Myths About Pregnancy and Fertility Busted by The Best IVF Centre In Bhubaneswar

IVF Centre

IVF is a process in which a female’s egg is merged with the male’s sperm in a laboratory rather than the body. It is then kept in her uterus until an embryo is latently formed from the integrated units. Although it is increasingly popular now, it is surprising..

IVF is ART, short for assisted reproductive technology, which has dramatically increased in recent years and has been more successful than ever before to make the process safer and more efficient. The following is what the Best IVF Centre says about the wrong myths of IVF. 

Debunking the Myths

  •  It is always a successful procedure.

Fact: While IVF can imminently increase the probability of pregnancy, it is not always successful, as claimed by the internet. The rates of success vary depending on various factors such as fertility issues, age, other medical conditions and the health of eggs and sperm in women and men, respectively.

  • It is the only method available.

Fact: IVF is not the one and only method of conceiving available. According to the best IVF Centre in Bhubaneswar, other options include fertility drugs, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and surgery.

  • IVF can result in Twins or Multiple Babies

Fact: The chance of having twins or multiples is definitely higher with IVF due to the use of more than one embryo in the process. Nevertheless, single embryo transmissions are becoming more popular to reduce this risk. The medical field has taken control of this issue now.

  • Children born out of IVF are Abnormal.

Fact: Most babies that are conceived through the IVF method are born normal and healthy. While there may be slightly more chances of the risk of certain conditions, the overall risk still remains very low. Consult your infertility Center to gain more insights on the same.

  • IVF can Cause Health Problems

Fact: There is no such study that supports this statement. The most common side effects of IVF are minor and include bloating, mild cramping, nausea and constipation. On the other hand, serious complications are rare. The minor side effects can be overcome by over-the-counter medication and medical assistance.

  • It can result in Ovarian Cancer.

Fact: It is simply a myth and not to be believed. There is no such research or medical findings that support this statement about the IVF cycle. It does not cause cancer and is a relatively safe procedure to undergo under the guidance of your doctor. 

The Emotional Challenges

IVF can be emotionally challenging and might need support from loved ones. You can also seek counseling or join support groups that help you cope with this journey. There can be a multitude of emotions that you might go through, such as anger, despair, excitement, hope, guilt, happiness, and so on. You must also be emotionally strong enough to handle a failed IVF attempt. There is always a chance to start again.

FAQ: Is IVF Expensive for Most Couples?

IVF is a relatively expensive process. But clinics and insurance companies now offer financial help services where you might not have to pay the entire amount in one go. The cost also depends on the location, city and clinic you contact for IVF. The decision needs to be made wisely for choosing the IVF Centre.


Knowing the truth and clearing up any misconceptions about IVF can help you make knowledgeable choices on your path to fertility. Keep in mind everyone’s IVF journey is different, and there’s no single solution that fits all in fertility treatments. Talking to your gynecologist about your particular situation and options is crucial.

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