Interview: Naresh Ahuja, Founder and CEO at SMS Scientific

Naresh Ahuja, Founder-CEO-SMS Scientific

An interview with Naresh Ahuja, Founder and CEO at SMS Scientific, a pioneer in crafting innovative solutions for effective doctor-patient engagement

Welcome to an insightful interview with Mr. Naresh Ahuja, the visionary Founder and CEO of SMS Scientific. With a remarkable track record in pioneering innovative solutions, Mr. Ahuja has been instrumental in revolutionizing doctor-patient engagement.

His leadership at SMS Scientific has paved the way for groundbreaking advancements in healthcare communication, fostering better relationships between doctors and patients. Join us as we delve into his unparalleled expertise and the future of healthcare technology.

Can you tell us about the inception of SMS Scientific and the inspiration behind starting a company focused on doctor-patient engagement solutions?

Naresh Ahuja: The inception of SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd traces back to a pivotal experience that highlighted the critical need for improved doctor-patient engagement solutions. In 2018, brothers Naresh and Haresh Ahuja accompanied their father to a prostate consultation at Leelavati Hospital, Mumbai, a renowned healthcare facility.

Despite the hospital’s reputation, the doctor faced challenges explaining the necessary procedure, resorting to rough sketches on paper slips. This left the family feeling confused and disconnected from the medical process.

This experience sparked a realization of a significant communication gap between doctors and patients. Motivated to address this issue and enhance healthcare communication, the Ahuja brothers conceptualized SMS Scientific Products with a focus on developing innovative solutions for doctor-patient engagement.

The inspiration behind starting SMS Scientific stemmed from a deep-seated commitment to bridging the communication divide in healthcare.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in medical settings for better patient outcomes, the Ahuja brothers envisioned a company dedicated to designing and delivering solutions that empower healthcare professionals to communicate more effectively with their patients.

The goal was to create tools and resources that simplify complex medical information, enhance patient understanding, and facilitate meaningful interactions between doctors and patients.

This vision led to the establishment of SMS Scientific Products, with a mission to revolutionize doctor-patient engagement and improve overall healthcare communication through innovative and tailored solutions.

What specific challenges did you identify within the healthcare industry that led you to develop innovative solutions for doctor-patient engagement?

Naresh Ahuja: The healthcare industry faced several specific challenges that prompted the development of innovative solutions for doctor-patient engagement. Firstly, there were notable communication barriers stemming from the use of complex medical terminology and technical language during patient consultations.

This made it difficult for patients to fully grasp their health conditions, treatment options, and overall healthcare plans. The lack of clear communication led to confusion, misunderstandings, and reduced patient engagement in their own care.

Secondly, there was a recognized limitation in patient education resources. Patients often had limited access to comprehensive and easy-to-understand educational materials about their health conditions, treatments, and preventive measures.

This gap in patient education hindered informed decision-making, proactive healthcare management, and patient empowerment.

Thirdly, healthcare professionals faced significant time constraints during consultations. The limited time available hindered their ability to thoroughly explain medical information, address patient questions and concerns comprehensively, and ensure that patients left consultations with a complete understanding of their health status and treatment plans.

This rushed communication often resulted in dissatisfaction among patients and a lack of confidence in their healthcare decisions.

Identifying these challenges underscored the critical need for innovative solutions that could bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients, enhance patient education and empowerment, and streamline healthcare communication processes.

These insights were instrumental in driving the development of SMS Scientific Products’ solutions focused on improving doctor-patient communication, enhancing patient understanding, and fostering meaningful interactions in healthcare settings.

How does SMS Scientific collaborate with India’s leading pharmaceutical companies to address their needs and enhance doctor-patient interactions?

Naresh Ahuja: SMS Scientific collaborates closely with India’s leading pharmaceutical companies to address their unique needs and enhance doctor-patient interactions in several key ways. Through customized solutions, SMS Scientific tailors its offerings to meet the specific requirements and challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in the healthcare landscape.

Our product range includes a diverse array of tools designed to enhance medical communication. Some notable offerings include:

Write n Wipe Slides on Stand: These interactive slides on a stand provide a dynamic platform for effective communication, allowing information to be easily conveyed and wiped clean for continued use.

3D Therapy Anatomical Board: This innovative board adds a three-dimensional element to anatomical explanations, offering a tactile and visual representation for a more immersive learning experience.

Flip Wipe: A versatile tool that combines the benefits of a flip chart with the convenience of a wipeable surface, ensuring efficient and reusable communication in various medical settings.

Visual Guides: These guides are thoughtfully designed to present complex medical concepts in a visually engaging manner, aiding comprehension and facilitating more effective communication.

Patient Explanation Write n Wipe Book with Tear Pad: An invaluable resource, this book provides a writeable surface for doctors to illustrate and explain medical information to patients, with tear-off pads for patient reference.

Flip Wipe with Patient Leaflets Tray: Combining the benefits of a flip chart and leaflet holder, this tool offers a dual approach to patient education, ensuring that information is accessible both visually and in print.

