Prime Minister Narendra Modi Presented with Exquisite Vidhi Singhania Shawl at the 17th Indian Cooperative Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

~Vidhi Singhania: Preserving India’s Textile Heritage with Exquisite Handwoven Heirlooms~

The esteemed Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, was honoured with a beautiful handwoven shawl created by renowned designer Vidhi Singhania at the 17th Indian Cooperative Congress. 

The Vidhi Singhania shawl, adorned with a woven gold and silver zari Banarasi border, truly embodies the essence of India’s rich cultural heritage. 

Vidhi Singhania shares, “When we received a call, we wondered how we can honour one of the highest powers of our country.

We wanted something that goes with his persona – sturdy, strong and effective. A beautiful ivory shawl handwoven in Kashmir, but with the addition of a Benarasi border in Kesariya colours he holds so close to his heart, was the perfect fit.”

Known for her aesthetic and dexterous detailing of the rich, textured Kota & Benaras weaves over the past 25 years, Vidhi Singhania has flawlessly bridged the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Her Shawls and Stoles collection carries her signature style stamp of elegance, grandeur & quality.

For more information on the collection, visit her Instagram handle: @vidhi_singhania

About Vidhi Singhania: Vidhi Singhania is a celebrated designer known for her handwoven heirlooms that embody India’s rich cultural heritage.

With each of her designs named after her weavers, she has been showcasing her Quiet Luxury collections for 25 years, blending tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Vidhi Singhania is committed to keeping India’s rich textile heritage alive through her exquisite designs.

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