Mystic Moonstone: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses


Moonstone, also known as hematite, is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate of the feldspar group which displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. They are made up of varied compositions , typically with alternating layers of orthoclase and albite.They are soft and milky-coloured stones in the feldspar group of minerals. They originated in SriLanka and can be found in countries like Myanmar and India.

Moonstone Meaning

Moonstones Gemstones are believed to be linked with the moon goddess. According to the beliefs of ancient civilizations moonstones are formed by solidifying the moonlight while a spirit inhabits the stone.

It is believed that whoever wears the moonstone is blessed with wealth and wisdom,and the person will also be able to achieve victories in battles. Moonstones are also good for activating one’s creative and intuitive power of feminine energy.Eastern culture  indicates moonstones as goodluck.

Moonstone Benefits

  1.  It denotes mental tranquility,new growth and optimism.
  2.  It is also called the stone which enhances passion and can increase the level of excitement  and novelty in your relationship.
  3.  It is also an aid in achieving emotional equilibrium.
  4.  In case you experience anxiety or aggression,moonstone is the ideal gemstone for you.
  5. Moonstone also has nourishing qualities. All of the negativity of your life would be removed by moonstones.

Who Should Wear Moonstone?

Cancer is the perfect zodiac sign for moonstone. It works towards enhancing the quality of Cancerians especially those who are loyal and attached to their families. It is considered as a boon for women, especially pregnant ones as it eases the pain and enhances fertility. Moonstones are particularly useful among men at calming rising anger and releasing tensions.

Properties and Varieties of Moonstone:-

Moonstone properties:-

The finest moonstone in the world is a gem of glassy purity; it also has a mobile, electric blue shimmer. Moonstone has a hardness of  6 on mohs scale.If you closely have a look inside the gemstone, you can see the structures which contain layers inside.

The layered structure is basically an indication of three elements namely water, metal and earth. This gem is also known as Chandra mani and wearing it keeps one’s mind serene. Moon stone is the secondary stone of the moon and is worn to get a positive effect related to the moon god. 

The moon god influences the mind , so this stone helps to keep the mind peaceful and focused. You can wear moonstones to appease the moon god .


Moonstones range in appearance from semi-transparent to opaque and colorless to white ,with a blue,white adularescence effect. Moonstone body color varies widely. They can be available in green, yellow to brown, or gray to nearly black.

BLUE MOONSTONE:-The blue moonstone is crystal clear because of its blue surface. The most desirable rocks are of the strongest blue color. Healing energies signifies the blue moonstones. Blue moonstones have a quality to deal with the issues related to jet lag, travel fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and a multitude of sleep disorders.

Blue moonstone is sometimes faceted, however much case is needed to be taken while working with it  as the material can be brittle and can break under pressure.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE:- Rainbow moonstone emerges from the empty osteoclastic inclusions and textures and has a milky patchy look. It helps in enhancing creativity, inner confidence and compassion.

It also brings hope and harmony. The reflection from the layers and inclusions of rainbow moonstone generates a rainbow effect when the stone attracts light. This is a very common color which is loved by all and widely used in silver jewellery.

GREEN MOONSTONE:- Green moonstone is not well recognised as blue or rainbow moonstone as the color game,but still it’s a lovely stone as it promotes peace and tranquility. It is said that green moonstone brings harmony and balance in one’s life.

It can be proven as a perfect gift for those who are going to embark a new journey or starting afresh as the stone symbolizes new beginnings. They usually appear slightly white or transparent with a pale green yellow color . You will be able to experience a glow just like a full moon if you look down on the pier.

WHITE MOONSTONE:-White moonstone exhibits a soft, watery opacity and a silvery white reflection . It is said to capture the hope and promise of the new moon due to its clearest white light. It’s believed that white moonstone promotes abundance, renewal, fertility and women’s health. It also helps in reducing anxiety, calming the emotions and promoting inner strength, growth and vision.

PEACH MOONSTONE:–  The color of this moonstone usually ranges from brown to an exceptionally light peach. This moonstone helps to fight anxiety, stimulates the mind and supports the heart. Peach moonstone is all about harmony . In women it can deal with aggression issues and men can wear it to get in touch with their more gentle side.

Moonstone Healing Properties:-

Moonstone helps with all kinds of healing properties including Physical, Emotional, Spiritual. It helps to balance the hormone level, provides inner strength,focuses on positive endeavors,helps in improving emotional balance, helps with lucid dreaming,ignites positive energy within the wearer.


Moonstones being the most beautiful gemstone available at an affordable price which carries numerous benefits. It is believed that moonstone is a powerful stone that works well with moons and its energies.

During the ancient times moonstones were highly valued by people because it carries good fortune,lunar properties and enhances intuitions.

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