NASDAQ holding firm with NVIDIA, Apple and Tesla


The release of Nvidia’s (NVDA) Q1 results three months ago sent shockwaves through the market, confirming that artificial intelligence (AI) had moved from an anticipated trend to a tangible reality. The performance underscored Nvidia’s dominance as the premier video chip manufacturer, revealing they were reaping exceptional rewards.

It was evidenced by a substantial increase in their forward guidance, setting the stage for heightened expectations and stock growth.

The aftermath of this revelation saw both the stock price and analysts’ predictions for future earnings skyrocket.

With this backdrop, the question that looms is whether Nvidia can replicate its success as it gears up to announce its Q2 earnings post-market closure. Can they again exceed expectations or unveil groundbreaking news that propels the stock even higher?

A valuable lens to analyse Nvidia’s potential lies in the stories of tech giants Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA). These companies defied sceptics, consistently meeting or surpassing elevated expectations and establishing dominance in markets that captured the essence of their respective eras.

Notably, the concept of smartphones as handheld computers was futuristic a decade and a half ago, while electric vehicles were confined to a niche five years back. These markets have since ballooned, benefiting those who secured an early lead. A similar paradigm is emerging in the AI sector, with tangible developments now outshining the initial hype.

However, Nvidia’s position doesn’t align precisely with Apple or Tesla and the rest of the NASDAQ 100. Instead, it resides in an intermediary space between the two. Tesla’s stock surged on the promise of future results, characterised by high P/E ratios reflective of immense faith in the company’s potential.

In contrast, Apple didn’t enjoy widespread adoration a decade ago when discussions around it began. Back then, a P/E of around seven, well below the market average, signified an opportunity to invest in a company on the path to becoming a historic success at a significant discount. Tesla epitomised growth, while Apple embodied value.

Today, Nvidia doesn’t share the same price attractiveness as Apple during its early days. Yet, its concrete sales figures demonstrate dominance within a growing market, surpassing Tesla’s position from a few years ago. Nvidia uniquely balances faith in its potential with its present prowess. With most supply chain challenges in the past, Nvidia is well-positioned to seize the moment.

The successes of Apple and Tesla underscore the often underestimated power of early achievements in technology-driven fields. These successes generate substantial resources that can be channelled into the rapid advancement of technology, creating a significant advantage over competitors.

A few years ago, few believed Tesla could challenge industry giants like GM and Ford in the EV space. Similarly, Nvidia’s critics echo concerns that titans like Microsoft and Google might overshadow them.

However, this scepticism overlooks a key detail for uk traders and the rest of the world – Microsoft and Google are already engaged as purchasers of Nvidia’s products. As long as this dynamic persists, Nvidia can emulate Apple and Tesla’s trajectories, surpassing forecasts for revenue and profit and elevating their guidance.

Nvidia’s groundbreaking Q1 results affirmed the arrival of AI as a driving force. With elevated expectations and a soaring stock price, the company stands at a pivotal juncture.

Drawing insights from Apple and Tesla’s histories, we see the potential for Nvidia to continue exceeding forecasts and setting new standards. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Nvidia is poised to maintain its leadership position.

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