Slides with Anatomical Models: These slides integrate anatomical models, enhancing the visual representation of medical conditions and facilitating clearer communication between doctors and patients.

Slides with Stationery Holder on Side: A practical design, these slides feature a built-in stationery holder on the side, ensuring that doctors have easy access to writing tools, making annotations and explanations seamless.

This comprehensive range of products caters to various aspects of medical communication, providing doctors with versatile and effective tools to enhance their interactions with patients and colleagues.

In what ways do your solutions contribute to improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences?

Naresh Ahuja: Patients are empowered through engaging and highly interactive consultations with doctors, where they receive easy-to-understand and relevant information. The content, rich in images, is curated by medical specialists and the SMS design team.

Patients leave the doctor’s chamber fully satisfied, armed with accurate knowledge about their disease and its management, enabling them to make informed decisions about their condition.

SMS offers a comprehensive solution, starting from discussions and meetings about the topics to be covered, through the creation of product content, slide design, product development, manufacturing, and finally, delivery to pharmaceutical sponsors.

The entire process is handled by SMS with a complete professional setup, ensuring a timely and seamless journey from design to delivery.

With the rapid advancements in technology, how do you ensure that SMS Scientific stays at the forefront of innovation in this field?

Naresh Ahuja: We are actively engaged in addressing numerous disease areas, constantly refining our molds and designs through close collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we are in the process of developing several new products, with some still in the design phase.

Additionally, we are expanding our product range into the digital and augmented reality (AR) space to elevate engagement levels and facilitate more effective communication between doctors and patients. This commitment to innovation underscores our dedication to enhancing the healthcare experience for all stakeholders involved.

How does SMS Scientific ensure compliance with regulatory standards and data privacy laws while delivering its services?

Naresh Ahuja: SMS Scientific places a strong emphasis on ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and data privacy laws while delivering its services. This commitment is reflected in the company’s proactive approach to staying updated with relevant regulations, including those set by authorities like the FDA, MDR, HIPAA, GDPR, and others applicable to the healthcare industry.

SMS Scientific implements robust data privacy protocols, including encryption, secure data storage, access controls, and regular security audits to protect sensitive information. Transparent privacy policies, consent mechanisms, and user education further reinforce data privacy principles.

Additionally, SMS Scientific conducts regular compliance training for its employees and conducts audits and monitoring to assess and address any compliance gaps, ensuring that its services adhere to regulatory standards and maintain the highest levels of data privacy and security.

What advice would you give to healthcare organizations looking to improve their doctor-patient engagement strategies?

Naresh Ahuja: Improving doctor-patient engagement strategies in healthcare organizations can significantly enhance patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment plans, and overall healthcare outcomes. To achieve this, organizations should prioritize several key strategies.

Firstly, communication lies at the core of effective engagement. Healthcare professionals should communicate clearly, using language that patients can easily understand, and actively listen to patients’ concerns and questions during consultations.

This fosters a sense of trust, encourages open dialogue, and ensures that patients are well-informed about their health conditions and treatment options.

Secondly, leveraging technology can greatly enhance doctor-patient interactions. Healthcare organizations can implement telemedicine platforms for remote consultations, patient portals for accessing medical records and information, and mobile apps for appointment scheduling and medication reminders.

These technological solutions improve convenience, accessibility, and communication efficiency, particularly in today’s digital age.

Additionally, providing comprehensive patient education is crucial. Organizations should offer educational resources in various formats, such as videos, infographics, and written materials, to cater to different learning styles.

Educating patients about their health conditions, treatment plans, and preventive measures empowers them to take an active role in their healthcare journey, leading to better health outcomes and treatment adherence.

Furthermore, promoting shared decision-making is essential in fostering collaborative relationships between doctors and patients. Encouraging patients to participate in discussions about their treatment goals, preferences, and values ensures that healthcare plans are tailored to meet their individual needs. This patient-centered approach promotes autonomy, respect, and patient satisfaction.

Lastly, seeking feedback from patients is crucial for continuous improvement. Healthcare organizations should regularly solicit feedback about patients’ experiences, satisfaction levels, and suggestions for improvement.

This feedback loop helps identify areas for enhancement in doctor-patient engagement strategies, allowing organizations to make targeted interventions and adjustments to better meet patient needs and expectations.

By implementing these strategies and adopting a patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery, organizations can significantly enhance their doctor-patient engagement strategies, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately achieve better health outcomes for their patients.

In conclusion, Mr. Naresh Ahuja’s remarkable journey as the Founder and CEO of SMS Scientific epitomizes a commitment to revolutionizing healthcare communication. Through his visionary leadership, SMS Scientific continues to lead the charge in crafting innovative solutions for effective doctor-patient engagement.

As we look to the future, Mr. Ahuja’s insights provide invaluable guidance for navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare technology, ensuring better outcomes and enhanced patient experiences.

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