpieces of the Hoysala and Vijayanagara Empires.

The new expressway can enhance the trade and tourism sectors of the above localities and improve their accessibility and visibility.

Economy in Bangalore

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore contributes to 98% of the software exports in the state of Karnataka.

The city is a hotspot for startups, budding entrepreneurs, real estate developers and many other business minds.

The high success rate of IT firms is attracting more business minds into the city who are in search of new opportunities.

IT MNCs like Wipro and Infosys and automobile giants like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have their headquarters in Bangalore.

Successful e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Swiggy, Ola Cabs and Myntra have their origins in the city.

All these success stories never fail to draw more people into the city in search of better job opportunities and lifestyles.

When it comes to innovations in the aerospace industry, Bangalore has earned its name as the aviation monopoly capital of India. Aerospace giants like Boeing, Airbus and UTL have stationed their research centres here.

The real estate sector is booming in the city, all thanks to its recent developments in the IT sector. The city has a wide range of options for commercial properties at affordable prices.

Economy in Mysore

Mysore holds a lot of nicknames, such as Heritage City, City of Palaces, Sandalwood City and so on. Being a city of cultural importance, it owes its earlier economic growth to the rulers of the Mysore kingdom, Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

Tourism and IT are the prominent industries in the city. The main software companies stationed in Mysore include Excelsoft Technologies, Infosys and ArisGlobal.

The city is home to some of the major historic landmarks of India, including the famous architectural wonder, the Mysore Palace.

As for the manufacturing sector, the city has seen rapid growth since post-independence. Companies like KSIC, Larsen and Toubro have their manufacturing units in Mysore. Some of the other prominent sectors include agriculture and related services.

Compared to Bangalore, Mysore has a lot to work on in the IT and real estate sectors. The new express highway can help Mysore attract more growth and visibility for its economic growth and development.

Benefits of the New Bangalore-Mysore Highway

With the improvements in the transportation sector, there are many benefits for both Bangalore and Mysore. Now let’s take a look at how this new highway acts as a portal of new opportunities for both these cities.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

With the new highway in place traffic congestion in Bangalore is expected to reduce significantly. This will not only improve commute times but also lead to better air quality and less noise pollution in the city.

Improved Connectivity

The new highway will improve connectivity between Bangalore and Mysore, making it easier for people to travel between the two cities. This will boost tourism and economic activity in both cities.

The improvement in the commute facilities will improve the connectivity of the city, its trade and tourism and bring new opportunities for both business and economic growth.

Faster and Easier Journeys

The new highway will make journeys between Bangalore and Mysore faster and easier. This will be a huge relief for commuters who had to endure long and frustrating journeys on the previous road with less rush and traffic.

Since the expressway minimised the overall journey period from Bangalore to Mysore to 90 minutes, more people will be able to travel conveniently and comfortably on the new and well-constructed road, compared to the old, congested and poorly conditioned one.

Safer journeys

The new highway will also make journeys between Bangalore and Mysore safer. Better safety features offered by the expressway make it a better option for commuters.

The upgrade from a four-lane to a now ten-lane road eases up the traffic and reduces the risk of accidents.

Economy Boost

The new highway will have a favourable impact on the economy of Bangalore and Mysore. This is because it will make it easier for people to travel between the two cities, which will boost tourism and trade.

The North and East zones of Bangalore are growing way faster than the other areas of the city. With improved connectivity to Mysore, the demand for these areas is expected to increase further.

Real Estate Growth

The highway will indeed create a revolution in the development of many business sectors in Bangalore, the most beneficial sector being the real estate one.

The growth of the IT sector in both cities will be equally benefited by the project, and the improved connection will bring more investors both in the real estate and Information Technology sectors.

Now will be the right time for business people and entrepreneurs to look for office spaces for rent in Bangalore if they want to station their business in the city.


The new Bangalore-Mysore highway is a great boon for the people of Karnataka. It will ease traffic congestion and reduce overall travel time with its well-maintained and good infrastructure.

The route promises to be a game-changer for commuters of Bangalore and Mysore and is expected to reduce travel time between the two cities by half and will also offer a smoother and safer journey.

The new highway comes with a lot of benefits for both the cities, including cheaper and faster travel by car, new restaurants, hotels and dining facilities, eco-friendlier travel options and a much-needed infrastructure upgrade in Karnataka.

The new expressway will open up a lot of business opportunities for both cities. It is wiser for new business people and entrepreneurs to invest in office spaces in Bangalore for a great and competitive start in the industry.

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